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If you are a mountain person, here is something you must read!


Traveling is not just about witnessing the beauty of mountains and beaches. It is much more than that. There is no doubt that traveling gives you some health benefits. But, more than that the way you travel, the places you travel to, how you choose a place, how you plan your holiday speaks a lot about your personality. When we are particularly talking about the way of traveling, there are two types of people in the world. The lover of the beaches and sea and the lover of mountains and valleys. There are chances the person who enjoys the peace of mountains may not like the vibrant ambiance of beaches. Or the one who loves the sea may end up getting bored on mountains. How so ever so are, What so ever you like, there are perks for everyone. Now, this article is solely dedicated to all the mountain person out there. Read more about your kind!

Personality of a mountain person:

If you are a mountain person, here is something you must read!-1 If you have a heart for the mountains, snow, and valleys, then being a mountain person says a lot about your personality. Here are some traits that may match up with your personality if you have a soft heart for the hills.

- You enjoy secluded, to be more precise peaceful places. You are introvert at heart.

- You are not a fan of hustle-bustle and crowd of the big cities.

- You’d rather plug in your headphones rather than striking a small conversation with someone.

- You are a creative person. Your hobbies may include writing, painting, singing or sketching. And, mountains bring the best in you.

- You are a great listener.

- You are more into the meaningful and deep conversation instead of short and useless one. Philosophy, Life, Nature are your points of discussion.

- You are more of self- fulfilling person rather than finding happiness through other people.

Now, that you have known some parts of your personality and you certainly agree with some of them. Don’t you want to know the perks and advantages of being a lover of the green meadows and snow-capped mountains? Read along.

1. Uncountable health benefits that you gain on mountains.

If you are a mountain person, here is something you must read!-2

When you start climbing the rugged mountain peaks you build up strength and endurance. Climbing up the high altitudes also increases your stamina and make your lungs stronger. You will realize after climbing certain peaks walking long miles has become a cakewalk and climbing rocks would also become easy after a point of time. Mountain trekking also improves your diet plan. Because you realize that eating unhealthy food will not fuel you up to climb the rocky paths. Moreover, junk food is not readily and easily available on hills. So, even if you are craving for fast food you won’t find it there on the hills. Plus, you have to have all those instant energy drinks and foods in your bag back to gain the energy instantly whenever you feel fatigue on the hills. The diet of a mountain person improves automatically.

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2. Mountains are the best teacher to teach you the lesson of patience, persistence, and gratitude.

If you are a mountain person, here is something you must read!-3 A trekker or a mountain climber knows very well that he is not going to reach the highest point in an hour or two. You have to have all the patience in the world while you are in the mountains. Reaching up to the highest point may take hours and days and you know you have to wait that long to enjoy the serene view. Climbing up on the mountains requires persistence, you cannot sit back and lose hope when you are trekking. You have gotta go on all the rocky paths to achieve success. This might teach you the best lesson of persistence. And, at last, the lesson of gratitude. You learn to thank god when you successfully reach the highest point and keeping you safe and sound during the hard times. A mountain person learns all these important lessons of life with the mighty nature.

3. Mountains will teach you how to deal with the instant changes

If you are a mountain person, here is something you must read!-4

Nature is unpredictable and so are mountains. You never know one moment you are enjoying the beauty of bright sun and another moment you are fighting the storm. That is why a mountain person learns how to tackle the unexpected changes with patience and peace in his real life too.

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4. They will teach you to find happiness and luxuries in small things.

If you are a mountain person, here is something you must read!-5

Supposedly, you are climbing the toughest of mountains and you run out of food or water. Amid the mighty nature, what would you wish for? A car, bungalow or a lot of money? No, you know they are of no use. Rather, you would wish for a glass of water or a fruit to eat. And, when nature gifts you with a river or a tree you experience the luxury in these little things of life. You learn to get over all the materialistic pleasure.

5. Mountains give you a true companion for life.

If you are a mountain person, here is something you must read!-6 You will find a lot of people with similar nature when you are trekking in the mountains. You get to meet all kinds of people. You trust your new group of adventure lovers in the hard times. You realize in the worst storms or worst conditions your new friends will get your back creating a strong bond between the two. Apart from this, you all have the same goals.To reach the highest peak and enjoy the beauty of nature throughout the trail. When you spend a lot of time with someone and especially hard time, then there is no doubt you make friends for life.

6. Get over with the materialistic pleasure

If you are a mountain person, here is something you must read!-7 This is probably the most important lesson that mountains can teach you. With the today’s generation going crazy over the materialistic stuff, when you are in the mountains you realize the real pleasure lies in witnessing the beauty of sunrise and sunset and not in the million dollars. Experiencing the serenity of the grand mountains is much more pleasing than buying a new gadget. You realize you become rich not by earning money but by earning experiences.

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7. You can witness the views that people watch on their laptop and mobile screens.

If you are a mountain person, here is something you must read!-8 Climbing up the mountains is no easy task but once you reach the point of serenity, you realize that it was all worth it. The pain in your back, the wound in your leg and the fatigue suddenly do not seem so bad. The highest of mountains offers the beautiful view that other people can only witness on their mobile screens. Mountain people witness the real beauty of nature in the most virgin and pure form.

All the mountain person reading this article, now you realize what all have you gained and learned just by doing what you love the most. And remember, you are living a life other people just dream of, consider yourself lucky!

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