Kuldhara Village - Sightseeing

Kuldhara Village - Sightseeing

watch_later Duration - 2 Hours
attach_money Cost - Free
timelapse Available Time - 08:00 to 18:00
date_range Best Time to visit - June to August
Single Day Activity
Multi Day Activity


Tainted with a chilling and a haunted past, this village is tied up with a legend that is almost 200 years old - the Diwan fell in love with the village chieftain’s daughter and threatened the entire village that in case he would not be allowed to marry her. The villagers valued their self respect and abandon the village overnight putting a curse on the village that stated that whoever tried to settle down in the village would die. This created a hype among the tourists who like to go explore the ruins and witness the desolated remains of the place. 

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