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A Delight for all Literature Lovers, Jaipur Lit Fest!

I really cant thank enough my college senior for opening a gate of pure literary celebrations for me by planning a trip to the Jaipur Literature Festival. What else would a literature freak want? A begining of a year with literary festivities. As I believe it is important for us in liberal space to stand up for freedom of expression!
The trip was organized for 1st and 3rd year students of English Hons, we left for Jaipur on 20 January,2012 having fun in the bus and anticipating the awesomeness of the fest. The journey was tiring and we ended up sleeping immediately after reaching the hotel only to wake up for the second day of Jaipur Literature Festival.

Day 02 : 21 January 2012

Our second day in Jaipur and the second day of the festival as well, we left for the venue- Diggi Palace around 12. It was a twenty minutes drive from our hotel. Well ofcourse, one thing you must know is that you should get yourself registered prior to the day of your arrival,it would save you alot of time,patience and energy of waiting in the long que. After clearing all the security checks at Diggi Palace, I saw a sight of such great writers, orators and book lovers all together under one roof which was rare!

Chetan Bhagat, Prasoon Joshi, Charu Nivedita, Gulzar, Anuradha Roy, Sunil Khilnadi, Steven Pinker, Ben Okhri, Pavan Varma and the highlight of the festival - Oprah Winfrey. You name it and they are there!

A Delight for all Literature Lovers, Jaipur Lit Fest!-1 Various talks and book launches were being held at different locations in the Palace itself. The first talk which I attended was 'Inglish,Amlish,Hinglish : The Chutneyficiation of English' by Ritu Kothari, Tarun Tepal and Ira Pande. They talked about how the usage of Hinglish has emerged and linguistic hybridization has been done though not the first time. It was rather amusing to see the co-habituation of English and Hindi in our active and passive language and the way code mixing has become a part of the youth vocabulary which considersHinglish 'cool'. 

The next and my favourite talk was on 'Love Stories' by Prasoon Joshi, Gulzar (no points for guessing), Namita Gokhale and Praveen Kumar. You know love is at its best when Prasoon Joshi with his modern poetry and Gulzar along with his traditional 'shayari' are on the field together. Nothing could be more delightful than Gulzar reading his love shayaris and Mr. Joshi commenting on the modern notion of love. It was the book launch of Pavan Varma's "When Loss is Gain", the girls HAD to rush to the book counter to buy the copy considering it was about unconditional yet pragmatic love. It was indeed a mesmerising experience though short-lived because soon I had to leave for Delhi and the regret of missing Oprah Winfrey's talk the very next day was eating me from inside! But the time of departure had come and there came an end to my fascinating literary experience even though it was a full five day long festival.

A Delight for all Literature Lovers, Jaipur Lit Fest!-2 There were book stalls, food, music, media, authors, socialites and ofcourse the literature lovers trying to get the best of the festival which indeed had a lot to offer. Try visiting it with a sane and sound person and you'll agree!
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