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Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away


Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-1 Did you know that the whiskey was called ‘aqua vitae’ on archaic Latin which means the ‘water for life'? There is no doubt it is, and it couldn’t have been given a better name. It is distilled, aged for years in a cask (fun fact: whiskey is only put in cask for ageing) before it is enclosed in a fancy bottle and before the aroma hits you in a glass with some rocks.

Whiskey was originated in the Mesopotamian region in 2nd Millenium BC, from there the distillation technique to Greeks, Arabics, Latin and now there is some brand or the other being produced in every corner of the world.

Here we are thousands of years ahead where whiskey has now become a symbol of status, the life of the party, the elixir of the winter among the other reasons that this drink is loved around the world.

If you are a whiskey person, and here are a few famous whiskeys that you must get drunk on!

1. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-2

Where? United States

Jack Daniels, without any disagreement, is one of the best whiskeys and probably the most popular one in the whole world. It comes from the Tennessee region of America and it has been getting people good drunk since 1875. Jack Daniels is the best selling whiskey in America and fourth best selling spirit in the world and we have reasons for it. It is crisp in taste which it gets from malt, rye and malted barley.

Suggested drinks- On the rocks and Lynchburg Lemonade.

2. Glenfiddich

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-3 Where? Scotland

This Scotch is among the most popular whiskeys around the world. It was founded in the year in 1886 in Moray, Scotland by William Grant who was determined to make the 'best dram in the valley'. Looks like he did after Glenfiddich is world's best selling single malt whiskey and the most awarded at the International Spirits Challenge. It was made on the glen (valley) of the river Fiddich, and hence the name. They have a collection of 12 yr old, 18 yr old, 21 yr old, vintage cask and rare oak edition which are amongst their most popular drinks.

Suggested drinks: Old fashioned, blood and sand

3. The Balvenie 50

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-4 Where? Scotland

This is amongst the most expensive whiskey which is aged for 50 years before it is settled to the bottles. The Balvenie 50 distillery was founded in 1892 in Dufftown, Scotland. It is a sister brand of Glenfiddich and also the only brand in Scotland Highland to still floor malt its barley. This drink is famous for its triple cask aged in the oak barrels. Apart from Balvenie 50, other drinks are aged for 12 -40 years for authenticity.

Suggested drinks: Straight up, On the Rocks.

4. Jonnie Walker

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-5 Where? Scotland

Jonnie Walker is no new name for the alcoholics.It makes among the best Scotch whiskey which is very popular around the world. Jonnie Walker was originated in Scotland in Kilmarnock town in the year 1820 by a grocer called John Walker. The alcohol has become very famous ever since and it was widely consumed during the World War II. The original distillery in Kilmarnock closed in 2012 but the Walker has managed to be so popular around the world that it has its now distillery in different corners of the world. It is available in black label, red label, blue label, aged over 18 years and gold label as well.

Suggest drinks: Hard rock, Winston Walker, Perfect Scotch Sour.

5. Jameson Irish Whiskey

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-6 Where? Ireland

Irish people are known to produce some of the finest spirits enjoyed by everyone around the globe. It is not only known for its whiskey, but for others spirits as well. However, Jameson Irish Whiskey is one of the most consumed alcohol in the world. It originated in Dublin in Ireland in the year 1780 by a Scottish lawyer John Jameson. It has various variants including cresented 10, 12 year old, 18 year old, gold label and you can choose your favourite spirit among them all. Jameson is distilled particularly in the cork cask for the taste that it promises for so many years.

Suggested drinks: Northen Tonic, Tamarind Sour

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6. Old Bushmills Irish Whiskey

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-7 Where? Ireland

The Old Bushmills is the oldest licensed distillery in the world and that leaves no doubt for the authentic taste it offers. It is known among those who like smooth whiskeys down their throat. The Old Bushmills is fondly called the Christmas whiskey for its taste of dried fruits and Christmas spices. Its varieties include drinks with the ageing of 10-21 years with both red and black label drinks.

Suggested drinks: Blushing Whiskey Sour and Bushmills Irish coffee

7. Aberfeldy

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-8 Where? Scotland

Aberfeldy whiskey was originated in Scotland in the year 1896 by John Dewar and Sons who also brought the another finest alcohol Dewar to the world. The single malt whiskey has been awarded several times in the San Francisco worlds spirit competition. Its variety of products includes drinks that are aged for 12 years, 18 years and 21 years in the signature wooden barrels.

Suggested drinks: On the rocks

8. The Yamazaki

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-9 Where? Japan

The Yamazaki is owned by Suntory and was opened in the year 1923 in Osaka, Japan. It was Japan's first commercial distillery. Over the time, it has become a popular drink so much so that the 25 yr aged Yamazaki whiskey was awarded the best single malt whiskey in Japan. It offers rich colour, softer and sweeter flavour due to its unique Yamazaki barrels that age the drink with perfect taste. It comes in 12 and 18 yr old Single Malt.

Suggested drinks: Autumn delight, Coke and Nuts and Red Akuma

9. Jim Beam

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-10 Where? United States

Jim Beam is a popular brand of bourbon whiskey which was first produced in the United States of America. It was first distilled in the year 1795 in Clermont, Kentucky from where the drink spread all around the world. It is now counted amongst the best bourbons around the world. The drink was first branded as Old Jake Beam and the distillery was known as the Old Tub. The whiskey is named by James B. Beam who flourished the business after the prohibition was lifted. It is aged for minimum 4 years and green, black and red label are amongst it’s most sold out labels around the world.

Suggested drinks: Jim fire and honey, Jim bloody beam and Jim blended with coke and ice.

10. Chivas Regal

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-11 Where? Scotland

Chivas Regal is again among the finest Scotch whiskeys that you can enjoy in a glass of ice and spirit. It was first produced by the Chivas brothers in Moray, Scotland in the oldest operating highland distillery which was started in the year 1786. It is primarily known for its standard aging of 12 years or more that gives it a taste, aroma and the high that will surely call you for another drink. The variants of Chivas Regal are 12 yr, 18 yr and 25 yr, the older the better and expensive it gets. It has lately become very famous in Asia pacific after being recognized as the famous drinks in Europe. It has an initial taste of spices which ends up in black pepper the the end.

Suggested drinks: On the rocks, Ginger Ale and they also say straight up!

11. Canadian Club

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-12 Where? Canada

Hold up for the North American styled whiskey which is carefully crafted in Canada. Canadian Club Whiskey is produced by Beam Suntory who are also the proud makes of the Jim Beam whiskey. Canadian Club was first produced in 1858 in Detroit by Hiram Walker. The bourbon got so famous at one point that it was smuggled in America from Canada by famous Al Capone. It was smuggled in thousands of cases which made it the most popular whiskey in America. It was developed after being experimented with cider vinegar and it still carries that essence in its taste. The pure bourbon is aged for 5 years before it is packed in a bottle to be consumed.

Suggested drinks: Limeade and Ginger Ale, On the rocks

12. Maker’s Mark

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-13 Where? United States

Maker’s Mark is fondly known as the whiskey which is easier to drink as compared to other premium whiskeys. Which could be the reason why it became so popular soon after it was launched. It was first produced in Loretto, Kentucky in 1958 with the alcohol volume of 45%. It is known for its sweet and spicy flavour which it gets from their technique of hand-rotating every barrel and hand-dipping every bottle. It signature packing is done with seal which makes it look just like it tastes- premium.

Suggested drinks: Classic Mint Julet, Old fashioned.

13. J&B

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-14 Where? United Kingdom

Justerini and Brooks first established the fine wine and spirit merchant since 1749. The fun fact about J&B is that it was started to supply spirit to the aristocratic households of London and it has been the supplier to every British monarch since King George was coronated as King in 1761. With the passage of time, it moved to provide spirit to common people and now it is amongst the finest and premium whiskey brands available around the world. J&B are also known for their variety of wines.

Suggested drinks: J&B whiskey Sour, Rare Cola and Ginger Ale.

14. Ballantine’s

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-15 Where? Scotland

Ballentine’s offers the wide variety of blended Scotch whiskeys that are fondly enjoyed all around the world. Ballentine’s was first produced in 1827 Dumbarton, Scotland. It is a blend of fifty single malt and four single grains. It is known for its unique taste which differentiate it from the other whiskeys and scotch available around the world. It has a slightly sweet taste with a tinge of vanilla flavour which was its original recipe. Ballentine’s is known for its signature taste which it gets from maturing it in an oak barrel giving it the right taste, texture and colour. It is aged over three years for best taste.

Suggested drinks: Finest and Cola, Basil and Lemonade

15. Nikka Whiskey

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-16 Where? Japan

Nikka Whiskey was founded in in 1934 in Hokkaido Japan by a chemist who studied distillery in Scotland and decided to create the drink in the home country. The distillery is located in the Japenese mountains similar to Scotland with the same water and grain giving the bourbon barrel and smokier taste. It brings the taste of the woods with the tinge of vanilla on the tongue as soon as you take the first sip of the drink.

Suggested drinks: Old fashioned coffee malt, Nikka manhattan

16. Blanton's

Best Whiskey Brands Around The World That You Need To Try Right Away-17 Where? America

Blanton's uniqueness is where it is produced. Coming from the distillery located in the reserved area of larger Buffalo Trace, which is also the only metal- cladded warehouse. Blanton Bourbon is the original single malt whiskey of America. It is very popular among the aristocrats of America with a signature look of a jockey on its cap making it obvious. It was first produced in 1984 in Kentucky. A batch of single barrel Blanton bourbon is typically aged for 6-8 years.

Suggested drinks: Club Soda, On the rocks

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