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Unwind the Beauty of Maldives for a Perfect Summer Vacation


Thinking of the Perfect Holiday Destination for this summer season? Want to explore the favourite destination of the celebrities? Wish to visit a secluded place away from your busy life and enjoy your time with family?

Then wonder no more, experience the luxury by visiting Maldives in summers which is all about the embellishment and tryst with nature.The unblemished shorelines, reef-ringed atolls, and extravagant homes on the water. Get charmed by the botanical gardens, pristine beaches and bird sanctuary which will leave you awed.

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Still in doubt?

Condé Nast Traveller, the popular travel magazine has ranked Maldives as the Second Best Honeymoon Destination and Sixth in best beaches .Maldives trips are popular not just for romantic getaway but for family trips as well. Maldives without a doubt will tick all the columns in your bucket-list vacation. Just lay-back and cherish the Greenish-blue Indian Ocean inhabited by various marine life. Not everyday you get to enjoy the luxury of nature which is especially designed for you.

These are 8 Reasons to Visit Maldives during this Summers


The Climate in Maldives is extremely divine, the light breeze will give you a cooling effect in the sun, but don’t forget to carry a sunscreen with 20 SPF or more. You can visit Maldives throughout the year but May and August are ideal for that perfect luscious vacation.

Maldives Summer monsoon starts from May and gradually ends in August. Rainy season is the best time to observe the fantastic sights .

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Beautiful weather

During this time of the year, Maldives weather becomes very versatile.Strong rains often follow a beautiful sunny morning.The weather can change in a few minutes. It's an amazing feeling when the breeze goes by and the sound of the waves touching the shore it will delight you to choose Summer Vacation in Maldives.


When you ask “What is so great about the Maldives?”, make sure you check out the Vaadhoo Island in Raa Atoll where you will see stars getting envious of the playful “Sea of stars” of the Indian Ocean! The phytoplankton dinoflagellates emitting the luminescent toxins with the movement of the waves are actually their defense mechanism to keep away fish and other creatures. Although not so scientifically friendly, you can obviously walk through them, creating more luminescence – a memory created for a lifetime.

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Beautiful sunset

Precisely during this time of the year with high humidity and strange cloudy skies that Maldives will offer her best natural shows of breathtaking unforgettable sunsets.


Amazing water sports after rain

All the resort islands have private access to various reefs that are convenient for snorkeling, kayaking,canoeing, surfing or deep sea diving.Two activities that are best during the summer months are snorkeling with manta rays and surfing.

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Manta Ray Snorkeling - The plankton, tide, and water are just right in Hanifaru Bay so large congregations of manta rays swim through the water.

Surfing - World-class surf breaks form at the edges of the atoll during the summer months. There are some exceptional surfing spots that can be easily reached by the resort. Most of the spots are located nearby.


Cost effectiveness Many Europeans travel to Maldives during their cold winter months. As a result, resorts lower their rates during the summer to attract guests. It's an excellent value for money to visit Maldives during summers.

Discounted Flights Rate August also coincides with the European summer holidays so expect the flight ticket prices to rise but as the South West monsoon brings rain between June and August, you may be lucky enough to find the budgeted flights to Maldives


Almost every Resort in Maldives will get you a superb beach, amazing weather and crystal clear water. Every Resort cultivates a distinct atmosphere to appeal to its guests.Some resorts are kid friendly and others are adults only. The enriched experience of hospitality will start from the first day,especially the tropical treats. There are several types of rooms, ranging from the garden villas to deluxe over-water suites. The simplicity of such places their peacefulness and relaxed feel, is what attracts people. These ‘no shoes, no news’ resorts are great for a romantic break, a honeymoon or total escape.

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If you want to enjoy an undersea dining with your loved one which is enticing and extremely surreal, then ITHAA is the place.It is the world’s first and only all glass undersea restaurant, situated in Conrad resort in Maldives. Perfectly set 5 meter below the ocean surface, this place gives an incredible chance to see the colorful fishes and marine organisms swim by, while you relish the most exotic seafood or sip the best wine.

Would you love to encounter such profound beauty? Then you can choose from a wide range of luxurious Resort that will make your vacation worth it.


Unwind the Beauty of Maldives for a Perfect Summer Vacation-6 Enjoy the festivities that Club Med has to offer. From everyday Theme Party to Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Relish the exquisite feast and snacks throughout the day.Relax your mind by Yoga, swim your worries away in the pool and sauna. And pamper yourself with exclusive spa treatment with scenic beauty. The resort is child friendly, there are activities for kids categorized as per their age group.

Fascinated by the description, then visit the link to seen all that it offers.


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The enticing beauty and luxurious experience will take your breath away. The Adaaran Select Meedhupparu offers scenic beauty and exciting activities within. If you love swimming, try diving into the blues and enjoy the marine life. The incredible sea life is so ethereal and you will be mesmerized. The resort is a perfect choice for Honeymoon couples or romantic getaway.

Feeling Intrigued by it? See all the resorts in the Maldives offers.


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Get enchanted by the beauty of botanical gardens, pristine beaches and bird sanctuary. Enjoy the majestic view of shorelines meeting the skylines. Adore the child friendly environment of the resort and unmatchable facilities including water sports such as diving, snorkelling and fishing.

Get detailed description of Sun Island Resort and Spa for your perfect Maldives Holiday Package.


Swirl yourself away for some fun time in the sun.Enjoy the luxurious stay at the five star resort in Maldives.Sit and sip the chilling tropical drinks in the Vui-bar and capture the view of crystal clear water and white sand shorelines. Choose exclusive cuisine in the dining programme, and entice yourself with spa and enjoy the tropical escape.

Get Ideal deals of Centara Ras Fushi Resort and Spa


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The Maldives has great influence from India, Sri-Lanka, and Mix of Arabic when it comes to cuisine. It has a high dependency on exporting seafood, hence there is a lot of use of seafood in the cuisine. Yellowfin Tuna is amongst the speciality of Maldives. From Italian dishes to gourmet delicacies, you will get everything you can ever ask for with reputed chefs preparing the dish. Among the Traditional Maldivian dishes, there are Garudhiya, Mas hunt, Fihunu mas, Kulhi boakiba, Handulu Bondibai, Kavaabu, Dhon Riha and many others.


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Make sure to catch sight of Bodu Beru, the popular Maldivian folk dance which is often held during evening on the beach. Capture the moment on camera or try out your legs with the dancers –the choice is yours. Riding the Maldivian boat –Dhoni can be equally charming to know about the local people and get acquainted with their culture.


1. Major attractions at Malé: The Grand Friday Mosque, Scuba diving, and snorkeling, Malé Fish Market, Malé’s National Museum, Tsunami Monument, Dive Club Maldives, Underwater Scooters

2. Major attractions at Artificial Beach: Shark Point, Manta Point, Nassimo Thila, Kani Corner

3. Major attractions at Utheemu Ganduvaru : The home of Sultan Mohamed, Ancient Cemetery,New Mosque, Beach North shore etc.

4.Major attractions at Maafushi Island: Bikini beach, Vihamanafushi Island, Island hopping, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, and Shark Diving

5. Major attractions of whale submarine: Common Lionfish sighting, Yellow Boxfish and a school of yellow and blue snapper

Experience the Summers in Maldives and have a time of your life.While many will love the possibility of a laid-back island charm. Get pampered like royalty from the start of the trip and enjoy the elite access to spa treatments,flavoursome cocktails, dine in award winning Restaurants and island activities.Rest and relax on marvelous tropical shorelines and appreciate the luxury offered by the resorts.Swim with the Sharks and fishes through the coral atolls. Your trip to the Maldives will be one of exceptional experiences. So take it all in and enjoy every moment it offers since there is no other Paradise than this!!!

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