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10 Best Party Cities In Europe To Keep You Awake Till Dawn


Europeans know how to party hard. Each country of the European Union has at least one city which makes people dance and party hard to the beats of music. So, if you are looking for a different party experience than your own country then there is nothing better than sailing away to the Europe to have a taste of the party life at the continent. Each country like to party in their own style and you will love them all. Let’s check out best places to party in Europe and why they are so!

1. Barcelona, Spain

10 Best Party Cities In Europe To Keep You Awake Till Dawn-1 Spaniards love to party hard and they know how to do it. Famous for beer and wine, there is no way you can go wrong for the party in Spain. You should totally experience how the Spaniards do their party. What better than Barcelona to do it? Clubs in Barcelona generally open in the evening and goes on till sunrise. There is no end to how much you can party in Spain. There are some clubs which starts serving beer in the morning just in case you want to keep the party going. They say, at any point of time, you can always find a place to party in Barcelona.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

10 Best Party Cities In Europe To Keep You Awake Till Dawn-2

If there is one place every party lover want to visit in Europe, it’s probably Amsterdam. It is one of the safest cities in Europe with openness to pot consumption. You can choose your drug and get going for the party all week. Some of the clubs in Amsterdam have 24 hrs license, you know what that means. You can party as long you want till you want to go back home. The red light areas and coffee shops are the highlights of the city which makes the city lively all the time. If you haven’t partied in Amsterdam, you need to put something on your bucket list now.

3. Ios, Greece

10 Best Party Cities In Europe To Keep You Awake Till Dawn-3 Greek people are always happy and in high spirits, which is why you will love the party experience here. You can party with the unknowns in the city and make awesome friends while you are at it. Ios is known for its party clubs, bars, casinos and most important for the strip clubs which offer great deals to make your party experience better. You can as well enjoy some amazing beach parties which happen all the time in Ios.

4. Berlin, Germany

10 Best Party Cities In Europe To Keep You Awake Till Dawn-4 Grab the beer and get going. Germany is all about drinking as much beer as you can and then party as much as you can. Beer is cheap, bars are great and music is tipsy and that’s pretty much sums up the party life in Berlin. Weekdays goes by and on the weekends Berlin has 24 hrs bars serving unlimited amount of alcohol and you can enjoy the electro music from the best DJ’s in the world.

5. Ibiza, Spain

10 Best Party Cities In Europe To Keep You Awake Till Dawn-5 How can one say no to a beach and cruise party?Ever. Ibiza is the party capital of Spain and has some of the uniquely themed parties going on all the time. Ibiza’s culture is more about rave so if you are up for hard substance, Ibiza is your place to be. It has some amazing cruise parties that starts from the evening sun and goes till the morning sun and in between you can take sea dips. The next best thing in Ibiza are the beach parties which offer a great vibe and great people from all around the world

6. Budapest, Hungary

10 Best Party Cities In Europe To Keep You Awake Till Dawn-6 The best thing about Budapest is their bar culture. Hungary has an array of bars which are more like party places in the city. There are great bars and clubs hidden all around the city and it is suggested you never stay at one place while you are partying here. The alcohol is pretty cheap and people are so lively that if for nothing else, they will promise you a good night. Roam around and look for best bars of your taste in the city before settling down for one.

7. London, England

10 Best Party Cities In Europe To Keep You Awake Till Dawn-7 The nightlife of London may be expensive but it is totally worth it. First, London is a city which doesn’t lose its vibe at any point of time, be it day or night. You will find some of the posh and high-end clubs in the city but the experience says it all. The city has hosted some of the best DJ’s of the world playing at their altar and if you are lucky you’d too end up with a great music performance.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

10 Best Party Cities In Europe To Keep You Awake Till Dawn-8 The Danish city might be known for its elegant and quiet lifestyle, not until you are introduced to the party culture of the city. Copenhagen is known for the bars which opens at 3 AM (in the morning, yes you read it right) and continues till 10 AM in the morning or so. You can either begin your party in these clubs or head for an after party. The chances are you will find some great party vibes here. Moreover, there are bars which serve cheap alcohol so you don’t even need to spend much for the Copenhagen party experience.

9. Paris, France

10 Best Party Cities In Europe To Keep You Awake Till Dawn-9

No doubts about that, Paris is meant for the postparty experience but you gotta get a taste of it to meet some of best people in the world in one of the best cities. Partying in Paris is about having lots of wine and dancing to the beats of the songs. The cabaret culture is quite famous in Paris and so you can find lots of cabaret girls in the bars and clubs in Paris.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to party in France, then you can head to Metro Bastille which full of affordable clubs, dive-in clubs and is full of lively 20’s crowd.

10. Lagos, Portugal

10 Best Party Cities In Europe To Keep You Awake Till Dawn-10 Lagos is another of the names which is counted amongst the best and most affordable party places in Europe. Lagos is known for its music bars, live bars and Spunk culture that keeps the city grooving all the time. The transformation of quiet clubs from day to the crazy party place by the night is thrilling to experience. Lagos is famous for its beach parties and it is listed as the best places to pub crawl in Europe. Looking for the perfect Europe Tour Packages click here
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