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10 Best Places To Visit in Maldives


Maldives a land that exhibits luxury at every inch and snuggles in the Indian ocean with over 1200 islands and 26 atolls. All sprawling with luxurious resorts competing to provide the world-class luxury experience to travelers. Its white-sand beaches simmering in the halo of blue cyan water all making it a perfect vacation spot that definitely needs to be on your bucket list. The leisurely charms and the luminescent crystal clear waters all sabotage your hopes of ever leaving this island paradise. There are plenty of reasons why you must visit the Maldives. But if you are still contemplating what all places to visit, complement it with the assortment of places listed down below:

1. Male

10 Best Places To Visit in Maldives-1 The capital Male exists in stark contrast to the laidback charms of the Maldives. Studded with tall buildings and skyscrapers, the heterogeneity of the skyscrapers gives a uniform structure to the island while the turquoise water protrudes and encapsulates the length and breadth of the island. Male is the epicenter of activity unlike the rest of the leisurely Maldives. With attractions like the old Friday mosque and the artificial beach. Male has its own version of sightseeing. While you are here also visit the famous Canareef resort to experience luxury at its best.

2. Himmafushi

10 Best Places To Visit in Maldives-2 Situated in the Kafu atoll, Himmafushi is well known for its main street, selling some of the most expensive souvenirs. Himmafushi is ideal for surfing in the blue waters and having a great time, a bikini beach can also be found here although it’s still not in use. The island also has some great diving spots, and the manta ray can also be spotted here. The quaint island is ideal for a honeymoon in the Maldives if you do not like to be approached by a swarm of people and want a quiet time in the Maldives and well who doesn’t want a quiet time on their honeymoon?


10 Best Places To Visit in Maldives-3 Situated in the North Male Atoll Thulusdhoo is for surfers. You can spend your vacation in this current surfers' heaven and be charmed by the island's casual vibe, white sandy shorelines, turquoise tidal ponds, and phenomenal surf breaks. Thulusdhoo offers an assortment of reef breaks, you can simply kick back and unwind on one of the day beds or lofts scattered along the shore. Thulusdhoo also offers an extensive variety of exercises, for example, jumping including free plunging, swimming, and kayaking to get you working.

4. Dhigu Island

10 Best Places To Visit in Maldives-4 Regardless of where you look, a feeling of peace will embrace you in the island of Dhigu. The Anantara Dhigu Resort and Spa that has 36 water estates offering infinity pool with a perspective of the quiet blue tidal pond is a mesmerising sight to witness this resort goes under 5-star classification with spacious rooms and the best offices. There are four eateries at Anantara Dhigu Resort which offer heavenly food. This resort additionally has a Dhoni Kids' Club that will keep the more young ones engaged throughout the day in activities

5. Maafushi

10 Best Places To Visit in Maldives-5

Maafushi is a nearby island situated at the South Male Atoll. It is a nearby name that signifies "Huge Island" (Maa signifies "Huge" and Fushi signifies "The island"). Maafushi is a pristine island that gives the perfect harmony amongst accommodation and way of life. It is only a 45-minute speedboat ride far from Male Airport. The primary traveller guesthouse on the nearby island was constructed in 2009, and more facilities for vacationers are consistently being added. Maafushi as of yet is not excessively popularized.


10 Best Places To Visit in Maldives-6

Hulhumale is the city offshoot of male crammed with colourful buildings, located in the south of the North Male Atoll, the land mass was developed to build to meet the existing future housing, industrial and commercial use. Although the popularity of the region exploded and it soon became a popular travel destination. Hulhumale beach is protected by a reef of 700 m and out. The Hulhumale Beach Offers numerous activities to travellers like snorkelling, scuba diving and water sports.

7. Valigandu Island Beach

10 Best Places To Visit in Maldives-7

Veligandu Island Beach is one of the more mainstream shorelines in the island country of Maldives. The island shoreline is loaded with the numerous miracles of nature. With the delicate sound of waves hitting the shore, subtle breeze blowing in the face, the sparkling brilliant white sand, and the tranquil vibe all through makes this place every traveller’s dream. You can go for an island cookout or Sunset Punch Cruise Trip to benefit as much as possible from your outing at Veligandu.

**8.Alimatha Island

10 Best Places To Visit in Maldives-8

Alimatha Island situated at the Vaavu Atoll on the eastern side of the Maldives. offers world-class facilities and is a much sought after travel destination among travellers from around the world. The island itself has rich green vegetation encompassed by shorelines and numerous dazzling locales. With a plethora of things to find all through the island, it cheerfully portrays itself as a place with a 5-star environment.

9. National Museum

10 Best Places To Visit in Maldives-9

Maldives' National Museum contains memorable artefacts that serve to follow the history of these secluded islands. Unfortunately the exhibition hall was broken down by a crowd of religious radicals in 2012 ,valuable things, carvings from the nation's pre-Islamic period, were demolished for being 'icons'. Security stays tight. The show starts down the stairs with exhibitions dedicated to the old and medieval times of Maldivian history. Things in plain view incorporate weaponry, religious gear and family products and numerous stunningly cut Arabic-and Thaana-engraved bits of wood recognizing the transformation of Maldives to Islam in 1153.

10. Grand Friday Mosque

10 Best Places To Visit in Maldives-10

The Islamic Center (formally named Masjid-al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam) is a central point of interest in Malé; the Maldives opened in November 1984. The Grand Friday Mosque situated in the Center is the biggest in the Maldives, and furthermore one of the biggest in South Asia. The Islamic Center goes about as a noteworthy vacation spot of Malé.The brilliant sparkling arch of the mosque is beautiful, and the inside dividers are finished with excellent woodcarvings and Arabic calligraphy. The Center additionally houses a library and a meeting hall. The most critical design point of interest of Male' is the three-story Islamic Center, opened in November 1984.

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