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Roads in India that every 'Biker' must ride upon!

Feel of wind caressing the hair, smell of the surroundings, view of the vast landscapes, life passing by as the Royal Enfields & KTMs lunge forward in the journey, aren’t roads the second home for bikers?
Oiling the machinery, screwing tight the nuts, brimming the tank with fuel up to the top and gearing up for that trip that you have always dreamt about, isn’t that the best of the best feelings?

Well, I feel so and that’s the reason I have compiled a list of the roads upon which reading about, nothing should stop you from getting on your bike, putting it on 5th gear and setting them on fire.

1) Srinagar to Leh

Roads in India that every 'Biker' must ride upon!-1

This highway ride offers all the thrills of an adventurous road-trip and if you plan the journey thoroughly, it can turn out to be the most memorable road trip of your life. The biggest challenge for bikers going on this trip is to combat against Acute Mountain Sickness and acclimatization to high altitudes.
Road info:

Manali-Leh Highway is functional only for four and half months in a year. The travel season is dictated by 2 factors - firstly, the opening of Rohtang Pass, and secondly, the clearances of snow at Baralacha La pass.
The travel season starts from the beginning of June and lasts till the end of September. October is the month when snowfalls are expected to start.


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2) Manali to Leh

Roads in India that every 'Biker' must ride upon!-2

Perfectly poised in the lieu of mighty Himalayas, this highway is nothing short of an adventure in itself. The highway runs alongside the Indus River and through some extremely harsh and barren terrain including the three high mountain passes named Zozi La (3528 Mtrs), Namki La (3815 Mtrs) and Fotu La (4108 Mtrs).

Road info:

The 434 KM long Srinagar Highway generally remains closed for about 6 months in an year starting from November to May due to heavy snowfall on the mountain passes mainly Zozi La pass. Hence, the best season for this highway is between June to October.

3) Assam to Meghalaya:

Roads in India that every 'Biker' must ride upon!-3

Roads of Northeast India are definitely the roads less travelled. Although thanks to the recent recognition, the humble northeast is getting its due limelight. Northeast has got plenty of scenic routes and one such is Guwahati to Shillong.
Road info:

Shillong can be reached only in 2 ½ hours covering a distance of 100 kms. The well developed 4 lane highway to Shillong starting from Khanapara is a delight for drivers and back-seaters alike. A snack stop at Nongphu is a must and there are several stalls on the way which sell delicious pineapples and locally made pickles of various kinds.

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4) Guwahati to Tawang

Roads in India that every 'Biker' must ride upon!-4

Located in north-western region of Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang is home to India’s largest Buddhist monastery and also the birthplace of 6th Dalai Lama.

A perfect opportunity for bikers and photographers alike, the Guwahati-Tawang drive will make you go gaga over the beauty of North-East!

Road info:

A drive from Guwahati city would take approximately 14 hours covering a distance of 566 kilometers. 

5) Puri to Konark

Roads in India that every 'Biker' must ride upon!-5

Orissa is the state of surprises and of the surprises it has to offer, the roads are surely one of them. One such road is the part of NH 203 between Puri and Konark.
 The canopy formed by the trees on either side of the road, the soft misty breeze and the obvious idyllic beauty will leave you mesmerized, now and forever!

Road info:

It’s a short drive of 36km and can easily be covered in about an hour.

6) Mumbai to Pune

Roads in India that every 'Biker' must ride upon!-6

An amazing weekend getaway from Mumbai, a road trip to Lonavla is something one will cherish for lifetime! The lush green valleys, waterfalls, mist would be enough to give a relaxing time.

Road info:

Bikes are allowed only on the old Mumbai-Pune highway and not on the 6 lane expressway (reserved for cabs and buses), so the old route remains clear for bikers.

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7) Mumbai to Goa (Via NH 66)

Roads in India that every 'Biker' must ride upon!-7

A subject of a lot of movies and stories, any road trip can’t get as clichéd as this. (But, in a good way of course) The road is nothing short of heaven for adventure lovers with scenic beauty, capricious curves and what not!

Road info:

The trip takes between 11 and 15 hours, depending on how many pit stops you make. The 500-odd kilometres virtually fly – mostly a delightfully scenic drive, with paddy fields, coconut palms and areca nut plantations zipping past your window.

8) Bangalore to Goa

Roads in India that every 'Biker' must ride upon!-8

Being the IT capital of the country, life can get a little overwhelming and stressful so to rejuvenate yourself and bring the much needed calmness and peace, why not a road trip to the party capital of the country?
Especially when the roads are poised to make your jaw drop!

Road info:

There are different highway from Bangalore to get through the old appeal, Portuguese & colonial architectural shoreline state, Goa on the Western Ghats. The travel typically takes 12-15 hrs. Here is the list of 3 different NH roads. 

Route1: Bangalore to Goa via Shimoga-Honavar on NH206 and Karwar on NH66 & NH17 is 639 km long.
Route 2: Bangalore to Goa via Dharwad on NH4 and Ponda on SH34, NH4A & NH17 is 592 km. 
Route 3: Bangalore to Goa via Hubli on NH-4 and Karwar on NH63 & NH17 is 706 km.

9) Chennai to Munnar

Roads in India that every 'Biker' must ride upon!-9

Engulfed by the picturesque Western Ghats, Munnar is famous for its eternal beauty and tea plantations and it is one of the most amazing places in Kerala.
And that calls for a weekend road trip from the neighbouring state’s capital city of Chennai.

Road info:

An approximately 600 Km long drive, it shouldn’t take more than 10 hrs to make it to Munnar considering limited stoppages along the route.

10) Pamban Bridge (Rameshwaram)

Roads in India that every 'Biker' must ride upon!-10

Until now, the roads discussed were either surrounded by mountains, valleys, barren landscapes or trees.
And that’s what makes this road stand out from the herd. For it is surrounded only and only by the vast ocean!
It’s a road which is set to get stamped in your hearts forever.

Road info:

At only 13.5 Km, it can be covered easily within half an hour.


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