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Best Souvenirs To Get From Switzerland As a Sign of Good Memory


Switzerland is one of the top destinations to visit in Europe. It has a bounty of natural landscapes and cultural experiences. Swiss Alps are known in the whole world for their beauty and it is known as one of the most romantic destinations which are perfect for honeymooners and romantic couples. You can go for different experiences such trek the Alps, visit the waterfalls etc.

When you are visiting Switzerland you are gonna bring back some beautiful landscapes of Europe, sparkling beauty of the Alps and so many pieces of the contrasting cultures from different places. But, apart from that, there are so many things that you can get back home from Switzerland to travel back in time and relive all the memories when you were there. Here are best souvenirs and best Momento you can get from Switzerland.

1. Cheese

Best Souvenirs To Get From Switzerland As a Sign of Good Memory-1 Swiss has a variety of cheese that are famous not only in the country but also around the world. They have variety of cheese in Switzerland such as vegan cheese, fondue cheese, freshno signature cheese. Swiss cheese is famous for its old ageing. Some of the best authentic cheese that you will find is Switzerland ages from 2-3 years. The cow and goat milk of Switzerland is the secret of Swiss cheese which complements with most of the Swiss dishes as well. You can buy cheese from local confectionery and stores that come across your way. Emmentaler is the most popular cheese in whole of Europe after Italian and French Cheese. Gruyere is another famous cheese which is named after Gruyere valley where it is commonly produced. One of the most popular dishes in Switzerland is Cheese fondue and you must try it once while you are there.

2. Watches

Best Souvenirs To Get From Switzerland As a Sign of Good Memory-2 Switzerland is very famous for its expensive timepieces. If you have been wanting to buy some expensive Swiss material for your wrist, now is the time. Omega, Tag Heuer, Zenith, Rolex all some of the popular Switzerland brands. If you want to bring a gift home for your loved ones you can get a Swiss watch. There are many watch factories in the country and you can go for a tour around these factories which hosts planned tours and see how these beautiful watches are made.

3. Wine

Best Souvenirs To Get From Switzerland As a Sign of Good Memory-3 Switzerland cold and good wine makes a good combination. Switzerland is famous for its variety of red wine, white wine and rose wine. There are wine tasting events where you can taste more variety of wine than the alcohol you have tasted in your life. Moreover, Switzerland is also known for its vineyards where you can go and take a tour of the lush green wine fields and taste the wine in making. Lavaux vineyards are probably the most beautiful vineyards in Switzerland. With the view of the Alps, the lake and the train passing through the vineyards makes it even more amazing

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4. Chocolates

Best Souvenirs To Get From Switzerland As a Sign of Good Memory-4 Do you remember the taste of delicious Ferrero Rocher the moment I say Swiss chocolates? Or the Toblerone? Well, there are more to Swiss chocolates than that. You can literally find the delicious Swiss chocolates anywhere in Switzerland or the local confectionary shops with the homemade ones. Be sure to bring back tons of it to your home because you are only to regret it otherwise.

You must also take a tour of the chocolate factory and see for yourself the exquisite Swiss chocolate making experience.

5. Swiss Knives

Best Souvenirs To Get From Switzerland As a Sign of Good Memory-5 I am sure you have heard of the famous Swiss knives or probably would have fancied one. Swiss knives are the multi purpose toolkit which includes lot of sharp tools other than a variety of knives. These are really helpful while travelling as they can be used for various purposes such as cutting the rope, screwing, scissors and cutters. They come in all shapes and sizes and are very handy.

6. Music Boxes

Switzerland is known for its authentic music, from yodelling to its melody tunes they are enclosed in a box. The fancy music boxes comes in different sizes and their authentic Swiss wood look also makes them a good piece of home decor. Music Boxes have been one of the most popular industries in Switzerland, especially in the 19th century. They make for a great souvenir and gift that you can get back home.

7. Wooden toys

Best Souvenirs To Get From Switzerland As a Sign of Good Memory-6 Wooden toys are one of the most popular decor items and handicrafts in Switzerland. From kids toys to beautiful decorative items, you can find a lot of wooden souvenirs. The wood toys generally represent the culture and famous things of Switzerland. You will find wooden cows, to horse to houses and trains. You can also get some beautiful wooden fridge magnets.

8. Cuckoo Clocks

Best Souvenirs To Get From Switzerland As a Sign of Good Memory-7 If you fancy the old vintage material in your house, especially the things which have become rare to find around, then there is something that you can get from Switzerland for sure. Cuckoo Clocks are the signature Swiss home furniture that you can find in Switzerland. These are the old school clocks with the bell that rings every hour. The cuckoo clock reminds of the old days and you can get it in different sizes to decorate your walls.

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