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A List Of Activities To Do In Shimla


A List Of Activities To Do In Shimla-1 Planning your trip to the ‘summer capital of India’ and wondering how to explore and experience it best? Undoubtedly, Shimla is the old British charm with a lot of things to explore around and you don’t want to miss the best of it. Before you go, pick what you want to do on your trip to Shimla. We are happy to give you the options of what you can do best in the hill station.

Trek to Jhaku temple

A List Of Activities To Do In Shimla-2 Located at the top of a mountain and visible from the Mall road, one could see a huge statue devoted to Lord Hanuman.This temple serves as a shelter to the countless number of playful monkeys which can be found waiting to fed by the visitors.It is believed that Lord Hanuman rested here when he was trekking Himalayas in search of Sanjeevani Booti for injured Lord Laxman. To reach here to need to take an easy trek of 2 km from Mall road passing through the forests of the hill town.

Timings: Temples closes at 7 PM

Skiing in Kufri

A List Of Activities To Do In Shimla-3 Kufri turns into a major tourist attraction in winters when the snow covers this hill station completely in its blanket. This is the time when you enjoy a ton of sports and games in Kufri which is located just 29 km away from.Shimla. Skiing is one of the most enjoyed activities by the tourists in Kufri owing to steep snow slopes and a number of adventure agencies that makes it super easy and fun to enjoy the winter sport.

Cost: Rs 300/ hr

Camping in Mashobra

A List Of Activities To Do In Shimla-4 So, if you are exhausted on your trip and need to connect with nature’s beauty at a deeper level, this place is the perfect stop. A short, inexpensive and an adventurous trip to Mashobra will offer the nature's bounty at most. This place offers a typical camping experience in the mountains surrounded by pine and deodar jungles with the bonfire and many adventurous activities for a great experience.


Rafting in Sutlej river Tattapani

A List Of Activities To Do In Shimla-5 If you want to enjoy river rafting in the Sutlej river, move to the outskirts of Shimla and enjoy the exhilarating experience of confronting the fierce of water of the water. You can choose from three different stretches of 36, 12 and 5 km. The stretch of 36 km begins from Pandowa, 12 km stretch begins from Chabba and 5 km stretch begins from Sunni. The rafting ends in Tattapani where you can also find natural hot water springs to rejuvenate your tiring body.

Cost: Starting at Rs 500

Visit the Kufri fun campus

A List Of Activities To Do In Shimla-6 You might have visited a lot of amusement park but one that is encompassed by the dense forests, where fresh air pours in, and the views amazes you, beats it all. The adventure park in Kufri offers a number of activities such as flying fox, rope bridge, go-karting, dashing cart among others where you spend your whole day in leisure.

Cost: Ticket cost starts from Rs 2200

Toy train ride from Shimla to Kalka

A List Of Activities To Do In Shimla-7 The scenic toy train ride from Kalka to Shimla is a must have experience in Shimla. The journey that takes you through the pine-covered mountains, 108 short and long tunnels piercing the mountains and it gets only better in the winters when you see everything covered in the layer of snow. The toy train of Shimla is listed in the UNESCO world heritage site giving you one more reason why should you be taking well- preserved heritage experience. Remember, you need to book your tickets in advance because of the high demand of the tourists throughout the year. You can book your tickets on IRCTC website and booking opens one month before the date of journey.

Cost: Starting from Rs 65

Ice skating

A List Of Activities To Do In Shimla-8 Ice skating in an open rink with the views of the majestic mountains? Who wouldn't like that experience? The ice skating rink in Shimla is the biggest open-air platform in India. It is also the only natural skating rink in India. During the winter season, you can go out with your friends and family to skate your worries away in an open-air ice-skating rink.The ice is formed by the technique taught by the Britishers which has been well preserved and well used by the Indians opening the way for a lot of fun in the summer capital of India.The thick forest hillside keeps it shaded and the low temperature in winter prevent it from melting.

Timings: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Cost: Rs 200

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