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Best Places in Thailand To Experience The Nightlife


We have long known Thailand as a party destination where you get to party in many different styles. The country’s nightlife has been a bonus in appealing the tourism industry. Why should it not? Thailand has some of the best nightclubs and bars, they have beach parties, they have strip clubs and an altogether crazy cruise and boat parties. Here are some of the best places to party in Thailand where you must go if you are a party freak.

Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

Best Places in Thailand To Experience The Nightlife-1 Full Moon Party is the USP of Thailand. The country’s nightlife has been complemented by each moon party that it hosts on the beach. Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan attracts almost 30 thousand party lovers each year. The party is organized each full moon night with the beach all lit up, and DJ’s coming from the corners of the world to make the people let loose. The party is organized at Haad Rin beach in Koh Phangan. The music ranges from psychedelic, electro, rock and trance and you can enjoy the trippy music and lights along with the moonlight and beach. Check the calendar for full moon night to find out dates for the full moon party on the beach.

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Pub hopping like never before in Koh Tao

Best Places in Thailand To Experience The Nightlife-2 Koh Tao does pub-hopping like nowhere else in the world. The pub-hopping culture in the whole of Thailand is unique and crazy. Most backpacker hostels conduct these hopping tours around the city with the number of selected bars in tows. They will give the party hoppers a T-shirt and a band where they allow free entry and drinks on T-shirts and bands. You can create your hostel group, and you can go about bar hopping around the city checking out whatever place you like. The best thing is, if you get lost or drunk somewhere, the club people will get you a cab or guide you back to your hostel.

Go Go Bars in Phuket

Best Places in Thailand To Experience The Nightlife-3 Go Go bars is the sophisticated name given to the strip clubs in Phuket. Go-Go Bars are the typical strip clubs in Bangkok where you enter into a place of dim lights and sensual music with ladies dancing on the floor and alcohol being served to you back to back. Go-Go Bars are a must go in Phuket since Phuket is known for all the wrong reasons in the world. Some of the famous bars in Phuket are House of Sound, Money Night, Foxy Lady a Go-Go, Suzy Wongs.

Party Island of Phi Phi Island

Best Places in Thailand To Experience The Nightlife-4 If you want to disappear for a two or day in the world of rave-sleep-eat-repeat, then Phi Phi island is where you would want to be. Phi Phi island is known for its amazing beach parties which offers a perfect setting of beautiful nature, stars, and beach lit up with the skylight. There are some great beach shacks around the island which opens late till night, and you can get drunk and party as long as you like. On the contrasting side, Phi Phi is also known for its chilled-out bars and hangout with soft music which allows you to relax and connect with people.

Hard Rock’s Foam Party in Phuket

Best Places in Thailand To Experience The Nightlife-5 When I say Thailand people like to party in the craziest way possible, you wouldn’t have imagined this, but here we are. Hard Rock Cafe in Phuket is known for its infamous foam party where the whole place is flooded with coloured foam, and people come here to be a part of the craze. Since Hard Rock is known for its music and ambience, you are going to have no complaints with the music and drinks.

Late Night Shopping Experience in Bangkok

Best Places in Thailand To Experience The Nightlife-6 Bangkok has several the night market that operates only during the night time. The nights are filled with the stalls that are brightened by the lights across the streets. In these night markets are where you get a different shopping experience. They have shops for beach wear, clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery, handicrafts. There are some shops for vintage shopping where you can get your hands on some old and antiques. The markets are also filled with several restaurants and food stalls where you can get a variety of local food. Rot Fai and Patpong are two famous night markets around the town.

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Red Light Area of Patpong in Bangkok

Best Places in Thailand To Experience The Nightlife-7 We know by now that Thailand has this popular go-go bars culture where the strip clubs are hidden under the shady lights of red and blue. But, the place from it all started is Patpong, which is a famous red light area of Thailand and the cause of attention around the world. Thailand prostitution is popular, and Patpong is one of the areas that gave rise to this culture, and that still operates today. If you want to see how the sex business works in the country or if you wish to some go-go bar experience, then Patpong is a place to go. This place is also made famous by the popular James Bond sequence that was shot here.

Cruise Party in Koh Tao

Best Places in Thailand To Experience The Nightlife-8 You can go bar hopping, you can go island hopping, and you can go for a boat party. Koh Tao surely knows how to party in different ways possible. Captain Bob’s Booze Party is one of the popular boat party that is known for all the wrong reasons. The party takes you through different islands in Koh Tao, and you get to jump in the sea in the middle. The party is mostly filled with travellers and backpackers around the world have hopped on the boat for a crazy party experience.

The Hangover Tour in Bangkok

Best Places in Thailand To Experience The Nightlife-9 How some of us wish we could get drunk and sloshed and have our own hangover story. Well, here is your chance to do it. The Hangover which was shot in Bangkok in the various streets and pubs, you can relive all of that. The Hangover tour started in the city after the movie got hit. The tour takes you through the same place where the movie was shot and where the actors did all they did after getting drunk. I am not suggesting you should be as crazy as them, but the alcohol and party tour will surely bring out some of the crazy in you.

Stroll at Walking Street in Pattaya

Best Places in Thailand To Experience The Nightlife-10 Walking Street in Pattaya is one of the most lively and happening areas in the city. It is full of places that are brightly lit and always throbbing of music. The walking street is the hub for all the amazing bars and nightclubs in Pattaya. You can go around and take a look at all the shimmering places in the street. There are strip clubs, massage parlours, go-go bars to give a variety of choices for the night.

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