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Bir-Billing- Where The Gliders Outnumber The Birds In Sky


Bir-Billing- Where The Gliders Outnumber The Birds In Sky-1 It was on my bucket list ever since I got out of school and before I discovered my love for traveling. To be honest, at first, I put it there not because I wanted to do it, but because I had a new diary and it sounded cool. Not knowing, it would be such a great experience to have.

So, on 24-November-2017, I proudly got to strike 'Paragliding' off my bucket it. How was the experience? Better than what I had ever imagined!

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Bir-Billing Travel Guide

Bir-Billing- Where The Gliders Outnumber The Birds In Sky-2 Billing is the highest paragliding point in India, and undoubtedly the best one. It has also hosted the International paragliding tournament in 2015, which makes it a sports destination rather than just a tourist spot. Bir is a Tibetan refugee colony and the point where your paragliding office will be situated. From there you will be driven to Billing, which is the take-off point and you will again come down to Bir flying in your glider. It is a small hamlet with few people, most of them are Tibetans and adventure junkies who have come here for paragliding either for the tandem ride or for the paragliding course.

What's Fascinating About Bir?

Bir-Billing- Where The Gliders Outnumber The Birds In Sky-3 Bir also offers the paragliding course of 21 days. And it is just so fascinating to see the solo paragliders flying on their own in the sky somewhere that is beyond the reach of the most. The people taking off, landing and then taking off again, like they have no worries in the world and freedom truly belongs to them. Escaping the ordinary, swaying amidst the chilled breeze where even birds can't reach, like they have all the sky for their own and they are the emperors. The sky was full of colorful gliders, and you could see more of parachutes than the number of birds. Some of them even pulled off the dangerous stunts in the sky, all I wanted to do was, take the training myself to make that one solo trip in the sky and be the emperor of the sky, just once!

It's time to put another one on the bucket list!

Why Should You Choose Traveling To Bir-Billing?

Bir-Billing- Where The Gliders Outnumber The Birds In Sky-4 There are lots of places which offer you paragliding all around the country. Why should you choose Bir-Billing, where there is nothing else to do, travel so far just for paragliding? Just one reply, If you really want to do paragliding, there is no better place for it, at least in India.

Number one, it is the highest take-off point for paragliding in India located at the height of 2,400 meters coming straight to 1,500 m in Bir.

Number two, it is not a tourist destination, you won't find a lot of tourists here because there is only one reason to be here, paragliding, hence it shoots off the tourists and attracts only the adventurous.

Number three, while at most of the places in India, paragliding might be just their source of income, to entertain the tourists or just a commercialized touristic activity, it is not so in Bir, where I saw it is a sport that they have been doing for years, and most of them are passionate about it. They will share with you what they have experienced in so many years.

Number four, their ride duration is 20-30 minute, which is more than enough for you to enjoy the beauty of this adventure sports. And also, at other places, they generally wind up within 15 minutes. I was flying in the air for more than 30 minutes, had a good look at every element of nature around me. And, if your instructor is up for it, you can request him for extra time and even some stunts in the air, if you dare for it.

Sky Is The Limit

Bir-Billing- Where The Gliders Outnumber The Birds In Sky-5 For 30 minutes that I was in the air, was definitely one of the most peaceful moments I had in my life. No chaos, no worries, no boundaries, no judgments, the world is much more beautiful from up there. On one side we had the mighty Dhauladhar ranges, and in the upfront were the green hills of Bir. Below us were the terrace farming, the little dots of human settlements and the fresh and chilled breeze was all you could hear. There are fewer words to explain how beautiful the experience was and that there is no stopping there because Sky is the limit.

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Things To Know About Bir-Billing

Bir-Billing- Where The Gliders Outnumber The Birds In Sky-6 How to reach Bir?: Bir is located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. You can take a bus from Delhi to Baijnath, which will drop you till the Bir Road. From here most offices are located within the range of 2 km, you can ask your paragliding agent to pick you up from Bir road.

Bookings: It is important that you make few calls before you go and make a booking with one of the agents there. This way you will get a fixed cost and won't need to fight with them over the price and you will get your fix time of the flight.

**Cost: **The price is fixed. INR 2000 for paragliding and INR 500 for go-pro video. Some of them may tell you a price higher than that, try negotiating with them or choose another agent. This is the price that has been fixed by the people there.


Can you shoot the video from phone?- Yes, you can shoot the video from your phone when you are flying, but at your own risk. Although, if you can attach your phone to your body, there isn't much risk.

Is it safe? Yes, there are very rare chances of an accident on a tandem ride. The instructors are well experienced. If it makes you feel any better, you can ask your instructor his experience and go with the one with the more experience.

Are there any other places to visit in Bir? No, there aren't a lot of places to visit in Bir. There is a famous Tibetan monastery, other than that you won't find anything. A lot of people trek from Bir to Billing instead of taking a drive to the take-off site. If you start early you can do it too.

Best Time To Visit In Bir-Billing. I would suggest, post-January until March would be the best time to go for it because the place is covered in snow and would look absolutely stunning. Else, you can visit from September- November to fly in the moderate temperature.

The paragliding course: If you want to take a solo flight, then you can go for a course of 21 days in Bir-Billing. The cost of the course is 45,000 INR and is conducted by the recognized instructors and trainers.

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