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7 Types Of Spa Treatment In Bali To Relax And Rejuvenate


Bali is a tropical paradise and tourists flock to Bali for a sole purpose of relaxing and rejuvenating. And what’s the better way to relax your mind and body than to get top-notch massages at affordable spas. In Bali, the spa is one of the main attractions that draw visitors from around the world and there are myriads of options when it comes to pampering oneself – with all types of treatments to reawaken your soul. A good spa treatment will stimulate blood flow, detoxify your body and take care of your skin. Every spa in Bali will offer endless types of massage options and it might get a little overwhelming. Here’s a list of types of spa treatment that you can experience on your next trip to Bali.

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1. Healing Spas

7 Types Of Spa Treatment In Bali To Relax And Rejuvenate-2 Head to the Balinese healers to recover holistic balance and optimize your energy level. Also known as Medical Spas, the healing spa treatment in Bali adopts the Balinese traditional beauty detoxification treatments and even offers yoga and meditation retreat with a holistic approach. Healing rituals include a blend of meditation and yoga, deep bodywork by the hands of Bali healers. The process also combines with relaxing walks to the traditional villages against the backdrop of waterfalls of Bali. Some of the Yoga session may include Hatha Flow, Restorative, Vinyasa, Balinese Kundalini, and Yin session to relax and revive your spirit.

If you’re up for this spiritual healing session, Ubud and Canggu area are well known for places for it. Maya Ubud Resort & Spa is one the best healing spas with great spa packages including Intraceuticals O2 facial, de-ageing saltmousse body scrub, relaxing body massages amidst Balinese beautiful rainforest and much more.

2. Traditional Balinese Spas

7 Types Of Spa Treatment In Bali To Relax And Rejuvenate-3 Traditional Balinese Massage is the most famous among the tourists as well as the locals and can be found in almost every resort in Bali. Balinese body massages use a combination of using the fingers and palm with movement variations such as acupressure and gentle stretches to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen, and energy to relax and rejuvenate and bring a sense of calmness to your body and mind.

Another signature treatment of Balinese Spas is the ‘Balinese Boreh’. Boreh is a scrub made with natural herb, that when rubbed over the body produces a heating sensation. Generally, it is recommended for the treatment of headaches, muscle aches, and arthritis.

You can find traditional spas anywhere in Bali, but mainly in Ubud. The Ubud Traditional Spa in Payogan village is very popular and the spa offers four unique massages and body treatments to provide you with the best in Balinese relaxation.

3. Ayurvedic Spas

7 Types Of Spa Treatment In Bali To Relax And Rejuvenate-4 Ayurveda is centuries-old system of natural healing that has its origin in the Vedic culture of the Indian subcontinent. It was suppressed due to the medical advancement but now Ayurveda is being revived in both its native land and globally. Although the Ayurvedic approach has said to be used to cure serious health conditions, today the treatment has been provided by resorts spas and a way to relax and relieve stress.

Ayurvedic Spas are based on the use of herbs and therapeutic oils that are massaged on your body by the therapist to stimulate your chakra points. It is believed that different types of people need different types of massages and hence there are various types of Ayurvedic massages such as Abhyanga massage, Uzhicil massage, Kerala Kalari Massage, and Udvartana. Prana Spa at Seminyak has a great ayurvedic treatment.

4. Javanese Beauty Spas

7 Types Of Spa Treatment In Bali To Relax And Rejuvenate-5 This is the age-old secret of Indonesian women for having smooth and natural skin. Since decades they have been treating themselves with mandi susu (milk bath) and mandi lulur (scrubs bath), beauty treatments that originated in Java and was traditionally a part of Javanese pre-wedding ceremony. Mandi susu is basically a beauty bath made of milk from goats, sheep, or cows while mandi lulur is a body polishing treatment with a paste of sandalwood, turmeric, jasmine and other scented woods soaked in rice water and blended to form a scrub.

Due to its popularity, you can find this treatment in almost every spa, consider going to major spa spots in Kuta or Seminyak area for consideration.

5. Geothermal Spas

7 Types Of Spa Treatment In Bali To Relax And Rejuvenate-6 In the Northern Bali, set amidst the rice paddies and Hindu temples, you can find this natural spa treatment. The therapeutic water of the hot springs has long been used by the locals to soothe, easy and cure the body pain and to relax the muscles. After a long day of hiking or strolling around the mountains, soaking your tried bones in mineral-rich water is no less than heaven. The mineral-rich water heals the bones and increases blood flow and body metabolism, improve nourishment to vital organs and muscles, and removing unwanted toxins from the body.

The Banjar Hot Spring, Toya Devasya Hot Spring, and Banyuwedang Hot Springs are some of the famous Geothermal Spas in Bali.

6. Fish Spas

7 Types Of Spa Treatment In Bali To Relax And Rejuvenate-7 Fish Spa is an interesting therapy to clean your foot and remove dead skin from it. Garra Rufa, Known as a Doctor fish, is a small fish that feeds on the dead skin of your feet. This treatment is quite common in the streets of Bali and you could find fish tanks in front of stores with little fish swimming. You must experience this at least once in your life, at first, it feels a little ticklish and later you get used to it. It is very common in Kuta and Legian and you can have this experience in roughly under $5. Must try in when you’re in Bali.

7. Hot Stone Massage

7 Types Of Spa Treatment In Bali To Relax And Rejuvenate-8 Relax and enjoy the blissful moment as the therapist uses essential oils and volcanic warm stones to massage your body. This incredible experience will melt your body tension away. The treatment includes the use of smooth, water-heated stones that are glided over your body in combination if long strokes which stimulates a warm sensation all over your body. The hot stone massage brings relief your tired muscles, releases knots, and provides full-body relaxation. Many Spas in Kuta provide this treatment, Kaiana Spa is among the popular ones.

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