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Avoid Getting Scammed By Fraud Tour & Travel Operators


You wanna remember your vacation for the happy moments and good memories or for the nightmares of sudden hotel changes, visa problems, hidden charges and worst of all a spoiled holiday?

There are a huge number of travel agents present in India, you’ll probably find one in every corner of the market, near railway stations and bus stands and they’ll surely lure you with cheap travel packages and huge discounts which were too good to be true. Even If you’ve taken a quotation from us for the itinerary that we have personalized especially for you and you show it to these agents, they are going to promise you the same trip for even lesser price. And once you have paid the first installment, your trouble begins!

Avoid Getting Scammed By Fraud Tour & Travel Operators-1 We understand that cost is very crucial while planning a holiday but there’s a lot of things that have to be taken into consideration while planning a holiday than just the price negotiation. The delivery of the services, and managing everything during the travel is more important to not spoil your precious time and experience.

We are not asking you to book just from us or not to compare our package with other travel agents or agencies. You should definitely do it, make sure you are getting the best deal for yourself but choose only the authentic companies and not any random agent promising big things.

Designing each holiday around a client’s needs and preferences is a craft. The result of which is an individually created itinerary which is big on imagination and revolves around the individual’s interests. It’s easy to promise packages at lesser prices but it’s extremely different to deliver that promise.

These random travel agents hide a lot of things from you until you provide the first installment. Hidden fees, additional costs, and random fees that are not explained clearly earlier and now you don’t have the option to back off. They will trick you into missing your next installments to either ask for an additional amount or to cut things off your itinerary because, at the price they promised, they’ll never be able to deliver what they blabbed about.

For once imagine that you’ve passed all through this and have come to an agreement. Now since they have to provide a great itinerary at a low price, they don’t have any option other than these:

1. Providing a location far from the sight or suddenly changing the hotel from 4-star to 3-star giving reasons like the hotel is overbooked or under maintenance.

2. Cutting activities from the itinerary at the last moment stating reasons like the place is closed or simply denying it was included in the itinerary at all.

3. They may change flight schedules as well.

4. Most of the places and activities will be included in the itinerary but once you’re there, you will be made to pay for the tickets.

They’ll do everything to maximize their profit without thinking about your vacation and since the package is already sold and you’re in a foreign land, you don’t have many options but to follow. You’ll end up paying more on the sight because you will not want to spoil your vacation.

A survey by virus software giant McAfee shows that nearly one in five Americans get scammed while planning a vacation India is not behind either, many fraud cases are registered every year. According to the data released by the Punjab Police on Twitter, 00 cheating and fraud cases were registered against travel agents in Punjab between 1st January 2017 and 15th March 2018.

Here’s a review posted on TripAdvisor by a customer whose trip turned into a nightmare because of an unprofessional travel agent. This is not the only case, Visa frauds, fake airline ticket frauds, and many travel-related scams are quite common in India and you can find many news article related to such cases.

All this takes a toll on a person’s mind, some remember it as their worst moment of life, some just stop traveling because of the trauma. Planning a vacation is not easy and we understand. While approaching a travel company, read the reviews, search for them online and ask them a lot of questions. A good travel agency provides end-to-end connection, stays in touch with you till you complete your trip and even after that, they never force a package on you instead ask you what you want. For them, the client’s vacation is more important than maximizing profits.

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