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Here's Why Coorg is Going to be The Next Place You Visit


Also known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is a tranquil little town in the district of Karnataka. One needs to visit this destination for it’s abundant coffee plantations, scenic views, varied wildlife and for the ethnic warrior people. In the recent years, this place has come in the list of most-visited destinations in India. To have this place on your travel list, we’ve come up with 15 reasons why Coorg should be your next travel destination-

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Explore the Coffee Plantation

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There are plethora coffee plantations in Coorg. In fact there are so many that if you Google, “coffee plantations” the result will come of Coorg. You can explore coffee plantations like Tata Coffee Plantation Trails, Offbeat Estate, Coorg Cliff Resort, Coorg Jungle Camp etc. The best part about these plantations is that you can stay here and enjoy the aroma and taste of Coffee. You can also do fun activities like trekking amidst the plantations. Camping, cycling, take long walks etc.

Attend the famous Puthari Festival

Here's Why Coorg is Going to be The Next Place You Visit-3 The Puthari Festival is the rice harvesting festival which is celebrated in Coorg during the end of November or early December. All the houses are decorated with flowers and banana/mango leaves and you can spot the locals donning their traditional attire called the “mand”. Many fun sports are played in this festival like coconut shooting and this festival features a lot of songs and dance celebrations. This festival highlights the tradition and culture of South.

Enroute Dubare Elephant Camp

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This camp offers it’s visitors to bathe the elephants, a feeding and riding experience and rafting on the Kaveri river. There’s nobody who doesn’t love elephants and the ones who are scared of it need not worry as the elephants at this camp are trained by naturalists. If you want to know more about these elephants, you can get in touch with an inhouse naturalist who is always present to help the visitors know more. It’s a lifetime experience which will help you understand more about these majestic creatures.

Fly high with Microlight Flying

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Imagine what it must be like to fly like a bird, freely at a height of 5000 feet for a good amount of time. It’s a moment which can change your life. Get a chance to experience something so magical in coorg. Microlight flying can be done during the daytime in Coorg with one more person. It’s the perfect activity to do with your loved one or with a close friend in Coorg.

Do White Water Rafting!

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River rafting in Coorg is open to both the first timers and the non-swimmers. This kind of rafting is way much better than the ones done all around India. Go with your whole group for river rafting and raft till whatever time you want. You’ll be provided with top notch gears that will keep you safe and also let you move freely. In Coorg, the travelers can decide the rafting time and not the ones organizing it. After rafting you can also indulge is rope activities and live in home stays.

Hike the towering Tadiandamol Peak

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Tadiandamol is the highest peak in Coorg and is known for trekking. And if you walk a few kms further, you’ll find Padi Igguthappa temple, one of the holiest temples of the Kodavas. Explore breath taking views, a mind blowing weather and is the ultimate reason why one should visit Coorg. You’ll find peace and serenity in this part of Coorg and would want to come back again and again for this destination. Oh, and if you’re a backpacker, then you’re in for fun because this is backpackers’ heaven!

Try the Insane Coorg Cuisine

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Get to explore the traditional meat-rich food of the Kodavas in Coorg. The meat is cooked with lots of coconut, spices and curry leaves. Pork is a local favorite and chicken and meat is also favored by the people of Coorg. Some of this place’s famous dishes are the Pandi Curry, Atti Payasa, Kadubu and Baimbale. After having a lip smacking meal here, indulge in Coorg’s yummy hot coffee to please your taste buds. Coorg’s cuisine is like no other and even after you’re back, you would want that kind of food.

Unwind yourself at the holy place Bhagamandala

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Bhagamandala is a pilgrimage place in Kodagu district of South Indian state of Karnataka. This is where Cauvery and Kanika confluence while a third river called Sujyothi, joins from the underground. This place in Coorg has such positive vibes that one cannot help but feel peaceful and happy. Bhagandeshwara temple complex houses three temples - Sri Bhagandeswara, Sri Subramanya and Sri Narayana - all believed to be over 10 centuries old. There is a lot of history waiting for you at this site!

A Heaven for Trekking and Camping Lovers

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The Kodugo district is ideal for all the avid trekkers. This place has an elevation ranging from 4500-4800 feet and the landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful. The region has many camping sites where one can spend loads of quality time with his/her. Imagine waking up in a tent with the perfect weather and a stunning view. Oh, and as Coorg is considered to be one of the best camp locations in India!

Enjoy the Waterfalls

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Coorg is home to some beautiful waterfalls such as Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls, Burude Falls etc. Imagine how beautiful a view it must be with lush mountains and hills in the background and these waterfalls right ahead of you. Abbey Falls is nestled amongst fields of coffee plantations and meanders its way into the Cauvery River. Iruppu is quite close to the Nagarhole National Park and is a special delight just after monsoon season, when an amazing array of butterflies comes out of their cocoons. These waterfalls will be the highlight of your trip to Coorg.


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Angling is basic hunting of fishes in the water with a rod and a line. Coorg is the one destination which attracts professional anglers from all over the world. The season of Angling is between the months of November to March. If you’re fond of fish and want to catch a few along with having a pleasurable time then there’s no better place than Coorg for you!

Say Hello to Wildlife at Talekaveri Wildlife Sanctuary

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Coorg is also home to a number of exotic animals at the Talekaveri Wildlife Sanctuary like tigers, leopards, jackals, giant flying squirrels, porcupines etc. If you are an animal lover, then this sanctuary is heaven for you. You’ll get plenty of time to get closer to wildlife and also get to play with these exotic animals. It’s a fun experience and you would want to come back again and again to visit these majestic creatures.

Sneak peek into nature at Nisargadhama Island

Here's Why Coorg is Going to be The Next Place You Visit-14 Nisargadhama is an island formed by the river Cauvery near Coorg. When in Coorg, do visit this island. You can reach here, by passing a hanging bridge. Nisagadhama is an ideal location for vacationing and for boat rides. This island is about 25 acres huge and is full of bamboo, teak and sandalwood trees. Go here to get closer to nature and to get away from the hustle-bustle of your regular life.

Visit the Madikeri Fort

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If you’re a lover of history then the Madikeri Fort should be on the top of the list of places you should go to. Built in the 17th century by Mudduraja, this fort was later rebuilt by no other than Tipu Sultan in 1790. There’s also a museum near the fort that has a lot of Tipu Sultan’s belongings and artefacts from the British era. Brush up your historical knowledge and grasp as much information as you can of that time by visiting this place.

Bylakuppe: Biggest Tibetan Settlement

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Did you know that the biggest Tibetan settlement in South India is in Coorg. Yes, that's true. This isle of natural beauty is enriched with different cultures and religions too. If you visit Bylakuppe, make sure Namdroling is in your travel list. You can buy some handicrafts or souvenirs from local shops. Do try the authentic Tibetan momos and give your taste buds a sizzling experience.

Coorg is a beautiful place with a year-long pleasant weather. You can visit here any time of the year and both relax and explore. Once you visit Coorg, you would want to come back again and again for the things that it has to offer to it’s tourists. So get to work and head to Coorg before you’re the last one to see this gem of a place!

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