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Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala


Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala-1

How about waking up on an exotic house boat amidst beautiful backwater with the rejuvenating rains and lush green palm fringed adjoining ambience?

How about living on a tree house and witness the looming clouds wonder by and experience living on the abode of cloud?

How about soaking in the greenery, experience and listen to the melody of the rains and unwind yourself?

How about a rejuvenating Ayurveda therapy that soothes your claustrophobic soul?

How about you experience the tall coconut and palm fringe trying to reach for the clouds?

How about getting lost in the green and with every turn in the road discover nature a little more?

Nature indeed comes alive during the monsoons in Kerala. There are two rainy seasons in Kerala, the first starts in June and the second in mid-October and finally ends around mid-November before the onset of winter season. The bloom of flowers and greenery during the time of September to March is Kerala at it's best. Kerala is bestowed with mountains, cascading waterfalls which come to life during monsoons, infinite beaches, exotic wildlife, green flora and pristine backwater. Indeed God’s own country.

Rain and Romance is a match made in heaven and if you happen to be in God’s own country, welcome to Nirvana.

Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala-2

If you want to witness nature unfolding itself in the very front of your eyes, I would suggest you visit Kerala during the monsoon as it is the best season to visit Kerala. The unparalleled beauty of Munnar hills, Thekkady forest beauty, breathtaking backwaters, the Palm fringe, the lush green plankton, the cascading waterfalls, the rich culture, prefect Ayurvedic season, heritage and custom, the local people there, the festival at this time of the year, the culinary, Kerala is all decked up to celebrate the rains in the most vibrant and euphoric way.

Key Reasons why you should definitely experience monsoon season in Kerala:

1)Savor Nature to the paramount & witness her come Alive. Shed the Tourist tag and embrace the Traveler.

I have listed down few Places in Kerala where you can feel the pulse of Nature in the monsoon and send home beautiful postcards. These places during the monsoon turn into Nirvana.

Sail the Backwaters of Alleppey

The beautiful Alleppey backwaters become breathtaking in the monsoon. It is a perfect honeymoon destination and the tourism is also low key during this time of the year. Enjoy a pleasant stay amidst the drizzling rain. Don’t forget your cup of coffee amidst the rain, that storybook which you have abandoned for a little longer. If the rain stops, witness the sunset and watch nature basking in glory in a magnificent way. The cool wind, drizzle, the palm fringe will make your stay in the houseboat a memorable experience.

Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala-3

How to Reach Alleppey/Alappuzha:

Rail: Alappuzha is linked by Ernakulam–Kayamkulam coastal railway line and connects to cities like Trivandrum, Quilon (Kollam), Cochin, Coimbatore, Chennai, Delhi, Bokaro and Mumbai.The railway station is about 4 km from the heart of the city.

Air: Cochin International Airport, which is 78 km to the North, is the closest airport.

Road: Very well connected by private buses.

Magnificent Munnar Hills

Take a stroll amidst the mist and transport yourself in a world of fantasy. The mist, the hill station, green plankton all around will definitely make you feel high on life. The mist covered tea estates will bewilder you. It is one of the most visited places in Kerala during the peak season because its beauty is impeccable. During the summers, Munnar becomes the hill station escape that everyone dreams of. Munnar is one of those places that just sways the hearts of travelers to Kerala and you must not miss this place.

Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala-4

Activity: You can take a tour around the spice plantations and gardens around Munnar. Soak in the green environment that will surround you. Other activities involve mountaineering, hiking and bird watching.

The Neelakurinji Bloom: This is a well-kept secret of Kerala. This bloom takes place every 12 years in the month between August and October. This spectacle occurs in the Munnar hills. If you are lucky enough you can witness this nature’s magic here in Kerala. The flower with 40 odd varieties bloom mostly in shades of blue, and thus in its name Neela in the local language stands for the color blue and Kurinji the local name for the flower. This is indeed spectacular to watch.

Read more about Neelakurinji flower.

How to Reach Munnar: The nearest railway station from Munnar is at Aluva, which is at a distance of 110 kilometers from Munnar.

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, via Aluva – Munnar Rd, about 108 km.

Periyar National Park of Thekkady by boat

This experience in monsoon is heavenly bliss. This one is a rare wildlife safari by boat. On Route Periyar forest at Thekkady, you will witness a spectacular picturesque of tea gardens and spice gardens. During the heavy rainfall, the aroma of the spice garden will fill your soul.

Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala-5

Activities: Hiking, bamboo rafting, night time jungle patrols, trips to local villages on bullock carts, tribal heritage visits and elephant safari.

Special activity: Witness kerala’s martial art (kallaripayutu)at the Kadathanadan Kalari Center.

How to get there: The closest airports are at Madurai in Tamil Nadu (130 km away) and Kochi in Kerala (190 km away). The nearest railways station is at Kottayam (114 km away).

Athirapally Falls

Waterfalls come alive during the monsoon and watch them in full motion. It is 80 feet tall and looks fascinating during the monsoon. Soak in the vibrant waterfalls in and around Kerala and completely feel alive which is rare in the summer season. The monsoon is the perfect time to visit these picturesque waterfalls. Moreover, This cascading waterfall is the place where famous waterfall scenes of blockbuster Bahubali were shot.

Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala-6

Where is Athirapally: Athirapally and Vazhachal, about 80 kilometres from Kochi; Thommankuth, 74 kilometres from Kochi; Thusharagiri, Kozhikode and Palaruvi, Kollam.

Kovalam Beach

The waves, the rain, the exotic seafood, the ayurvedic treatment would make you fall in love with Kovalam beach. This pretty beach in Kerala is a must during the monsoon.

Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala-7

Nearest railway station to Kovalam Beach: Thiruvananthapuram Central, about 16 km

Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 10 km

Read: Kovalam, the land of beaches

Tree House in Wayanad

Welcome to the abode of romance. The tree house stay is a must during the monsoons. The mist, the clouds, the heavy rain will guide you to a world of serenity. Surround yourself with the green, take a stroll around the tea plankton. Witness nature up close and personal.

Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala-8

Nearest railway station to Wayanad: Calicut Railway Station is 62 km away,Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport is about 65 km away

The land of Gods, Bekal: The land of majestic fort, the hills, rivers and the beach. Indeed ideal for taking a stroll. Be an explorer and dive in this beach holiday.

Nearest railway station: Kasaragod, on the Kozhikode-Mangalore-Mumbai route.

Nearest airport: Mangalore, about 50 km from Kasaragod town; Calicut International Airport, Kozhikode, about 200 km from Kasaragod town.

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2)The Famous Snake Boat Race:

Kerala comes alive decked with a warmth vibrancy and color during the monsoon season when the famous snake boat race happens. It’s a tradition and heritage of Kerala tourism, which you will get to see during the monsoon period (July to September). This happens during the Onam festival in Kerala.

Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala-9

A snake boat (or chundan vallam) is actually a long traditional canoe style boat used by the people of the Kuttanadu region, in Kerala It's a traditional war boat of Kerala. Typical snake boats are 100 to 120 feet long, and hold around 100 rowers.

This is one of the oldest rituals in Kerala spanning around a 400 years tale where the kings of Alleppey used to fight with boats along the canals. From those ancient days’ fights the concept of manufacturing snake boats was born. From then the localities take great pride in hosting these boat races, one of its kind and indeed spectacular.

Witness the pookkalam, the flower rangoli during Onam.

Activity: Witness the famous Nehru Trophy which is held on Alleppey's Punnamda Lake.

Also witness the The Champakkulam Moolam Boat Race held along the river at Champakkulam which is around 25 km from Allepy. This boat race is dedicated to god Krishna. Many travellers across the globe gather to witness these spectacular races in and around Allepy, Kerala.

How to get there:

The closest airport to Alleppey is in Kochi, 85 kilometers (53 miles) away.

Rail: Alappuzha is linked by Ernakulam–Kayamkulam coastal railway line and connects to cities like Trivandrum, Quilon (Kollam), Cochin, Coimbatore, Chennai, Delhi, Bokaro and Mumbai.The railway station is about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) from the heart of the city.

3)The rejuvenating Ayurveda Treatment:

Rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul with a blissful Ayurvedic treatment during the monsoons. The rains, the cool climate is a perfect Ayurvedic season which makes the body and mind perfectly relax. It is believed that the pores of the body open to their maximum extent, making the skin most receptive to therapy during the monsoon period.

Kerala with it’s over 1000-year-old tradition of Ayurvedic healing is also called the Mecca of Ayurveda. Its sacred groves are rich preserves of herbal wealth. Another interesting fact, herbs in Kerala are believed to have more potency than that found elsewhere in the world. Reason, the rich alkaloid content in the soil adds to the potency of the herbs.

Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala-10

Completely detoxify yourself with Ayurvedic Treatment. This brings out your spiritual side with meditation and uplifting your soul. Moisture in the air, the smell of first rain on the ground, the cool and calm climate happens to be perfect. This treatment prevents ailments such as arthritis, Spondylitis, back pain, insomnia, muscular pain, stress, and depression. This technique is a natural wellness of body, mind, and soul harmonizing them.

Ayurvedic Treatments may vary depending on individual patients, but usually, treatments will last for 45 to 60 minutes daily, for a period of about 14 days. The most common treatments are Abhyangam, Pizhichil, Ilakkizhi, Choorna Swedam, Mathra Vasthy and Kashaya Vasthy.

Best Places of Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort, Sarovaram Ayurvedic Resort, Ideal Ayurvedic Resort, Kalari Kovilakom, Shin Shiva Ayurvedic Resort, Ayurveda Yoga Villa, Maya Spa at The Zuri, Kumarakom Lake Resort.

How the treatment is being performed?

Ayurveda uses a variety of techniques to bring about a cure. Ayurvedic practitioners often stress exercise, good nutrition, Yoga (meditation), and stress management. Pancha Karma, a purification process is used for cleansing the toxins or amas from the body. Herbal formulations are prescribed for some ailments while other conditions are treated with therapeutic massages. Basically, a complete cleansing of the mind, body and soul, thus proving the healing energy for a better life.

4)A big time budget saver:

Monsoon happens to be a perfect pocket friendly travel season. The big budget hotels and resorts lay huge discounts. The air ticket sale is on during the monsoon. Travel having the saving mode on is indeed awesome.

You can get Lost in the tranquillity and solitude that resides in the God’s own country during this time of the year.

5) The Monsoon Magic:

Whenever it rains, you will think of Kerala. There is something magical about rains in God’s own country like you belong to the rains. Slight drizzle to a heavy downpour, surrender yourself to nature. Get lost in the infinite green, listen to the melody of nature. Sit back and relax. Explore and then explore a little further beyond the mist. When was the last time you heard the cricket’s chore, the bird’s chirps in the morning?

Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala-11

Weather in Kerala during the monsoon generally remains pleasant. Rain and Kerala are synonymous as we all know Kerala is the first state to be hit by the monsoon wind. Almost 85% of the heavy rains received in Kerala are contributed by the monsoons. The southwest monsoon arrives by early June.

Average Temperature during this season: Maximum: 30°C, Minimum: 19°C

The rivers in Kerala are mostly rain-fed thus you will get to see the rivers, the cascading waterfalls, the backwaters at their very best and beautiful.

Occasionally when the rain stops, witness the golden rays of sunshine on beaches intruding behind a palm fringe. This is surely a picture perfect postcard in the making. Stroll in less crowded beaches until the sun comes out to freshen you. The weather during the Monsoon is simply perfect.

Chasing the Rain in Kerala is a unique and mesmerizing travel experience and you should tick off this from your bucket list at the earliest to enjoy a great time
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