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Here's Why December is the Best Time to Visit Goa



This one is no biggie that every traveller wants to head to Goa in the month of December. Even those who are not big on travelling know that there’s no better time than December to head to Goa. If this has been a lifetime suspense for you or if you feel otherwise, then we’ve come up with a list of reasons why choosing any other month for Goa is a huge mistake which you’ll regret later. So, don’t book your tickets just yet. Wait up. Read this blog and decide for yourself because I sure have booked my tickets for the month of December!

Make the Most of Water Sports

Here's Why December is the Best Time to Visit Goa-1 The sun in Goa in December is just divine. While, we all from different states of India might be freezing, Goa has just the right weather for water sports. Moreover, water sports are recommended the most in the month of December because there’s no risk of high tides, rainfalls or of a bad weather. You can enjoy various water sports in this month like scuba diving, banana boat ride, sailing, wind surfing etc without worrying about things going wrong. If you’re an adventure lover or have a knack for the waters, then head to Goa in December for a safe and fun experience.

Tis the Season of Joy!

Here's Why December is the Best Time to Visit Goa-2 Goa is a Christian dominated area which is decorated with beautiful decorations and lightings during the Christmas season. This place in December is a dream come true and words fall short to describe the beauty of Goa during the Christmas time. And it’s not just about the decorations. You can get to know tons about this pure festival from the original sources as well as take part in the celebrations. You can attend mass, sing Christmas carols and enjoy the mesmerizing food that is served during Christmas like rum cake, wine and the traditional dishes. Oh, and in general the atmosphere of Goa is delightful at that time.

Music Lovers’ Gig

Here's Why December is the Best Time to Visit Goa-3 Every year, post-Christmas, the Sunburn Festival was organized in Goa. But since last year, it has shifted to Pune paving way for Timeout 72 to debut this year. Now, if you’re a music lover, you would know what an insane and mind-blowing music festival it is and not one to be missed at any condition. Goa rocks to the tunes of some of the finest artists from all around the world in the last week of December and if you’ve not witnessed it, you’ve had no fun in your life. For three days, get transported to a magical music land. This will be the experience of your life that will change you forever.

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Casino Calling

Here's Why December is the Best Time to Visit Goa-4 The casinos in Goa are no doubt trending throughout the year but in December, you’d realize why Goa is called the Las Vegas of India. Get ready to gamble like a maniac because casinos in December are that abuzz and you’ll definitely be having the time of your life in these casinos. Plus, don’t forget that the crowd in December will be different than the usual so you’ll surely be having a good and different time in there.

The Kick-ass Weather!

Here's Why December is the Best Time to Visit Goa-5 Whoever is tired of their usual life would love to head to Goa during the month of December only to experience the kickass weather that this place has to offer. The temperature starts cooling down and the average temperature usually ranges between 25 degrees to 33 degrees. Because of this temperature in December, it is highly recommended to travel in this month to get the best experience of this place. And let’s face it. Who doesn’t enjoy the combination of a pleasant weather, beach and some fresh seafood?

Party Like an Animal!

Here's Why December is the Best Time to Visit Goa-6 There’s no better way to end your year and start the new one than partying in Goa. The New Year’s Celebration in Goa is terrific and will make you awestruck. We guarantee that you would have never partied like you’ll get to in Goa during the New Years. And the nightlife in December is legendary and at the New Year’s time as these nightclub offer the best booze in town and throw the best parties one can experience. Besides the night clubs, there are many beach parties that happen across the best beaches in Goa such as Vagator, Baga and Anjuna Beach.

The Saturday Night Market!

Here's Why December is the Best Time to Visit Goa-7 The Saturday Night Market is a market which is only set up for a few months and is always found to be there in Goa during December. The market starts from 6:00 PM and is held until the mornings. Music, food, some amazing clothes and accessories from across the globe, vintage items and live concerts are a part of this market. It’s more inviting during December due to its hippie atmosphere, a unique experience that you won’t get anywhere else in India except for Goa.

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Get Some Tranquillity

Here's Why December is the Best Time to Visit Goa-8 Goa is not only about partying and loosing your mind. This December get some tranquillity at the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary located on the Charao Island. This small & pristine island should be on the list if you are visiting Goa in December. The month of December makes it an ideal place to spot most colourful & rare domestic & migratory birds in the fascinating bird sanctuary. This place is a hot favorite for nature lovers, trekkers, ornithologists, and those who are looking for little respite from back-to-back parties. So calm the party animal in you and also get a chance to be closer to nature when it is at it’s best.

Take the Mandovi River Cruise

Here's Why December is the Best Time to Visit Goa-9 Another reason why Goa is a big hit in December is because it offers a great river cruise which takes place in the Mandovi River. Whether you want to cruise in sunlight or moonlight, this cruise will let you take it your way (quite literally). Oh, and if you love waterfalls then you’re in luck because they’ll also show you a waterfall during the cruise which is simply to die for!

Witness Turtle Nesting

Here's Why December is the Best Time to Visit Goa-10 This reason will definitely win you over for travelling to goa during December. You can get to witness turtle nesting on various beaches like the Galgibaga Beach, Morjim beach etc. These beaches are now fondly called the turtle beaches. You can play with these turtles, look at them closely or just enjoy the view of these majestic creatures nesting with no worries. A lifetime experience no doubt!

Elephants are Super Friendly!

Here's Why December is the Best Time to Visit Goa-11 Funnily, even the animals prefer the month of December in Goa. They’re friendlier, more open and care free. This December befriend the elephants of Goa as they sure will be game in making new friends. You can ride an elephant, bond with it and even play around with it. There are many safaris around these beautiful animals in the month of December for those who’re interested. Invest at least half of your day in playing with them and have a marvellous time.

From parties to getting some alone peaceful time, Goa has tons to offer to you during the month of December. So don’t just sit and wait around. Head to Goa this December because there’s no place else which will feel like heaven to you!

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