Chokhi Dhani - An Ethnic Rajasthani Resort

Chokhi Dhani - An Ethnic Rajasthani Resort

watch_later Duration - 2 Hours
attach_money Cost - Free
timelapse Available Time - 18:00 to 22:00
date_range Best Time to visit - June to August
Single Day Activity
Multi Day Activity


Chokhi Dhani Resort, Jaipur


Jaipur trip can never be complete without digging into authentic Rajasthani Cuisine. Chokhi Dhani is an ethnic Rajasthani resort, embracing the true culture of Rajasthan. It is an awesome place to taste the flavour of Rajasthan. The resort involves the destiny to feel and groom in the traditions of Jaipur which includes folk dances, cuisines and lifestyle of typical Rajasthani people. A perfect place for an evening of entertainment and dinner with family or friends. 


The “Daal-Baati-Choorma” meal is what it is famous for. Baati is a baked ball made from flour which is then covered in ghee and eaten with the dal. Churma is a flaky sweet dish made from flour that goes with the dish. Instead of daal, you can also try “Masala Baati” and “Gatte ki sabzi” . There are plenty of other dishes served on the table and you can eat as much as you can. Try out everything, because, quite frankly, its one junction where you can taste the Marwadi cuisine. A must go for a foodie. 


If you admire paintings, you can see the Bani Thani Art, portraying a woman so beautiful with bow shaped eyebrows, lotus eyes, a broad forehead face with a cylinderical tender neck . She is also labelled as “Mona Lisa of India.” It is from the Marwar school of Kishangarh. The artist who painted Bani Thani was Nihal Chand.


Here everything is done the traditional way. Immerse yourself in the folk music, dancing and environment of the magical place,  just sit back and have the moments your life cherishing Rajasthani Culture.

Dining cost: 

For Traditional Rajasthani Dining- 

Adult: 700/-per person

Child: 400/-per person

(Permissible Height for kids: 2.5 feet to 3.5 feet)


For AC Royal Rajasthani Dining-

Adult: 900/-per person

Child: 500/-per person

(Permissible Height for kids: 2.5 feet upto 3.5 feet)


For Multicuisine Buffet “Choupal”-

Adult: 1,100/-per person

Child: 700/-per person

(Permissible Height for kids: 2.5 feet upto 3.5 feet)



5pm to 11pm

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