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7 Things you should know about Balinese Coffee


“I don’t really like coffee”, said who? Coffee is nothing less than a magic potion that can cast its spell on anyone for sure. I mean don’t you guys drool whenever you pass by a cafe or a coffee shop brewing fresh cups of coffee or when you look at those Instagram videos of making perfect hearts in cappuccinos? Haven’t you guys loved the aftertaste of a classic tiramisu or the espresso brownies or coffee glazed pastries? Oh! Come on, I know you guys are drooling already and for the ones who claim that coffee isn’t their favourite beverage, after all, should right away head to Bali as the one of the best coffee in the world is farmed there.

Balinese Coffee is known worldwide for its rich taste and delicious aroma. It is considered as a delicacy in most parts of the world. Whenever there is a mention of Balinese coffee every finger points to the lush greenery of Ubud. Apart from enjoying the delight of Balinese coffee at a number of cafes in Ubud, you can also engage in a trip to one of its numerous coffee plantations or coffee production factories around. Here are few things that you must know about the world famous Balinese Coffee that may also inspire you to visit this utopia of sorts.

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1. The coffee found in Bali isn’t a Dutch variant.

7 Things you should know about Balinese Coffee-1 It is believed that coffee was introduced to most parts of Indonesia by the Dutch. Therefore, the coffee that you will find in most parts of Indonesia such as Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi et al primarily has a Dutch connection. However, the luwak coffee found in Bali has its lineage in Lombok traders who planted the coffee that is now native to this region.

2. Bali’s Rich Volcanic Soil and Coffee.

7 Things you should know about Balinese Coffee-2 So, what favoured the growth of coffee in Bali? How did Bali become a major contributor to not only Indonesia’s significant coffee produce and export but the whole south east Asia? One of the main reasons that favoured the growth of coffee in this part of Indonesia apart from favourable climatic conditions was its rich volcanic soil.

3. Coffee Robusta and Coffee Arabica.

7 Things you should know about Balinese Coffee-3 The variant of coffee found in Bali is primarily the Robusta Coffee. However, the coffee farmers these days have also started planting the Arabica variant. The Robusta coffee is considered to be highly resistant to diseases and has a high acidic content. The Arabica, on the other hand, has a less acidic content and has a huge demand globally.

4. The Kintamani region is the largest producer of coffee in Bali.

7 Things you should know about Balinese Coffee-4 Kintamani is located in the northern highlands of Bali and has a highly favourable climate and rich volcanic soil conditions that favour the large-scale production of coffee berries. The region between the two volcanoes Batukaru and Agung is where most of the coffee cultivation is done.

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5. The Subak Abian way of growing coffee.

7 Things you should know about Balinese Coffee-5 The Subak Abian is primarily a farming system that has been adopted by most of the farmers of this region. The Subak Abian way of farming is based on the philosophy of “Tri Hit Karana” which has its roots in Hinduism and promotes a healthy relationship between humans, God and their immediate environment. Therefore, the Subak Abians refrain from the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides or other harmful chemicals to produce completely organic coffee cherry.

6. Kintamani Balinese coffee and its fruity taste.

7 Things you should know about Balinese Coffee-6 So, what’s different about single origin Balinese coffee? It surely does have a wonderful aroma but the taste is unlike any other roasted coffee. It is fruity and fresh. This particular fruity taste of Balinese coffee can be attributed to the fact that most of the coffee plantations in Bali grow their coffee along with citrus fruits which in turn give it a citrusy fruit flavour and a sweet aftertaste.

7. Kopi Luwak- the most expensive Balinese Coffee.

7 Things you should know about Balinese Coffee-7 Kopi Luwak is indeed Indonesia’s most expensive coffee and has a pretty intriguing history and processing method associated with it. When the Dutch introduced coffee to Indonesia, they strictly prohibited its use by the natives thereby making coffee a far-fetched luxury for the locals. However, the locals discovered that a native Asian palm civet or Luwak, an animal that looks like a cat loved eating the coffee fruit. Once the fruits passed through its digestive tract they were dropped in faeces. The locals then started collecting the droppings of the civets and carefully cleaned, dried, roasted and ground the coffee beans for their personal use. It may sound a little gross, but till date, the Kopi Luwak is the most expensive and delectable coffee found in Bali. Nowadays, these civets are held captive in many such coffee plantations and fed coffee fruits. The excrement is then collected and coffee beans are cleaned and further processed for the most exquisite Kopi Luwak. It is believed that the digestive enzymes of the civet enhance the flavour of coffee and reduce the bitterness in taste considerably giving it a rich yet mild flavour.

Now that you know about Bali and its exquisite varieties of coffee, stop drooling and plan a holiday to Bali as soon as possible. Ciao!

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