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Ziro is a traveller’s heaven. A paradise for those who wish to escape their regular life and experience a wonderful, crazy time filled with music and adventure. Ziro has a unique community like bond that is rare to find these days in most of the music festivals.

After the initial announcement for the Ziro Festival was made, the enthusiasm among the aspiring visitors soared. Phone calls started pouring in and it seemed like everyone had planned out their leaves so that they can be free to attend the event.

It takes 16 hour to reach Ziro from Guwahati and the journey to Guwahati is another break from wherever you are traveling from. Traveling to Ziro is a tough job so only the best of travellers and music lovers are able to make it to the location. The community efforts in Ziro is a wonderful thing to experience. It being a camping event makes it necessary to mingle with fellow travellers. There is something in the air, at Ziro, which brings out the best in everyone. People are their friendliest and their most helpful self with each other. You may come here alone but you will return with new friends. The lovely weather and the scenery become catalysts.

While the music festival itself is an extravaganza, but once it is over the campsite becomes an after party venue. People return in groups with bottles of rice beer in their hands. While some simply mingle around the bonfire or find a canopy to rest, the others find corners at the campsite to relax.

This year the best part of the festival was when Barmer Boys killed it with their performance and made everyone dance to tunes of local Rajasthani folk music mixed with dubstep. Day 3 was ruled by The F-16 and Thermal and a Quarter who were out on the main stage to end the party with a bang.

A lot has changed in last 3 years. Each year the number of travelers increase. The ShoesOnLoose campsite itself had 3 times as more guests than what they handled last year. This year, the people expressed a keen interest in exploring local life in Ziro and there were a number of attractions like cycling and heritage walks to fulfil their need  for the same.

Ziro is a wonderful place to be and most of us wish to return the next year. So what are you for?

How to reach Ziro

By Bus – Buses are available from Guwahati to Tezpur and Tezpur to Ziro. It takes 24 hours to reach Ziro.

One can find buses from Itanagar as well those take around 6 hours to reach.

Taxi – Private taxi is available from Nahgarlagaun and Guwahati stations. Shared cabs runs regularly from Itanagar or Naharlagaun.

By Train – There are regular trains to Guwahati from all major stations of the country. One can take a bus or a taxi straight to Ziro or take a train to Naharlagaun to continue their further journey.


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