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Mandawa Can Be Your Perfect Weekend Escape From Delhi


Are you bored with the run of the mill getaways around your city? Do you want to explore something out of the box that transcends history and time? Do you want an escape into regalia and take in the essence of culture and gaze at vibrant hues and appease your eyes with aesthetically pleasing murals? Well, if your answer is yes, then Mandawa is precisely where you should be at for the weekend. The place is situated in the heartland of Rajasthan and is at a manageable distance from cities like Jaipur and Delhi. It serves as a perfect weekend getaway without the glossy air of cities and is a quaint weekend hangout for those of you tired with the hustle and bustle and are looking for uncharted territories and lands enriched in history and culture. The “painted town of Shekhawati” or Mandawa is a medley of colours and is a place that exists in the sands of time. It is a nomadic escapade dotted with auburn fortifications that adorn numerous beautiful murals carved by nimble-fingered skills that will espouse awe in you. The town is festivity and a potpourri of culture, history and regalia. The town is famous for its Havelis, frescoes and murals. The place was made a Thikana in the middle of 18th century by the clan of Shekhawat of Rajputs and was a trading outpost used for the ancient caravan routes that stopped here from China and the middle east; the place was developed into a township in 1755 to protect the outpost. The township that grew around the fort soon attracted a large community of traders and the town evolved into the place we know as Mandawa today.

The land will give you a taste of history and the beautiful murals that adorn the walls would forever be etched in your memory. Auburn Havelis and the fortifications are reminiscent of Rajputana glory and Grandeur which makes Mandawa a royal crusade. We have made a list of what all you can do and where can you visit in Mandawa. Have a look!

1) Chobdar Haveli

Mandawa Can Be Your Perfect Weekend Escape From Delhi-1 he hotel Chobdar haveli was built by the “Saha” Marwari merchant family in the late 19th century it has two courtyards. The guests are received in the first one, and it is adjoined by a sitting room where the veranda is on one side and a little garden on the other. The interior courtyard was traditionally used more privately by the family. It is surrounded by covered areas called “Tibaris” or 3 arches opening into bedrooms. There are staircases leading up to the first-floor bedrooms and the terraces. Chobdar haveli is now converted into a hotel and serves as a beautiful accommodation for all the tourists. The place also happens to be the place where the movie "PK" was shot.

2)Chokhani Double Haveli

Mandawa Can Be Your Perfect Weekend Escape From Delhi-2 Chokhani double haveli was constructed in 1910. It was built in the two wings for two brothers. Hence the name “double haveli.” The haveli has beautiful archways and is painted in unusual colours that take you back in time, the rustic haven is a delight for all you history buffs out there, but if you are not, you can roam around and still awe yourself with the aesthetic charm of this place.

3) Murmuria Haveli

Mandawa Can Be Your Perfect Weekend Escape From Delhi-3 Murmuria haveli came into being in the 1930s and is famous for its beautiful architecture and its beautiful carvings made on its walls of Jawaharlal Nehru holding a national flag, on a horseback and paintings of Venice and George V. The place is alluring and a sight to behold. You can acquaint yourself with the art walking amid this haveli and appreciate the beauty of this haveli.

4)Harlalka well

Mandawa Can Be Your Perfect Weekend Escape From Delhi-4 Harlalka well is a popular one among tourists although its history is unknown. The authentic rustic vibe attracts people from far and wide to this terrain. It’s just a walk away from the famous Murmuri haveli and is covered with beautiful minarets, the well is deep and is still filled with water. The place makes for a great historical venture for sightseeing and clicking pictures.

5)Binsidhar Newatia Haveli

Mandawa Can Be Your Perfect Weekend Escape From Delhi-5 The haveli came into being in 1920s on the northern side of the Fatehpur Jhunjhunu road and is adorned in beautiful paintings ranging from a European woman in a car driven by a chauffeur to a man on a bicycle, a boy using a telephone to a birdman flying in a winged device and a strong man hauling along a car.

6) Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli

Mandawa Can Be Your Perfect Weekend Escape From Delhi-6 The Goenka haveli would welcome you with beautiful carvings built with the dexterity of skilled workers. The place exists in all its beauty and would entice you with paintings of Lord Shiva and the Nandi bull, the painting depicts the spiritual inclination of Rajputs and is a place where you can find spiritual peace.

7) Shopping

Mandawa Can Be Your Perfect Weekend Escape From Delhi-7

Mandawa is also a shopping hub with beautiful covetous bangles in all shapes and size found here. This place also offers gorgeous paintings made by skilled handicraftsmen on cloth or paper that can be taken as a souvenir or be taken as a gift and can put up as home decorations.

8) Camel Ride

Mandawa Can Be Your Perfect Weekend Escape From Delhi-8

Finish it all of with a camel ride and take in the real Rajasthan with you, journey atop a camel and take beautiful pictures in Mandawa. The humpy creature would be your perfect counterpart amid the dunes.

9) The Rajasthani thali

Mandawa Can Be Your Perfect Weekend Escape From Delhi-9 The Rajasthani thali is what one cannot afford to miss when visiting Mandawa. Just savour yourself some Rajasthani food and relish every bit and do not leave any bit. The Rajasthani thali is a delectable assortment of the most succulent dishes that will even make the most sparing of you commit the crime of gluttony. Don't limit yourself to the iconic dal Batti Churma gorge on all the eateries.

10) The warm and friendly locals

Mandawa Can Be Your Perfect Weekend Escape From Delhi-10 Don't let the rustic charm of Mandawa fool you and create berating images of the people in here The people who reside in the villages of Mandawa have learned to speak a host of languages and act as "guides" to the foreigners who visit the painted towns. Mandawa is home to warm and friendly locals who make the visit worthwhile the children are able to speak fluent English, Spanish, French all too well. Mandawa is surely a land of surprises.

Mandawa is known as the open art gallery of the world for nothing; the place is mesmerising in all its aesthetic capacity. It lingers on in one's mind and stays there, levitating above every other memory in every other city. The place carves itself into your soul and engrains what it feels like to spend a day in Rajasthan celebrating culture, reliving history and gazing art. If you are interested in visiting the painted towns of Mandawa check out our Rajasthan tour package.

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