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9 Best Islands Around Bali You Need To Explore


Bali, the name itself spells jaw-dropping landscapes, mesmerising views and everything that makes for an ideal escape away from the commotion of city life. The place has already made its mark as the best tourist destination of the world. Bali's beauty is widely known and celebrated, however, there are numerous other islands around Bali just as appealing as it. Although these breathtaking islands are still finding their way to fame, but they certainly aren’t any less than pieces of paradise on earth.

1. Nusa Lembongan

9 Best Islands Around Bali You Need To Explore-1 If you’ve ever wanted that Bali could be a little quieter, hushed and slow, then thank your lucky stars cause Nusa Lembongan is exactly the place you wished for. Lembongan is one of the Nusa islands. Bali is romantic, no second thoughts to that; but Nusa Lembongan is where romance can get better. There are hardly any four-wheelers in sight to distract you. You can even take an end to end stroll of the island amidst the mangrove forests, seaweed farms and some amazing beaches. To make your romantic setting more idyllic, watch the spectacular sundown from Ceningan Ridge. Don't forget to go snorkelling at the manta ray point.

Distance from Bali-55 km

How to reach: Take a Boat Ride from Bali

2. Lombok

9 Best Islands Around Bali You Need To Explore-2 Lombok island, only a few kilometres away from Bali has only scant tourists, some magnificent beaches and stunning waterfalls. Towards the north of the island stands the Mount Rinjani which engulfs a blazing volcano and makes a perfect fit for hiking and other mountaineering activities.

Distance from Bali: 212 km

How to reach: Take a flight from Denpasar Airport to Lombok International Airport.

3. Nusa Penida

9 Best Islands Around Bali You Need To Explore-3

Nusa Penida is a small island. Within the Nusa Penida island rest some of the oldest and mighty mountains of Indonesia which makes it a perfect destination for an excursion. The varied bird-species, blue lagoon, the crystal clear water and expansive white sand around the beaches only add to the charm of the island.

Distance from Bali: 66 km

How to reach: Opt for public boats from Sanur, Kusamba or Padang in Bali East.

4. Nusa Ceningan

9 Best Islands Around Bali You Need To Explore-4 Nusa Ceningan can easily be termed as the adrenaline spot since you can find numerous cliff jumping points in sight. It is a great place away from the touristy rush of Bali. The Nusa Ceningan attracts mainly the adventure junkies eagerly looking for a novel place to explore. Cliff jumping and surfing are the popular activities which youngsters usually try here.

Distance from Bali: 43.4 km

How to reach: Nusa Ceningan is just a crossing of bridge away from Nusa Lembongan.

5. Menjangan Island

9 Best Islands Around Bali You Need To Explore-5 This is the best place for all the water babies to explore the underwater ecosystem in Indonesia. The sapphire blue sea hides an immense trove of coral reef and marine life. As good as 226 species of fishes can be found in the deep running waters of this island. So rush to Menjangan Island if you have an eye for aquamarine life!

Distance from Bali: 8km

How to reach: Take a bus from Kuta to Menjangan Island.

6. Gili Islands

9 Best Islands Around Bali You Need To Explore-6 The Gili Islands have already gained much popularity among the tourists, much of the credit goes to local people who have done their best to strike a balance between retaining their culture and popularising the island as a tourist destination. Gili islands are an archipelago, a combination of three islands i.e Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. Gili Trawangan and Gili Air have attracted much of the attention from the tourists and have become hubs for party-goers and culture explorers respectively. Gili Meno has become a magnet for the ones looking for total escapism and tranquillity. It is the smallest of the three Gili islands and also the most peaceful one. One can take a walk around the Gili Meno along the beach within two hours.

While Gili Air boasts of snorkelling, scuba diving, freediving and other water amusement activities; Gili Mene is well liked by the animal lovers for its varied wildlife. The partygoers can stop by at Gili Trawangan and enjoy the lively nightlife.

Distance from Bali: 103 km

How to reach: By fast boat services from Bali.

7. Komodo Islands

9 Best Islands Around Bali You Need To Explore-7 As the name of the island suggests Komodo island houses Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizard. The island flaunts its local wildlife and habitats which the Komodo National Park earnestly preserves. Although most tourists are drawn to this island to see the Komodo dragons, the vicinity of the island is supremely famed for scuba diving.

Distance from Bali: 467 Km

How to reach: Take a flight from Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport to Komodo Airport

8. Java Island

9 Best Islands Around Bali You Need To Explore-8 If you are eager to know the rich culture and heritage of Indonesia, Java is the place you need to head to. Shadow puppet, elaborate dances, beautiful landscapes and fiery volcanoes are some out of the many attractions which Java boasts of. The finest architecture of Java can be observed in structures like Sultan’s Palace, the seat of Indonesian royalty etc.

Distance from Bali: 613 km

How to Reach: Take a domestic flight from Denpasar to Juanda Airport.

9. Moyo Island

9 Best Islands Around Bali You Need To Explore-9 The sound of a waterfall, the leaning palm trees on the beaches and the sight of a spongy coral reef is almost a dream vacation which turns to reality in the Moyo Island. The island is as pristine as it can get with no buildings and wildlife in abundance. The coastlines of Mayo Island are all the way a marine conservation area which makes it an excellent venue for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Distance from Bali: 263 km

How to reach: Take a flight from Lombok to Sumbawa and then a speedboat from Sumbawa besar to Moyo Island.

You can enjoy island hop with these islands.

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