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These Travel Quotes Will Inspire You For Your Next Adventure

For someone who considers the whole world as his home, whose calendar is marked with trips to parts of the country you haven’t even heard of or someone who just packs his bags and heads into the unknown, because, you know, a week without hitting the road and eating at a roadside food joint makes life bland- that’s the traveler for you. If you call him a tourist, that is an insult but he will not take any offense because traveling has taught him many things, carpe diem and not giving an ounce of fuck to what the world says, being some of it.
He of course, maintains a memoir, where he jots down his thoughts, clips down the photographs, because, blogs and Instagram are for the rest of the world, he believes in not going mainstream.
Here are some of the quotes that every traveler, whether amateur or someone who has gone pro, would agree with.

1. Traveling is Being Free- Living in the constraints of a life that is controlled by the hands of clock and the dates on the calendar; traveling offers a way of life that makes you feel liberated! You can go wherever you want to, with or without company, away from the prying eyes of people, to places where you can take up any identity you want to or you know, you can be yourself as well.

2. Traveling is being with Nature- If there is something one utterly forgets in the smoky existence of an urban life, is what it is to be in communion with nature. But by traveling- you can head directly to places that offer an escape from the concrete jungles of a metropolis. You get to test the limitations of your body by trekking or cycling. OR better, just relax under the pine trees by a charming lake as you slowly take in the beauty of a sunset! At night, you can camp outside in the meadows, while the stars twinkle above your head.

3. Traveling is making new friends- You obviously don’t think that you are the only person in the universe who travels? You might feel lonely while you sit in your office and nobody shows any interest in traveling. But when you travel, you meet people who share the same passion as yourself for trotting around the globe! You get to form connections for life and learn to open up to strangers who eventually become your friends.

4. Traveling is observing fascinating things about different cultures- This quote says it all. Going to exotic lands and observing a whole new facet of civilization, that what makes travelling most alluring! You see the natives and their indigenous culture- their handicrafts, their music and yes, the culinary, and you go home richer than before because you know so much, you have experienced so much! You learn about their way of life and how they have formed coordination with nature and maybe, in this process, you shed your prejudices that were accumulated over several years of indoctrination and grow as a human being. In the end, you are whole new and a better person who knows about culture like the back of his hand.

5. Traveling is having fun, enjoyment and adventure. Traveling is multidimensional- It’s not just about increasing the depth of your life but about relaxing and having fun too! The beaches, the mountains and the narrow lanes- all are fun houses if you are with your friends. And discovering new things is an adventure in itself! You learn to overcome your fears as you get a chance to indulge in adventure sports activities. Boy, how that gets your adrenaline pumping!

Traveling is all of these things and yet so much more. These quotes just show the basic understanding of it. It is so many things to so many people- clicking awesome pictures, going on a safari and observing wildlife, creating memories and a hoard of other things! It depends on the perspective and then again, some do it to shape their perspective about life.

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