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While venturing into the mountains of Dharamshala, I stumbled upon some foreign tourists and while talking to them came to know about the Triund trek in McLeodGanj. The way Triund was described fascinated me and in an instant, I decided to visit the place. Truly, it is one of the best treks to go for in Himachal Pradesh.

How to reach Mcleodganj?

A Trek To Triund!-1 The trek was although easy but has steep ascents. Covered with trees and laden with rock-cut stair-like walkways, the journey was filled with thrills. Walking on those rocks which took thousands of years to shape was special as well as challenging because those rocks tested our endurance and flexibility. It took us almost three and half hours to reach Triund from Gallu Devi temple with as many as 5 stoppages (to catch our breath). Due to rain, the road was slippery and further slowed down our ascent, only to create more desperation to visit Triund, a place of which we had heard so much.

After trekking continuously, we finally reached the mountain-top where we found Triund welcoming us with its large green fields and a chilled breeze. We were instantly blown away by the view. The long journey seemed legit after reaching there. After sitting for a while and sipping on some tea from the café (yes there is a café at that height, but not the usual ones we are used to), we were further delighted by the clouds, passing us through, touching our souls and creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. It was awe-striking.

In front of us lay the mighty Dhauladhar ranges of Himalayas with their ever present calm defiance and snow-filled tops reminding us of the short space we acquire on this earth.

How to reach Mcleodganj?

A Trek To Triund!-2 I took a bus and reached Mcleod within an hour. After stopping for a short while in McLeodGanj to visit the famous The Dalai Lama’s monastery, I continued my journey on foot to Dharamkot from where the trek starts.

By Road: If you are travelling from Delhi to McleodGanj, you can get a bus from ISBT Kashmere gate to McleodGanj or Dharamshala. In case you don't find a bus to these destinations you can board a bus heading towards Baijnath which will drop you in its way in McleodGanj.

By Air: The nearest airport to McleodGanj is Kangra Airport. You can take a flight to the airport and then a cab to reach McleodGanj.

A Trek To Triund!-3

Where does the trek start?

I decided to walk from McleodGanj to Triund. It was a picturesque journey till Dharamkot and further till Galu Devta temple from where the trek for Triund actually started.

A Trek To Triund!-4 The trek starts from Dharamkot. You can get an auto or cab from McleodGanj to reach Dharamkot. Dharamkot is approximately 2 km from McleodGanj you can also start the trek from here and walk for 2 km if you wish so. The road is paved and cemented which makes it easy to climb.

From McleodGanj to Triund the walk is scenic with lots of points for trekkers climbing upwards such as Shiva cafe, Gallu Devi temple among others.

Base Camp and Climatization

A Trek To Triund!-5 After spending some time amidst the beauty and serenity of Triund we started our descent early because it is as tricky as the ascending part, so we had to do it before sunset (it is advisable). Also, the forest cover that surrounds the trek has bears and leopards (we were warned by the locals) so try not to get lost as it will put you in danger as well as consume some extra energy which is never a good thing to do while trekking.

Once you reach the base camp of Triund it is important that you allow your body to get familiar with the climate. Although, Triund is not located a high altitudes but if you have altitude sickness or other health problems it is suggested you carry first aid and medicines before you leave for your trek. There are several camps with climatization points where you can take a rest.


A Trek To Triund!-6 Triund is a day trek and you can easily ascend and descend the same day. But, the trek is known for its beautiful sunset and the star trail that you get to see at night. You can't miss it for the world. It is highly suggested that you stay at the hilltop for a night to enjoy the camping experience with fellow trekkers and travellers. There are several camping agencies that offer food and camp packages at the top.

There is also a guest house where you can stay in case tents doesn't suit you.

Other treks

Once you conquer the Triund hill you would surely love to go ahead. And that you can do easily. There are other treks that you can begin from the base camp where the Triund trek ends. The most famous ones are Snow Line trek and Indrahar Pass. Both the treks are famous for their scenic beauty of snow-covered mountains where you can trek through the valleys and meadows covered in snow

Snow Line trek is again a one day ascend from Triund. You can also start your journey early in the morning from McleodGanj to reach Snowline endpoint the same day. The camps are set up at Laka Got which is the camping space and end point of the trek. You will be surrounded by snow and magnificent views of the Himalayas.

A Trek To Triund!-7

The trek to Indrahar pass begins from Mcleodganj and ends at Chamba. After you have come to Triund you can continue your trek to Indraharpass taking you through the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal mountain ranges. There are meadows and snow covered trails throughout the trek. Climbing the Indrahar pass is truly one of the scenic treks to go for in Himachal Pradesh. It is a long trek of 7-8 days. The is rated as moderate to difficult but since it is a long trek, it needs your body to get accostumed to the altitude and get used to climatization point for trekkers.

Things to carry

1- Suitable and waterproof backpack

2- Trekking gear: sleeping bags and mats, rucksack, ropes and walking stick

3- Waterproof clothing: jackets, windcheater and other similar protective layers

4- Proper shoes

5- Water bottles

6- Clothes according to the season

7- Caps or hats, towels, and handkerchiefs

8- An extra pair of socks, shoelaces, and undergarments

9- Torchlight with extra cells and bulbs

10- Basic medicines and first-aid kits

11- Matchbox or lighter, insect repellents, plastic bags, and toiletry items

12- Multipurpose knife or other similar accessories

13- Energy bars or drinks and items according to the duration of the trek

14- Journal to keep track of everything

15- Waterproof and airtight containers

16- Slippers to relax at the end of the tour
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