# About Us

Why Shoes On Loose?

About us

With the internet penetration and easy access to the online inventory of flight and hotels - The industry which was known for its glamour and knowledge slowly started dissolving to a Middlemen concept where the customer is continually longing for their pennies worth. With no entry barrier and easy to get away attitude, there was hardly any satisfaction in this fragmented market. To break the stereotype and revolutionise the Travel industry, we came up with the concept of - Hassle-free travel - With Knowledge, Commitment and Integrity.

What is Shoes On Loose?

About us

With 'Hassle-Free Travel' as our motto, we have been laying the foundation for the best travel experiences for all kinds of travellers in India as well as international destinations. Our technological improvements and dedicated travel experts have been the aces of the deck. How well have we been doing? With over 25,000 happy clients, it won't be fair to answer this, but that doesn't change the facts though!

About us

How we are revolutionising the industry?

We’re redefining the working culture of the travel industry by creating transparency between customers and service providers using the technology. Successfully we have created multiple solutions to help all stakeholders at every stage of travel management - client dashboard, sales panel, client interaction system (a soon to launched Client App) and education programs to keep our customers ready to jet set off to their way of travel experience. Technology is our solution to the current worries of everyone our Clients, Employees and the End Service Providers.

Our Philosophy


We believe our customers should feel their dream of a vacation will fructify the moment they connect with us and the vision we created is delivering on the ground in an effortless manner. With this ideology, we have crafted unforgettable travel experiences – from adventure packed expeditions to laid-back leisure vacations – to suit your needs. We create products to give you the best perspective of our knowledge and insight about the destination, but we do understand your need to get the vacation which you're planning can be customised for which we have a dedicated team for each destination to help you learn and understand the nuances to handcraft the perfect holiday. Come to us with an idea, and we will paint your canvas with Travel Memories!