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Camping in Manali: A Guide to an Adventurous Experience


Have you slept under the night sky pouring millions of stars on you? Or cooked ''masala maggi'' on an open fire? Or simply wrapped yourself in the realm of nature? If you have done it all, you know why people camp. And for those who haven’t, what are you waiting for? Away from the bustling city life, camping is not just reviving but a visual treat worth experiencing. And what better place than Manali!

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Manali has rejiggered its status of being summer manor for thousands of families to adventurers’ paradise. There’s a lot more than what meets the eye when it comes to camping in Manali. If you’re wondering what to do in Manali, well! It’s not just a breathtaking hill station but is home to quaint villages perched at hill cliffs with lakes nestled amidst the snow-capped mountains. And pitching your tent to a view of your choice, to waking up to an alluring site of rising sun when birds chirp their way to work is a moment to behold.

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Tuning to the sound of wildlife, camping has taken different definitions. With an abundance of places to visit in Manali, picking up a spot would get difficult. We make it hassle free for you, as we screen out only the best campsites in Manali for you.

Best Places to Camp at in Manali:

1. Beas River

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Cascading down from the Himalayan laps to the Sutlej Basin in Punjab, Beas River is perennial with its gushing sound and glittery charm. Accounting a blend of lush nature, massive hills and postcard-like views; camping in Manali doesn’t get any better than this.

If mountains and rivers, both are your calling; riverside camping at the banks of Beas River is what Manali has in store for you then.

2. Solang Valley

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Remember the journey from Ratlam to Bhatinda in Jab We Met? Yeah, paving way through snow; it is Solang Valley shown making for the perfect combination of scenic vista and camping. At a distance of 14KM from the city, the valley serves as yet another mindboggling campsite in Manali.

If lying on the grass, to look out for pole star at night and waking to the morning dews was on your bucket list, camping in the marvelous valley of Solang is your get to go place.

3. Kothi

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The deep gorges enveloped by the majestic Himalayan beauty, where even Beas River adds its charm is where you will find the mystifying village of Kothi. Just 16KM from Manali, Kothi village is a splendid beauty and a perfect spot to gratify and soothe your soul.

Being in close proximity with Lahaul, Spiti and Leh; you can simply camp in Kothi or head out to the cold desert of India to experience best camping experience in Manali

Best Time to Camp in Manali:

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With distinguished types of camps like that of trekking camps, riverside camps, night camps, and adventure camps; you’ll never fall short on adventurous happenings especially while camping in Manali in December. If Manali camping trip has been on your mind for a while, this would be the right time for you to start planning a perfect getaway in winters.

Perks of Camping in Manali:

Being a perfect escapade for families and friends; camping in Manali isn’t only about appreciating the Mother Nature or delving into the ‘me time’; it has a bagful of other activities which you can strike of your bucket list.

1. Paragliding

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Falling down to the marvellous valley of Solang, to hovering over the majestic hills of Himalayas and landing at the opulence of greenery is an electrifying experience. Get Manalified by Manali as you fly from a short duration to 20 minutes with a bird’s eye view of the enchanting city of Manali.

2. River Rafting

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Are you looking for an adrenaline rush along with camping experience? Then raft through the shimmering wild Beas River here. It is one of the must things to do in Manali and a top favourite of any adventure lover.

3. Trekking

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Blessed with a topography which not only offers a base to camp but also bags some treacherous yet worth taking treks in and around Manali. Be it Hamta Pass or trek to Bhrigu Lake, Manali has a bountiful of trails.

4. Skiing

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Was skiing always on your list? Let December set in, and Manali becomes the base ground for skiing. Swoosh through the layers of white snow and fall in the heap of coolness.

Camping in Manali is adventurous and with the truckload of jewels. As the winter is setting in, are you up for experiencing the Manali trance? Check our high-on-adventure Himachal tour packages, and experience the best of Manali on a hassle-free holiday!

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