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Best Destinations To Explore In India With Your Girl Gang


Admit it girls, the level of craziness with our girl gang can never be matched up with what we do with the hottest of guys. The dirty gossips, the make-up sessions, the care-free look, checking out the local guy, post break-up sessions, and the freedom to be ourselves is a dose that we desperately need every once in a while. Hence, it is really necessary that we shun your daily routines of work, study, and family and treat ourselves with an all-girl-vacation. So ladies, pack your dearest pair of shoes and fly away for a much-needed vacation with your girlfriends. These are the girls getaways that you need to explore with your girls at least once.

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9. Mumbai

Best Destinations To Explore In India With Your Girl Gang-1 Being one of the safest cities in India, you can totally plan your trip with your BFF’s to the dream city. Enjoy a day at the beach and head to a classy nightclub in the night to let lose your stress. Marvel the sunset from the famous Juhu and Nariman point or grab the bite of your favourite street food. Shop till your drop from the famous flea market of Colaba and the in numerous photo sessions at all the photogenic places. Take a cruise in a boat and make your trip even more exotic with the happening cruise parties. Mumbai is the place to be with your girl gang.

8. Leh

Best Destinations To Explore In India With Your Girl Gang-2 Not all girls enjoy putting makeup and love walking in the stilettoes, but some of them are best defined with a leather jacket and biker shoes. If you are part of such a girl gang, pick your bike, wear your helmet and head for a road trip to Leh. No, you won’t be the first one doing so, many girls along with their girl gang have already taken this rugged road trip and they have rocked it pretty well. The beautiful sceneries of mountains and lakes on the way look even more pleasing with your girlfriends.

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7. Kasol

Best Destinations To Explore In India With Your Girl Gang-3 If your girls enjoy the hippie life, then trust me there is no better place in India to get high with your girlfriends. Kasol is termed as one of the safest places in India as long as you act smart. You can enjoy the Kheer Ganga trek, the mouth- watering Israeli food, camping at the Parvati valley and a dip in the hot-water spring. Kasol is packed with the Israelis and they also host rave parties from time to time. Keep your eyes wide open because when you are in this hippie village you have got to be a part of those amazing rave parties and experience the Israeli culture firsthand. And, there are no worries for your safety as long as you play smart. You will meet a lot of Israeli girls getting high on Cannabis.

6. Kovalam

Best Destinations To Explore In India With Your Girl Gang-4 Kovalam is an untouched and unexplored place of South India, which I am sure you would love to explore with your girl gang. It caters the best beach resorts of Kerala. Remember the getaway to Mexico of the girl gang in Sex and the city. Kovalam is quite close to giving you the feel of an exotic beach holiday. Pamper yourself with all the luxuries, because ladies you deserve it! Mouth-watering seafood, the spas, walk on the beaches, boat ride, the panoramic view from the Lighthouse. You can grab the best of a vacation only with your besties.

5. Manali

Best Destinations To Explore In India With Your Girl Gang-5 Well, if your girl gang is a tough one and adventure runs in your blood, then you can totally shun all those typical girls getaways and head to Manali for an adventure packed trip. Solang valley will offer you a good number of adventure sports. Paraglide high in the sky and enjoy the beauty of snow-draped mountains and valleys loaded with the lush green trees. Tumble down the slope in the zorbing ball, and if you are planning your trip in the winters, don’t forget to put skiing on your list. You can further visit the Rohtang Pass to add the remaining element of adventure on your trip.

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4. Pondicherry

Best Destinations To Explore In India With Your Girl Gang-6 Vacations are meant to take you away from the over-crowded metro cities to the peaceful getaways. It’s not that we enjoy bumping into tons of people on the beaches when we are totally in a mood to chill and relax. That is why a less traveled and non-commercialized locations are a boom. Pondicherry remains tranquil and offers the perfect French colonial style setting. The boulevard of trees on the roadsides, the peaceful beaches, the crystal clear water of the sea and the delectable plate of seafood. A much-needed treat after all the hard work we pay into our lives.

3. Rishikesh

Best Destinations To Explore In India With Your Girl Gang-7 The fact that Rishikesh is extremely safe makes is amongst the best girls getaways to explore with your BFF's. Rishikesh is a retreat of yoga which is totally a perfect place to be at with your girlfriends. You can learn the art of meditation and yoga and say hello to a new and healthy lifestyle once you go back to your daily routines. Apart from yoga, you can also try some of the adventures which Rishikesh has to offer you.Rafting, Flying fox, camping, bungee jumping to name a few.

2. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Best Destinations To Explore In India With Your Girl Gang-8 If you think the best joy lies in the romantic date with your man with the perfect romantic setting, then probably you haven’t enjoyed a fun-filled dinner with your buddies with a bottle of wine at the sea shore. If you haven’t done it till yet, head to Andaman and exploit yourself with the luxuries of a beach resort. The peaceful beaches where you have nothing but the appreciation for the nature’s beauty, the food, and your bond with your best friends.

1. Goa

Best Destinations To Explore In India With Your Girl Gang-9 Goa is yet another party destination where you can go crazy with your favorite bottle of alcohol and dance madly on the trance music. And you know there is nobody around to judge you except for your girl friends who are probably going crazier than you. Spend your day basking in the sun, the evening in spending your money in the awesome flea markets, hire a scooter and let your hair fly with the Goa’s air. Head to the nightclub where the entry is free for girls and the alcohol is dirt cheap. Can a place be any better than this for an all girl's trip?

A trip to any of these places already in mind? Do let us know your experience.
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