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Asia’s largest tulip garden in Kashmir opens for tourists


“Kashmir has always been more than a mere place. It has a quality of an experience, or a state of mind, or perhaps an ideal” - Jan Morris

Indeed, there is more than one reason why Jahangir decided to call Kashmir a heaven on earth. It is full of such marvelous beauties that it’s hard not to be awed by the creativity of nature. Just look around and you will literally be hypnotized by the grandeur of mighty mountains, the vivid green valleys, and tranquility of Dal Lake, the hospitality of people and culture. Adding one more to reason to bring this definition to justice are the tulips. Wondering much? Let us take you through the marvelous beauty of tulip gardens which is the newest addition this month and a lucky grab for the tourists visiting Kashmir in the month of April.

Asia’s largest tulip garden in Kashmir

Asia’s largest tulip garden in Kashmir opens for tourists-1 On the banks of Dal lake, Kashmir has given you one tulip-to-go reason to certainly visit the valley in the month of April. The largest tulip garden- Indira Gandhi memorial tulip garden opens for tourists this month. Located on the foothills of Zabarwan range, the tulip garden was built by Mughals when they were ruling India in the ancient times. But in the year 2007, by the efforts of the then chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Ghulam Nabi Azad proposed to build Asia’s largest tulip garden in order to increase the tourism in the state. It has become the talk of the town ever since.

With Dal lake on one side, the snowy peaks in the backdrop you can’t imagine the setting amidst which the tulip garden is set, making it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India. The garden is spread across whooping 20-hectare which is all covered in the multiple shades of tulips lined across the length and breadth of the garden.

It is home to 40 different varieties of flower which adds up to 12.25 lakhs of flowers adorning the valley at the same time.

Asia’s largest tulip garden in Kashmir opens for tourists-2 It’s not just tulips that you would find here. The bed of roses and few varieties of hyacinth bulbs, Daffodils, Narcissus and other ornamental flowers have also been planted in the premises of the garden. You will also find a number of fountains amidst the blooming tulips and seatings have been set up where you can sit back, relax while you juggle to appreciate the millions of tulips on one look and beauty of Kashmir on another. The largest tulip garden in Asia has taken over Mughal gardens as the most visited and most popular destination for tourist in Srinagar.

The tulip festival

Asia’s largest tulip garden in Kashmir opens for tourists-3 The tulip festival also known as Bahaar-e-Kashmir begins in the month of April every year since 2008. It is a 15-day extravaganza which not only attracts the tourists from India but from across the world as well.

When and where?

Asia’s largest tulip garden in Kashmir opens for tourists-4 Tulip garden is located in Zabarwan range, Srinagar on the banks of Dal lake in Jammu and Kashmir. The garden remains open from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening. It will remain open until 15 of April, as this is the blooming period of tulips. “It’s only one hour flight from Delhi,” says the CM of Jammu and Kashmir and you shouldn’t wait either to see such a beauty.

Entry: The entry for adults is Rs 50 and for children is Rs 25.

The tulip tale

Asia’s largest tulip garden in Kashmir opens for tourists-5 Tulip is one of the most beautiful flowers to adore. Glad that you can see such beauty in India. The tulip is rare and extremely sensitive to the weather conditions. Tulips bloom once in a year in the spring season adoring the place with eye-pleasing beauty and aroma. It grows in the cold weather, which makes Srinagar just the spot for tulips to be at their home environment. However, a little bit increase in the temperature and tulips can wither. Which makes April just the time see the blooming of this beautiful flower right away.

Things to do around Tulip garden

Asia’s largest tulip garden in Kashmir opens for tourists-6 The Indian Gandhi memorial tulip garden is encompassed by Nishat Bagh and Chashma Shahi Garden which are located in the vicinity of the tulip garden. Once you have marked the tulip garden of your bucket list you can visit other beautiful places in Kashmir to enjoy a complete vacation in Kashmir.

Nishat Bagh and Chashma Shahi garden- Nishat Bagh is the second largest garden in Kashmir built by the Mughals. The name Nishat translates to “Garden of Joy”. It is known for its lush green carpets of grass and amidst them blooming the different varieties of flowers and fauna.

Chashma Shahi Garden is another garden built by the Mughals to enjoy the beauty of spring that brings life to the plants of the garden.

Both are located on the banks of Dal Lake and can be visited when you are visiting the Tulip garden

Shalimar Bagh is another beautiful garden built by Mughals. It is the largest Mughal garden in Srinagar is a must visit for the tourists.

Dal Lake- The epitome of beauty, Dal Lake is the most popular destination of Srinagar. Set against the backdrop of mighty Himalayas, you can enjoy a Shikara (traditional houseboats of Kashmir) ride swaying on the waters of the lake.

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