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Best Destinations Around The World To Visit in 2020


Here comes another end of a year, in fact, this is an end to another decade. Which might bring us all to the usual new year’s business. We will start with new year resolutions, we will make travel plans, a new bucket list for the year. And if you love travelling you would start googling new places to visit, making your yearly itinerary to keep up with your travel goals.

If your list is going international this year, or you want to add more stamps on your passport, we will help you with some gorgeous locations all around the world that you would quickly add them to your travel list of 2020 as soon as you learn about them.

Recently, Lonely Planet and Condenast have released their new list of places to visit in 2020. We have also handpicked the best destinations for you. Have a look at the best places to visit worldwide that you would love to go in 2020.


Best Destinations Around The World To Visit in 2020-1 A small European country known for its water canals, colourful tulip fields, and windmill fields and psychedelic experiences. The country is of a size of a city and is amongst the most peaceful and safe countries in the world. In 2020, Europe will be celebrating 75 years of World War II, which means the country will be full of historic exhibitions, festivals, parades, almost like liberation festivals throughout the year. You can enjoy different things to do in the Netherlands all around the year such as to explore the country’s art and history as it as from the era of Van Gogh to Annie Frank, enjoy the parties and drugs as they are legal here and take a tour through the canals.

The country's heartbeat is Amsterdam with its liberal culture. You can take a cycle tour of the country, take a round of the famous red-light area. To add something new to your 2020 list, try drugs in Amsterdam for once, as they are legal there. You can get advice and prescription from the shops to try shrooms, cannabis, and other psychedelic drugs.

Things to do: See Tulips from the end of March to May, try coffee shops and different marijuana edibles, visit the windmill field, stroll through canals

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Best Destinations Around The World To Visit in 2020-2 Located on the island of Honshu, Kyoto’s mixed culture has made it a very top tourist attraction around the world. It has preserved its ancient culture as well the modern history. Kyoto has a striking contrast of the Buddhist culture showing in the city’s temples and architectures. Kyoto was one of the places that survived the damage and destruction of World War II, making it a place for war refugees. Over a period of time, it has become a modern mix with ancient history making it a desirable place to visit in 2020. It has beautiful historic architecture such as Nijo Castle, Kinkaku Ji located amidst nature’s adobe and serene environment.

Things to do: Explore the Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, palaces and gardens of the city.


Best Destinations Around The World To Visit in 2020-3 Croatia is a small country located in Europe on the shores of the Adriatic sea. It is best known for its famous King Landings Palace of Game of Thrones. You can get real and feel just like you are at the set of GOT. It has beautiful landscapes of the limestone cliffs touching the shores of the crystal blue water. The country’s ancient architecture of narrow lanes and symmetric brick houses is a journey into a dreamy land. Croatia has a number of secret beaches to explore and nature parks to witness exquisite wildlife. It has become an offbeat spot of Europe making it a hotlist destination of 2020. You can explore its old town and harbours on one side and unbelievable lagoons and sunset spots on the other.

Things to do: island hopping in yacht, beach hopping, Nature park hikes


Best Destinations Around The World To Visit in 2020-4 Maldives is gotta be on your 2020’s bucket list because thanks to global warming the island is anticipated to be drowned in the coming few years. You can’t miss any more time to explore its virgin islands, luxurious sea resorts, its pristine beaches and seaplane rides. Before it’s gem islands drown you can go for the island hopping in a yacht sailing through the blue sea and eye-pleasing landscapes. Maldives is becoming a celebrity vacation destination as well. From Sophie Turner to Kareena Kapoor to Neha Dupia, Maldives has attracted stars to its beaches! You can often see the Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities chilling by the beach on the secluded islands of Maldives. Maldives is perfect for a romantic escape or a peaceful beach vacation as it is a famous honeymoon destination in the world.

Things to do: Stay at a sea resort with open sea view, Enjoy spa sessions and dinners on the beach, island hopping on boats.

Reasons to visit Maldives


Best Destinations Around The World To Visit in 2020-5 Bali is not stepping down from its favourite destination spot, making it a must-visit destination in 2020 in a row. Known as Island of Gods, Bali is an island in Indonesia. It is best known for a romantic vacation or a backpacking trip, a bachelor trip or a solo trip of exploration. You can rent some loveable villas on the sea coast in dimes as Bali’s currency is very cheap. Rent a bike to explore its local culture, food, spa centres, temples, beaches and coffee plantations. There are islands around Bali and you can go on an island hopping tour with a lot of adventure activities to do.

Things to do: island hopping, water sports, temple exploration, stay in a beach resort, and beach clubbing

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Costa Rica

Best Destinations Around The World To Visit in 2020-6 Isn’t Carribean everyone’s dream? Put Costa Rich on your list and tick off your dreamy vacation to Carribean Islands. Costa Rica a gorgeous Carribean island in Central America located on the shores of the Carribean and the Pacific Ocean. It has a rich nature park -Monte Verde, also known as cloud forest which is a wildlife and natural heaven for travellers all around the world. The country apart from its sparkling beaches is also known for the forest treks and a number of waterfalls and active volcanoes hidden all around the country. You can also enjoy some great Carribean food and Latin American music and dance culture.

Things to do: Watch Merengue Dance, Trek of Monte Verde and Santa Elena nature parks, explore the waterfalls and volcanoes.


Best Destinations Around The World To Visit in 2020-7 Thailand is becoming a top destination to party in the world. With its party islands such as Koh Sa Mui and Phi Phi islands where you can enjoy the crazy party culture as well some stunning beaches and beach resorts to relax. Thailand is also popular for its nightlife and rest the movie Hangover will remind you. The country is very famous for its bar-hopping culture and you have to do one while you are here. You can also visit some bizarre nightclubs and strip clubs as the country is quite famed for! Phuket, on the other side, is a classic beach vacation destination where you can find some peaceful time. Thailand is one of the best places to visit in December in the world to enjoy a bashing new year’s eve.

Things to do: Boat party, bar hopping, island hopping, get a massage, stay at a beach resort


Best Destinations Around The World To Visit in 2020-8 Known as the Roof of the world and for its iconic road trip, Ladakh should be on the bucket list of 2020. For two reasons, it has some distinctive landscapes of mountain and cold deserts which are hard to find around the world. Second, Ladakh is known for its adrenaline-pumping road trip from Manali to Ladakh, so if you are bike lover, you gotta do this one. It will take you across the vibrant culture of India and you will cross a lot of majestic mountains on your way.

Ladakh’s Buddhist cultures and it’s lakes and passes are the striking attractions of the place that you have to see this year.

Things to do: Road trip, Camping, Trekking, Visit famous lakes, Visit Nubra Valley


Best Destinations Around The World To Visit in 2020-9 If the British culture attracts you, then you have to plan a trip to England this year. The fashion capital, London is a place to go for shopping and getting an elegant and royal makeover. England is ruled by monarchy so you can witness a royal king and queen culture. England has some intriguing historic monuments and museums. It is also known for its modern attractions of the London Eye and The Shard. The nightlife of London is thrilling so you can get a taste of that apart from taking a London tour to see some old castles and palaces. Move past that, Scotland and Ireland are two most naturally abundant places on earth. Ireland and Scotland have fairytale countryside, some stunning beach landscapes and beautiful roads to drive on, gigantic waterfalls and glaciers. A lifetime would fall short to explore the beautiful corners of the United Kingdom.

Things to do; Shopping at Oxford Street, Visit London Eye, Visit Museums and British Parliament, trip to the countryside, explore beaches, waterfalls and glaciers.

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Cape Town

Best Destinations Around The World To Visit in 2020-10 Cape Town is a famous port city of South Africa, which is also a hot tourist destination. Cape Town is a famous beach destination which is said to be crowned by the epic Table Mountains. Cape Town is known for its food and is dotted with some amazing landscapes of seashores and nature parks. You should add Cape Town to your list if you to explore soma African flora and fauna along with some local African culture.

Things to do: Visit the Cape of Good Hope, Visit Table Mountain, trek to botanical parks.

Which of these places would you like to add to your bucket list of 2020?

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