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When it comes to travelling we all think of places.places we wish to visit

Whether it's beautiful beaches of Goa or Nightlife of Mumbai whether a solo trip to Kasol or a road trip to Ladakh with friends.

Like every traveller has his bucket list , I have mine too

"Kyuki mai to awaara hoon


To me freedom is travelling and the one who loves to travel is hodophile, in India we usually say आवारा aur mai आवारा hoon


Jabse yeh Jawaani hai deewani dekhi hai na tabse lagta hai bass life jeeni hai to aise. One day my friend called me and he asked Bhai Mumbai chalega kuch kaam hai at that time I used to work at a MNC in Gurgaon but I left the job because on my priority list travelling is on top aur paisa to hath ki Mel hota hai jisse bachaya nai Udaya jaata hai

and I got tattoo from Mumbai - awaara written in Hindi on my right hand's wrist on 06/05/2015


Bass fir kya suffer karte karte Safar karna seekh gya or suffer karna bhool gya

Mera to ek hi kehna hai karo wo jisse Khushi mile mujhe travelling pasand hai travel karta hoon.

There's one quote I read once and I love the most "Get lost in nature and you will find yourself".

One quote from Me - "stop being stereotype let's be awaaratype"

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