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Best Places To Party All Night Long In Singapore


The Lion City, as much as it is known for its opulent culture, luxurious lifestyle and magnificent edifices, Singapore can easily be coined as one of the best destinations in Asia for the party lovers. With an array of streets filled with nightclubs, the heart rocking music played by the international DJ’s. Not just that, most of the clubs in the city are open till morning without any restrictions on music and closing time whatsoever. If that doesn’t make you party, then what will? Shoes on Loose's Singapore tour package offers you great opportunities to explore the nightlife of this beautiful country to the fullest.


Best Places To Party All Night Long In Singapore-1 This place has been throbbing the nightlife experience of Singapore. Undoubtedly, it remains one of the most popular destinations in Singapore to get the right party experience. Zouk is known for its international DJ’s, lip-smacking dishes, and the state-of-the-art interiors. The nightclub is surprisingly big and it is divided into various sections playing various types of music, from trance, EDM, R&B and hip-hop. The party place is opened until late for you to party till the dawn.

Attica Nightclub

Best Places To Party All Night Long In Singapore-2 This one is a mecca for the ladies. From free drinks to free desserts, they have got everything prepared to keep the ladies get going for the night. Attica is known for its variety of cocktails, for its DJ that keeps every music taste happy and jolly for the night. It is the hub for the localities and a party haven for the tourists as well. The place is opened till 4 in the morning for you to party all night long.


Best Places To Party All Night Long In Singapore-3 This one is a blend of a nightclub and an art center. They host art exhibitions, poetry sessions, open-mic and create the party atmosphere as well. Featuring among the best nightclubs of Singapore, Canvas is known for its neon lighting, state-of-the-art interiors with the blend of digital art, photography, modern and abstract art wooing its visitors. But, wouldn’t you like it even more if I tell there are no entry fees as well to get inside this perfect party place? Yes, there is no entry charges for this club. Moreover, they have an exquisite list of DJ’s from around the world playing all kind of music to suit everyone’s taste in the club.


Best Places To Party All Night Long In Singapore-4 Situated on the 61st floor of one of the tallest buildings of Singapore, Altimate not only gives you a party space but also offers the panoramic view of the Singapore city’s skyline. This place is a hub for the most uber crowd of the city. Altimate is known for its never-seen-before menu of its unique cocktails and the neon interiors to give you the trippy feel for the party. It is opened till 4 in the morning for you to dance till your energy drops.


Best Places To Party All Night Long In Singapore-5 Refuge is a place for those who can’t choose one kind of place for the night. Spread over three floors, one floor is dedicated to the nightclub with heart throbbing music for the party lovers whereas on the other floor you can enjoy a good meal with the soothing classical music coupled with a good glass of wine. The interiors are inspired by the old school American theme with the rugged furniture and dark lights and wall. All this is completed by the list of lip-smacking drinks and scrumptious dishes on the menu.

Bang Bang

Best Places To Party All Night Long In Singapore-6 Bang Bang is no unfamiliar name of the city if you are aware of the nightlife experience of Singapore. It is the place for the riches of the city. Sprawled over an area of 5,000 sq m, they have enough space to host 400 party animals at a time. Bang Bang is very much known for its private parties and VIP treatment for its hosts. They have a different section for the VIP’s with a private butler among other services. Not just that, Wednesday in the club is dedicated to the ladies of the city where they can get complimentary drinks as well. The DJ’s comes straight from Las Vegas and New York to make you groove all night long.

Kilo Lounge

Best Places To Party All Night Long In Singapore-7 Kilo truly knows how to keep the party animals on for the right with their complimentary drinks for the visitors who visit them before the midnight. Not only this, they also offer free drinks to the ladies every Wednesday. Based on the theme of a living room, Kilo lounge is popular in Singapore for its unique Asian menu consisting of the never-heard-before dishes and drinks that are hard to find anywhere else in the country. They have a range of international and local DJ’s to please each kind of music lover. Some nights are about electric music, whereas on the others you would hear hip-hop in the house. The club is opened till 4 in the morning.


Best Places To Party All Night Long In Singapore-8 Yet another party destination from the chain of clubs which has famous names such as Bang Bang and Mink in their kitty, this club is famous for its penthouse lounge. Empire is outdoor and indoor club lounge located on the 48 floor of a skyscraper, offering the view of the Lion city. They have an exquisite menu of champagne and scotch from around the world to make their visitors tipsy on good alcohol. They are open until 4 in the morning on Saturday to get you going on the weekends.

Ce La Vi

Best Places To Party All Night Long In Singapore-9 A blend of the opulent dining experience and the heart thumping nightclub ambience, Ce La Vi is perfect for all kinds of people. They have an outdoor seating with the view of the Singapore’s skyline along with a great range of dishes and drinks on their menu. Plus, they have a lounge inside the premises with the DJ’s from around the world to keep the crowd up for the night. The club is located in Marina Bay hotel, which is one of the most famous buildings in the world known for its infinity pool.

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