Mainstage Performances I

Mainstage Performances I

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timelapse Available Time - 08:00 to 19:00
date_range Best Time to visit - June to August
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After an eventful day, head to enjoy the main stage performances in the evening!

  • Kamaycha Charm with Ghewar Khan Manganiyar (kamaycha, dholak, khartal) - Unique to Rajasthan, the Kamaycha is one of the rarest instruments in the world today. And among its few living masters is Ghewar Khan Manganiyar, arguably the most proficient and skillfull. Son of the late master Sakar Khan Manganiyar, Ghewar and his brothers Darra (a superb Kamaycha player) and Firoze (a master dholak player) will present a unique concert based on the Kamaycha and its particular sound. A number of master Kamaycha players, accompanied by light percussion will present the best of the instrument - alternately bass and rough and then soft, sweet and melodius!
  • ​Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma concert (Greek lyra) with special guests Ghewar Khan Manganiyar (Kamaycha),Jeff Lang (guitar and slide), Masha Natanson (Polish and gypsy vocals) and others - The Cretan lyra is a Greek pear-shaped, three-stringed bowed musical instrument, central to the traditional music of Crete and other islands in the Dodecanese and the Aegean Archipelago, in Greece. The Cretan lyra is considered as the most popular surviving form of the medieval Byzantine lyra, an ancestor of most European bowed instruments. Ross Daly is especially well known and respected for his ability to bring artists of different and seemingly unrelated traditions together in collaborations of unique quality and depth.
  • RIFF Robust - A Jodhpur RIFF percussion special featuring master percussionists of Rajasthan in collaboration with Ben Walsh. Ben is celebrated as one of Australia's most accomplished percussionists and performers. He has earned himself a phenomenal reputation internationally and abroad for his skill, mastery and innovation. Here, for the first time, he will meet up with a dozen or more Rajasthani master percussionists - on the dholak, the khartal, the morchang, the dhol - for a concert full of rhythmic rancour and robust mayhem!

The main stage performances will spell bound you and introduce to the music you have never heard before!


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