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Beaches In South India That Will Help You See Beyond Goa!

 Beaches? Goa? Probably not. If you call yourself a hard-core traveler then you should break your old stereotypes of Goa-has-best-beaches and explore what we will describe as the best beaches of India. Where can you find them? You ask, South India it is. The southern part of India is loaded with the cleanest, most beautiful and most of them still unexplored. Here are 10 beaches of South India that you must visit if you are a beach person.

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1. Gokarna Beach, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka

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Distinctive feature- The magnificent Mahabaleshwar temple of the shoreline

This beach not only have the coastal beauty to offer but the main attraction of this place remains the magnificent Mahabaleshwar temple which houses the Atmalinga on the shores. The grand silver deity with the grand Arabian sea in the backdrop is something you cannot find at any other beach of India. Further, the calm waters with the highlights of different shades of blue add the remaining beauty to the beach.

2. Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam, Kerala

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Distinctive feature- Lighthouse on the beach.

Kovalam is the literal hub of beaches of India. You can find different beaches in every part of the city and each one of them has the bewitching power to leave you in awe. Lighthouse Beach is a falcate-shaped beach laced with the coconut trees at the borders. The white sand, the crystal blue water and the surreal view of the sunset and sunrise awaits you at the shore of Arabian Sea.

3. Marari Beach, Alleppey, Kerala

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Distinctive feature- One of the Cleanest beach of India

Marari beach is counted amongst the cleanest beaches of India. And, It was rated as one of the world's top five Hammock beach by National Geographic survey. There are no people littering around, no vendors selling you unwanted things, no people going crazy and hurting your ears. There is tranquility, peace, and lot of time to relax and introspect yourself. Just the pristine waters of the Arabian sea and the soothing breeze feeding your ears you need to avail the best time on your vacation.

4. Covelong Beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Distinctive feature- Getaway for Surfing and Fishing 

Located on the Coromandel coast of Bay of Bengal is the beauty of Chennai that she proudly shows off- Covelong Beach. If you have had too much of relaxing at the beaches then try your hand at the fishing and surfing at Covelong beach. The beach is known for its pristine waters and the sun adding shimmer to it. The white-sand exfoliating all your stress and fatigue. To top it all the beach is embellished with a Catholic church and ruins of a Dutch fort.

5. Paradise beach, Pondicherry

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Distinctive feature- The unexplored island beach

Although the real name of the Paradise beach is Chunnambar Beach, but it is majorly known as the Paradise beach and name fits best with the beauty and serenity that this beach has to offer. The unique feature about this beach is that it is only accessible by a boat from the main land of Pondicherry. The 15 minute ride will take you the splendor of crystal blue waters and the fine grains of sand. The beach lies unexplored by most of the tourists because of it's hidden location. But, don't you miss this beach whenever you are visiting Pondicherry.

6. Cherai Beach,Kochi, Kerala

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Distinctive feature- Arabian sea on one hand and backwaters of Kerala on the other 

Located at a distance of 25 km away from Kochi is the serene Cherai beach meeting the fierce Arabian sea. It is considered as one of the cleanest beaches of India owing to its shallow depths which are precisely meant for swimming, surfing and sunbathing. The unique feature of Cherai beach is that offers the beautiful harmony of sea and backwaters. One side will welcome you with sights of swaying coconuts trees, green paddy fields, Chinese nets and a glimpse of dolphins in the sea. The other site offers the fresh blue waters of lakes, lagoons, and waterfalls which are the ideal spots for fishing and boating.  A number of beach resorts facing the sea that are present around the beach add the tinge of luxury to your trip.

7. Varkala Beach,Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

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Distinctive feature- Cliff that runs along the beach

Bringing yet another unique beauty of Kerala to you- Varkala beach. The unique feature of this beach is the cliff dotted with the lush green trees that runs along with the shoreline of the beach. The wall of beach cuts you off from the outer world and lets you connect with the grandeur of sea. Another highlight of the beach is the wonderful landscape of sunset and sunrise.

8. Muzhappilangad beach, Kerala

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Distinctive feature- Only drive-in beach of Kerala

Walking on the beaches is so last season. How about crashing on the beach with your bikes, scooters or cars? Sounds interesting, isn't it? Muzhappilangad beach is one of the very few drive-in beaches of India. Situated between Kannur and Thalassery, it has the longest drive-in coastline. Apart from driving, you can also give a shot to the various adventure activities such as parasailing, microlite flights, paragliding, and catamaran.

9. Muttom Beach, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

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Distinctive feature- Rugged rocks resting at the beach

It isn't just the beauty of sea and white-sand that you get to see on the Muttom Beach. Huge rocks sitting on either side of the beach gives this place an unmatched look. The fierce tides hitting the majestic rocks gives an absolutely stunning view to the whole setting. The beach does not receive much crowd and hence accounts for a peaceful getaway for you.

10. Rameshawaram beach, Rameshawaram ,Tamil Nadu

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Distinctive feature- The sacred beach which hosted the Lord Rama's bridge to Sri Lanka.

Rameshwaram beach is considered as the sacred place where Lord Rama had worshiped the Lord Shiva. Coming to its nature's beauty the waters of the sea are shallow which provides a great chance for sunbathing and swimming. A variety of rare species of marine life such as life-algae, starfish, and sea cucumber can be found here. Another beauty of this place is the Ramanatha Swamy temple.

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