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8 Super Irritating Things Indians Do in Goa

Goa welcomes all. Whether you are a cheap backpacker, a random traveler, a honeymoon couple or simply a vacationing tourist, Goa is always a happy place to be. And if you are a frequent visitor to India’s favorite beach destination then there must be a couple of things that you would have noticed from fellow Indians  giving you eye sores.

Here are a set of annoying things that we have noticed during our trips to Goa that are highly annoying and need to be stopped.

1. Testing Your Ultimate Alcohol Capacity

8 Super Irritating Things Indians Do in Goa-1 Just because beer is cheap in Goa that doesn’t mean that you’ll go on an ultimate beer marathon. Instead of loving memories you’ll come back with liver failure symptoms. Get over that image of Goas as depicted by the Bollywood films, and understand that it is beyond getting drunk.

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2. Arm-Full of Bridal Bangles. Are You Kidding Me?

8 Super Irritating Things Indians Do in Goa-2 You can run, you can hide but you simply cannot escape these newly wed Sridevis with arm full of bangles. Even Sridevi had only nau nau chooriyan in hands. We understand tradition but you need to understand that honeymoon is not about bearing the weight of your bangles and wearing shorts but about loosening up and RELAXING.

3. Guys Ogling Desperately at Firangi ladies.

oggling This one is a class, needs no further explanation.

4. Advertising Your Local Underwear Brand in Full Public View

8 Super Irritating Things Indians Do in Goa-4 You are not Halle Berry from James Bond that will heat up the atmosphere as you walk out of the ocean. This is one of the major reasons behind the downgrading of Goa by the tourists. Learn your lesson- underwear= lingerie, and NOT a swimming costume. And also, keep your hairy fat belly under the cover for it is not a pleasant sight.

5. Drunk Driving at its best

8 Super Irritating Things Indians Do in Goa-5 People probably confuse Goa with sets of Fast and Furious. Do not drink and drive is not a rule that makes an exception in Goa, you have an equal chance of dying here as may have anywhere else in the world.

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6. The Vests and Fake Sunglasses

8 Super Irritating Things Indians Do in Goa-6 Just because you are in Goa, it does not mean that you have to roam around in vests. It is as hot in Delhi and Bombay as it would be in Goa. Also, don't make it the hot destination to show off shiny multi coloured fake Ray Bans. That is not cool anyhere, forget Goa.

7. Quarreling Couples in public

8 Super Irritating Things Indians Do in Goa-7 Ok, this we can understand. Probably this is the time when two people get to spend time with each other and, as a result, there can be some difference in opinions. But why quarrel and cry in full public view. They don’t even feel embarrassed because there is always another couple fighting at a distance.

8. The Ultimate Goa Album

8 Super Irritating Things Indians Do in Goa-8 Please spare us your live updates, #Travel posts on Instagram and then coming back with 1212523+ pics on facebook with titles like ‘Go Goa’ ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘Goan Ecstasy’. Don't make a domestic trip your trip of a lifetime. Save it for some foreign location please!

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