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A Bucket List To Your Dream!


When I first curated my bucket list of countries that I wanted to explore in this lifetime, little did I know that I would be able to tick off 19 countries and 4 continents in just few years.

When I stepped onto my first journey I knew the next few years were going to be radically diverse from the last 20. And since then there was no looking back. Just how even today closer to each weekend my hunt for a new place begins, how I resort to Google about offbeat ideas and destinations.

A Bucket List To Your Dream!-1

The world suddenly started feeling as small as my bucket list with each destination filling in soon. All I knew was to keep the fire in me alive, because there’s something liberating about scanning a world map and picking where the next expedition can take you.

“My Bucket list has got my wanderlust soul to be on the road 365 Days, either through my travels or either through my words.”

Between travelling halfway across the globe and moving back to life, I did get a reality check about how I needed to keep this fervor going. When you have traveled far away and seen the world from the other side too, you know life is never the same. My adventures have taught me a lot, how much little it takes to be happy, how to survive in places and situation, how some travels change you forever. When you travel outside your terrain and region you realize that many things just can’t be learnt at home, at work or in a daily routine. You just know you are made for unearthing travel secrets that conceal themselves in this enormous world.

My bucket list bought me to take up travel blogging and take my fondness for offbeat travel experiences to another level. Fulfilling the prominence of waking up to a new sunrise everyday and sleeping to one. A dream that started in my early 20’s to foldaway the world is still in the making and yes the best decision I have taken to accomplish it in this lifetime.

My Bucket list got me GlobeTrotting 365Days,

Where is your bucket list going to take you?

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