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Bali Tour FAQ And Their Answers!

Heading for Bali vacations? Do you still have many doubts in mind? Drop all your worries as Shoes On Loose has answers to all your questions!

We have noted down many important questions first timers have while heading to the tropical Island. Pick up a pen to take note of all the information that we are providing you with the FAQ about Bali.

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Visa and Flights related questions:

Bali Tour FAQ And Their Answers!-2 Q: What is the process to get visa in Bali ?

A: Visa on arrival in Bali is free for Indian citizens staying for less than 30 days and visiting for tourism purpose. You must have more 6 months validity on your passport from the intended date of return - click here to know more. As travel managers are managing a lot of trips this small detail on your passport might get missed so be aware.

Note - In case of Damaged passport you might be disallowed to travel and in cases getting any refund / rescheduling would be tough so if you have any further query please contact the Embassy of Indonesia or Bureau of Immigration in India

In case you are combining Singapore and Malaysia with your Bali trip - you need to apply for visa for these countries - We don't include visa charges or documentation as a default process but we can connect you to our preferred visa partner if you want.

Q: When should you reach airport?

A: First thing before an international flight always do a web check in (web check in window opens 48 hours prior to the departure) to select the seats and also recheck the any rescheduling of the flight. Reach airport 3 hours prior to the departure of the flight also check the terminal in case the city of departure has multiple terminals. Call the airline customer care if you face any difficulty - Also update your own email id / phone number with the PNR as airline by default tags our (Shoes on loose - Admin Email id) and any last minute change/ cancellation must get informed to you directly.

Airline websites have a very user friendly way to do web check in and this feature is free. Ideally airlines should be giving a discount or a freebie to people who web check in before reaching the airport saving a lot of their man hours and avoiding long que in front of the counter. But sadly some airlines have made this a paid feature like Air asia and recently to my surprise Malindo. Some of the full service carriers in India recently made web check in a chargeable event for the passenger. Even though it faced great criticism on social media. They haven't bothered to take it back.

A Simple Web- check-in tutorial uploaded by airasia -For further details, go through this video.

Q: What is the total baggage weight allowed for both PAX?

A: Most of the aviation companies have a similar rule segments for weight allowed to be carried by a passenger as follows:

Full Service Carrier (All carriers except LCC)

a) 25kg /30 kg cabin baggage

b) 7 kg hand baggage

Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) - Namely Air Asia / Scoot / Malindo (Super Saver Fares)

Only 7 kg hand baggage

Q: Are any meals included in the flight?

A: In all full-service carriers, it is included.

Hotel Related Questions:

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Q: Do the hotels in Bali serve sufficient vegetarian dishes? In Buffet and otherwise?

A: Don’t you worry, Indonesians respect every culture. Like Kana Kuta Hotel, many hotels serve veg dishes and there are Indian restaurants in abundance in Bali. To know about the best Indian restaurants in Bali, click here.

Q: If the check-in time is 2 PM and the flight will reach Bali at 11 AM, what to do in the 3 hours in between?

A: You will be escorted to the hotel by the driver (representative), where you can have rest in the comfortable waiting lounge of the hotel or sit by the poolside till your room is ready for check-in.

If the waiting time is more, you can visit the nearby shops around the hotel after submitting your luggage at the hotel.

Q: Is there any guarantee deposit at the hotels in Bali? If yes, how much? Do they accept International cards/cash(IDR) as well?

A: Yes, there is a guarantee deposit of about 5,00,000IDR(40 US$ approx for 3-4 star hotels). Yes, a majority of the hotels in Bali accept International debit and credit cards, and IDR cash as well.

Q: Are other services like Pool, Gym included in Deluxe Room package as well?

A: Yes, all such amenities which are common hotel amenities are accessible to all the guests. For more details, please visit the hotel website where you are going to stay.

Villa Related Questions:

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Q: What is the check-in time for Villa?

A: The check-in time for Villa is 2/3 PM.

Q: Is the breakfast included in Villa?

A: Yes, morning breakfast is included.

Q: Do they serve sufficient vegetarian dishes in Buffet and planned Candlelight Dinner?

A: Yes, they do. You just have to inform the hotel representative in advance at the time of check-in.

Q: What will flower arrangement cover?

A: They mainly decorate the bathtub and the open area to give you a warm welcome. However, pool decoration may be chargeable extra.

Hotels charge any extra fee for extra services.

Q: Is the SPA organized at Villa only or somewhere else in Honeymoon pamper package?

A: Notice that you're up for Pamper package in the villa. Yes as part of the Honeymoon pamper package, the Spa for 60 min (couple spa) would be provided in the in-house Villa Spa. Sometimes we do also provide the spa outside.

If we provide the spa outside, we always mention the name of the SPA in the voucher.

Miscellaneous Questions:

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Q: What are documents I need to carry at all for Visa or otherwise?

A: Please read the attached Visa link to know what all documents are required.

Tip: Send a scanned copy of your documents to your email address, this way you can always access the soft copy of your documents.

Q: Ideally how much overall Forex (cash/ currency card) to be carried based on the itinerary?

A: 50 USD per day per couple to cover the basics. As per the international standards you need to carry this in USD or Local Indonesian Currency. If you are in Bali for 6 nights, you should carry 300 USD ideally.

Please note - Don't carry cash in Indian Currency to Bali as it is not an international currency the exchange rate you will get for Indian currency in Bali would be very disheartening. Slowly as India is on the verge of becoming a global power it might soon be a possibility but where things stand now you would be paying a hefty commission of 20-30% to get Indian currency exchanged in Bali. Most of our clients carry USD as it is global currency which can be easily converted to IDR by paying a small commission of 2-3%. Always get money exchanged at a reliable money changer in Bali located in the main market area ( A good way to identify this PT. Mentioned in the beginning of the money changers name and also the exchange rate mentioned is not very lucrative in these money changers.) If you do go in for a higher exchange rate and get a taste of the Balinese sleight of hand, take it in the stride and carry on with the trip without creating too much fuss about it as the local police seldom takes any action against such petty crimes.

Q: Does the provided SIM has enabled internet data facility as well?

A: We provide a blank sim card which you will have to get it recharged for 10$. In the 10$ recharge, you get 1 GB data and talk time of around 50 local minutes. Check for the free sim while booking the tour packages.

Q: Is carrying any generic medicines to Bali any concern to authorities at the airport?

A: The Bali airport authority is very strict about medicines and food being brought into Bali. So, we recommend you to carry the prescription for all medicines you are carrying in clear handwritten prescription by a govt doctor.

Q:What about Travel insurance when you are traveling to Bali?

A: Even though Travel Insurance is not a mandatory requirement to get the visa or travel to Bali but we recommend that you should get a travel insurance for your travel that too from your Bank so that claim settlement is smoothly handled - As you have a long standing relationship with your bank and your relationship manager will be able to guide you better - Getting insurance from Shoes on loose is also possible but we need to inform you that we are not insurance experts so for all claim settlement you will have to consult the insurance company help desk directly and follow there process. Another tip - Although Bali is a relatively cheap and equivalent to India in terms of cost of everything but medical facilities in Bali are very expensive as compared to India

Q: What type of ports / Sockets are found in Bali?

A: In Bali you might need a plug adapter because of 2 pin socket and plug system. You can get those at all international airports and once you are in Bali, they can be found in the many small shops that are lining the streets of Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, etc. for a few dollars. If you bring an adapter from abroad then make sure that it fits into a round socket. There are some adapters that come with a square plug which would not fit into the sockets here on Bali. Because the sockets here are going slightly into the wall, they are not flat-even with the wall! Availability of connectors at the hotels and Villas is not guaranteed so its advisable to carry one with you

Q: What are the best party places in Bali?

A: There are many party places in Bali. Click here to check out the places for the best party experience in Bali.

Q: What all activities to do on a leisure day?

A: There are many options like you can take a 2 wheeler and go for a spin around the beautiful landscapes of Bali. Enjoy the day at waterbom waterpark or head the famous clubs in Bali. To add more beautiful memories for Bali Holidays, there are multiple experiences you can have. To know, click here.

If you want to know more about the island paradise then here are the reasons what makes Bali so special.

Feel free to contact us in case of any doubts. Hope you have a good trip to Bali.

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