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Check out the list of best adventure sports across India.


When they say, no risk, no profit, they say it right, adventure sports gives a totally different perceptive to enjoy the beauty of nature. When you are 10,000 feet above the ground all the concrete jungles looks so small, when you are jumping off the plane you reminisce about all that you have and haven't done in life, when you are diving deep down into the sea all the materialistic things are of minimal importance and you see the world with new eyes. Here is the list of best places where you can make the most of the adventure in India.

Paragliding - Bir Billing

Check out the list of best adventure sports across India.-1

Duration: 15-30 minutes

Cost: 2500-4500 INR

Bir is located in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the best places in India to enjoy the adventure sport of paragliding. It offers the exhilarating experience of paragliding. Flying miles high with the lush green Dhauladhar ranges underneath, it will give you one of the most precious moments in your life that you would cherish forever. The take off site is Billing and after the awesome ride of 15 minutes, you land at Bir. Bir- Billing has also hosted the paragliding world cup in 2015 with over 140 participated in this International event.

2. Scuba Diving- Andaman and Nicobar

Check out the list of best adventure sports across India.-2 Duration: 30 minutes to 2 hours

Cost: 4000-7000 INR

From the beauty of the deep blue sea, white sand beaches, and palatable seafood, these islands have it all. Not only natural beauty Andaman will surprise you with its adventure sports too. Discover the underwater world with the rich aquatic life. Scuba dive inside the rich coral reef of the islands, and trust me the beauty of the underwater life here is no less than the great barrier reef of Australia. Nothing can suffice this beautiful experience of scuba-diving in Andaman.

3. River Rafting - Rishikesh

Check out the list of best adventure sports across India.-3 Distance: 16 km-24 km

Cost: 1500-2500

We all know Rishikesh is famous for its ashrams and temples that offer the peace of mind to its tourists. But, the place isn’t hidden as the affordable tourist destination which is a great attraction for the on-budget travelers. Rafting in the clear waters of Ganges is one of the best things that Rishikesh can offer you. This adventure sports will ask for all your strength so save up all your energy before you decide to dive in your rafting boats in the fierce waters of the Ganges. Jumping off the cliff at the end is your victory reward which you shouldn’t miss.

4. Skydiving - Mysore

Check out the list of best adventure sports across India.-4 Duration: 4-5 minutes

Cost:16,000-27000 INR (Depending on the method of skydiving)

We all have a dream of soaring high in the sky like a free bird. So what if we don’t have wings, you can always skydive. In the base of Chamundi hills, Mysore is top most sky-diving destination in India. There are three types of skydiving:

1) Tandem jump- where you train for the day and dive at the end.

2) Static line- your parachute opens immediately after you jump off the plane.

3) Accelerated free fall- when you free fall in the sky before your parachute opens.

Although this adventure sport requires the professional training before you jump off the plane, the final day skydiving would be worth it all when you will be flying with the birds and witnessing the breathtaking landscapes of the city beneath you. If you have a chance anytime in your life, don’t miss this experience for the world.

5. Mountain Biking in Leh

Check out the list of best adventure sports across India.-5

Cost of renting a bicycle: 400-600 INR per day

No minimum duration.

The beauty of Leh needs no description, the beautiful mountains, the lakes with the clear water and the legendary experience of the road trip to Leh is unbeatable. If you are an adventurous person and planning to visit Leh, what you must try here is the mountain biking. Leh has been an attraction for thousands of tourists and also the professional bikers for years. Leh will offer you some of the wicked paths to try your bike on and you can also reach Khardungla- the highest motorable point of India. Leh can surely offer you the best of adventure sports and best of view.

6. Flyboarding - Goa

Check out the list of best adventure sports across India.-6

Duration: 20 minutes

Cost: 12000 INR

Remember when you watched the Bollywood flick-Bang Bang when suddenly Hrithik Roshan springs out from the water, and you wanted to do the same. You can actually try that adventure sport in India, it is called Flyboarding. Head to Goa where you can feel like the Bollywood superstar while you dive in the water and fly in the air at the same time. Although learning to drive the Flyboard could be a hard nut to crack, it can be a bit easy for the gymnasts. But once you learn it you can totally show your tricks in the water and impress everyone around.

7. Jet Skiing - Goa

Check out the list of best adventure sports across India.-7 Distance: 500 meters

Cost: 400 INR

Goa is the hot-spot destination of thousands of tourists every year because of its bewildering nightlife and sun-kissed beaches. But, that is not all that Goa has to offer to all the adventure lovers out there. If you are a fast and furious fan and love speeding cars and bikes, what you must try at Goa is jet skiing. This will be the ideal adventure sport where you can show your tricks and enjoy amidst the serenity of the never-ending ocean. And the best part is jet skiing is no rocket science, even a beginner can enjoy to the fullest on the high-speed vehicle.

8. Skiing - Auli

Check out the list of best adventure sports across India.-8 Duration - 20 minutes

Cost - 500-700 INR

Getting to Auli is an adventure in itself. The longest ropeway of Asia of 10 km takes you from Joshimath to the snow-laden slopes of Auli. Auli has a scientific technology which prevents the snow from melting. The fact that you can enjoy skiing all around the year in Auli and not needing to wait for the snowfall makes it the most sought after skiing destinations in India.

Other places- Gulmarg and Kufri

9. Parasailing - Goa

Check out the list of best adventure sports across India.-9 Duration: 30 minutes (including the boat ride)

Cost: 800 INR

Apart from being a hub for beers, booze, and bikinis, Goa is also a pivot for the adrenaline-pumping water sports, Parasailing being one of the most amazing of them all. The moment you see the vibrant parachutes soaring high above the sea, you would want to give it all and experience the fun yourself. Parasailing is a sport where you are tied to a boat with a parachute that keeps you high above the earth surface. The few moments of solace when all you have is infinite sea below you, the chill waves of air hitting your ear, the experience is totally worth it!

10. Snorkeling - Havelock Islands

Check out the list of best adventure sports across India.-10 Duration: 20-30 minutes

Cost: 300-500 INR

The vibrant marine world awaits you at Havelock islands with its rich coral reefs. Dug deep inside the waterbed of Havelock islands to explore a completely different world of the sea and marine creatures. Havelock islands are famous for the clear-blue waters, the white-sand beaches, and the tranquility amidst the infinite sea. Just imagine the kind of serenity that this underwater world offers you where all the materialistic pleasure doesn’t seem pleasing at all!

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