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9 Things You Need To Do While Traveling With Your Female friends!

Ladies! Isn’t packing your bags and hitting a place on the globe one of the best things in this universe? Well, it totally is! The level of craziness, the liberty to be yourself, bitching about shittiest things in life with a glass of wine, getting drunk and doing embarrassing things. All these things cannot look good with anybody else other than your best friend forever. If you really haven’t traveled with your bestie, trust me you need to do it. NOW! and if you are a frequent traveler, then I am sure you would love to do these things on your next trip. Here are few things that you need to do with your girl friends! Put them on your bucket list, right here, right now!

9. Drink and eat race.

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We are already quite familiar with the drink and eat race. But, it sure does gives a better pleasure to beat your best buddy who is as good as you. Head to a place which serves your favourite food and competes in who-so-ever eats more wins. Let the loser pay the bill! Next, head to a bar and challenge her with the vodka shots or beer bottles. Let the loser cry over a huge amount of bill. You surely need to do it with your girl friends and gain some flesh together.

8. Click lot of pictures or click no pictures at all!

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There are two kinds of people in the world, who cannot put off their camera and needs a selfie every minute. Or those who don’t even touch their cameras while traveling. You and your best friend are of the same kind  ( That is why you are BFF’s). So if you like taking selfies every minute, no problem, nobody is there to get pissed off at you two. If you like to behold the beauty of nature in your eyes and mind, then nobody will disturb when you are connected with nature. Nobody will force you to smile at the cameras.

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7. Go on a double date with a random guy in the totally new place!

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To all the single ladies, whose eyes are always in search of a hot guy. And, if your BFF is a partner in crime in here, then you have hit the bull’s eye. Wear your stalker glasses and when you finally catch the right guy ( two right guys, actually), don’t think too much before asking that guy out on a date. After all, we are in an era of equality. So, apply it to all areas. Enjoy the crazy double date together with two hot guys of the town and your best friend who has got your back. But, remember if you have found a hunk and your friend hasn’t, don’t be a spoilsport and let go of that boy.

Disclaimer: Be very careful and smart while taking a random guy out in a totally new place, choose a crowded place, play wise and return safely.

6. Go on a shopping spree in a flea market.

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No one can better accompany you on a shopping outing other than your friend who has known your taste for years. No matter where you travel, there is always a flea market. Just keep your eyes wide open, or get in touch with the locals you will easily land yourself in the girl’s heaven. The reason why you need a flea market is that you can spend recklessly without really hurting your wallet.Fill your bags with all that you loved, be a good bargainer, and don’t forget to ask your shopping partner if in doubt about a thing!

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5. Get drunk and jump off the cliff.

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Be careful with this one! But, we can’t help it because we are crazy bitches. Find a loner place when the sun starts to sink in, take your bag full of your alcoholic drinks and get drunk. Let the Vodka give you strength, and when you finally lose the judgment of right and wrong. Go crazy and jump off the cliff. This will be the golden memory that you will surely cherish for the rest of your life.

*More power to Vodka*

4. Make your way for a rave party!

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All the ladies who like to stay sober can move on to the next point. But, all the crazy girls who love to get high, drunk , go crazy and dance their heart out, you need to attend one of those rave parties with your best friend. In some part of the countries, you can easily track one of these rave parties. Goa, Kasol, Manali, Kodaikanal are few names where you can easily invite yourself in for the rave parties. But, remember to be very careful and in your senses so that you can easily run in case of a police raid! Wink!

3. Be a part of the tradition.

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Grab the traditional attire of the place you are traveling to and experience the rich traditions and culture of India firsthand. Take part in the traditional festivals, the authentic dinner parties, catch the glimpse of the local people, indulge yourself in the meaningful conversation with the local people. You will learn about the traditions of India better than what books and the Internet have to say! You will go back as a more knowledgeable person and can totally brag about it.

2. Explore the unexplored!

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Remember when you wanted to take the less traveled road when you were traveling and your parents said are you crazy? your boyfriend said it’s not safe. Well, your friends may not understand you while you have an urge to explore the unexplored parts of the place you are traveling to. But, your girl friends will not only understand you but will cherish the idea and get ready in minutes to explore the untouched parts of nature.

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1. Finally, that one thing on your 'Bucket list'.

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All those people who are blessed with the great girl friends, ”that-one-thing” must have really captured your mind by now. There is one secret wish or a crazy demand that we want to do only with our best friend. It could be anything, jumping off the plane, jumping off the cliff, taking your clothes off and diving in the river or lake, could be anything in the world. But, one thing for sure you need to do that crime with your partner only. Nobody can support you better after all!

Do let us know your crazy stories with your girl friends while traveling.

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