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Camping At Pangong Lake Is Now Prohibited


Camping At Pangong Lake Is Now Prohibited-1

Yes! You read that right. What maybe an unsettling thought to many tourists out there, let us take a moment to sink in this decision made by the Government Officials.

What comes to your mind when Ladakh word pops up? We bet the mesmerizing beauty of Pangong Lake would be a constant thought floating throughout the beauty of barren brown mountains. Giving the due credits to today's reel world; everyone dreams to visit Ladakh at least once their lifetime and everyone dreams of living by the lake for at least one night under the twinkling bed of stars.

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To those who have experienced the startlin night by the Pangong Lake, you weaved for yourself a memory for a lifetime. To those who haven’t experienced, worry not; you’re a living mascot to the movement of saving not just Pangong Lake but it’s flora & fauna altogether.

What is the ban about?

All the campsites in the near vicinity of Pangong Lake are banned. Also self camping is no longer allowed. On 13th of April 2019 all the hotels, homestays & camps were demolished by bulldozers based near Pangong Lake. Though notice was given a year prior to all the owners, government took the steps because raising infrastructure at lake does not amend by the J&K Wildlife Act of 1978 which came to action in 2002.

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Why the ban is a boom to our ecology?

Pangong Tso lies in the Changthang Cold Desert Wildlife Sanctuary and caters to the exquisite lives in the wilderness unique to the land of Ladakh. The annual tourist fall increased from 500 to 2 lacs from the year 1974 to till date damaging not only the environment but the ecological balance of the place. The influx of tourists also lead to generating piles of wastes. With tons of plastic generated and no proper disposal, the lakes beauty degraded each day.

With only a day visit and no overnight stay; the waste generation is believed to reduce thus upgrading the beauty, and flora & fauna of Pangong Lake.

What to do now?

We know nothing can compensate with a mind- blowing night stay by the lake. But is it not better to be a responsible traveler at the end? Is it not better to be badged in honor to #Saveladakh? And the beauty still awaits, each day with the same warmth! You can choose to take a day trip to Pangong Lake; or can accommodate yourself in small villages of Spangmik, Man or Merak (PS: not decked up with luxurious amenities) or put up in hotels and homestays in distant villages of Durbuk and Tangste.

At the end, it is time we start looking after nature for these beautiful landscapes and lakes might just not exist. Join us in our campaign to #Saveladakh and voice out to Save Pangong Lake, the Beyond & in-turn Ourselves because "Kal Ke Liye, Aaj Kuch Karte Hein!"

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