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7 Things Not To Do In The Maldives


If your idea of a laid-back vacation is lazing around on a secluded island resort with amazing services to pamper you or walking on sugar-sand beaches, watching the sun goes down as you enjoy a romantic sea-side dinner, The Maldives is just the right choice for you. A small Islamic country in the Indian Ocean that has become a popular choice for a laid-back holiday in recent years and also known for being one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world. The stunning white-sand beaches, exotic islands, colorful coral reefs, and luxurious resorts make this country an obvious choice for a relaxing holiday. While tourists visit the Maldives mainly for a laidback vacation, there are tons of activities for them as well. From scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, Dolphin spotting and island hopping tour, parasailing, treasure hunts, and many more activities are available to keep you entertained.

7 Things Not To Do In The Maldives-1 While the Maldives is beautiful and exotic, and the lovely locals are always welcoming, we as tourists should also play our part and respect their laws and order. Being an Islamic country, there are some boundaries to what you can and cannot do, the local authorities follow these guidelines very strictly and you should not break these rules. Here’s a list of things that you must not do on your Maldives holiday. For a hassle-free experience, book your Maldives tour package with Shoes On Loose and focus only on making wonderful memories.

7 Things Not To Do In The Maldives-2

1. Importing alcohol to the Maldives is strictly prohibited

7 Things Not To Do In The Maldives-3 During your Maldives tour, you’ll find plenty of booze in your luxurious hotel or resort but carrying your own alcohol to the Maldives is a bad idea and is practically impossible as well. The liquor you’re carrying will get confiscated upon your arrival at the Maldives airport and you may claim it back upon your departure from the Maldives. Also, idols or symbol for worship, tobacco without warning signs, pork, any religious text other than Islamic is not allowed on this island as well. Best to leave these behind when you go for your Maldives trip.

2. Never carry alcohol with you to local places and public beaches

7 Things Not To Do In The Maldives-4 The Maldives is an Islamic country and alcohol and other intoxicants are strictly prohibited in Islamic laws. While the government has allowed the sale of alcohol and cocktails in private island resorts, carrying alcohol in public areas is not allowed. Doing so is against the law and you could end up in jail. You can enjoy your booze comfortably in the vicinity for your resorts and its private island without any issues.

3. Don't go shirtless on public and local island beaches

7 Things Not To Do In The Maldives-5 People in the Maldives strictly follow Islamic customs and culture, and as a tourist, we must respect it. Locals find it objectionable if women wear revealing clothes, as it is a violation of their social custom. So avoid wearing skimpy or shorts clothes, bikinis or anything that is exposing when you’re in a public area. And don’t worry, you can wear whatever you want in your booked resort or in the hotel you’re staying at, but the nude sunbathing might put you in trouble, so avoid it as well.

4. Don’t indulge in PDA

7 Things Not To Do In The Maldives-6 By now you must know, the Maldives is a pretty conservative country and public display of affection might bring you under lots of stares from the locals who’ll oppose such behavior. Even a peck on the cheek is a big no-no and is a punishable offense. You can hold hands but don’t go any further than that. While it is hard not to feel romantic in such a beautiful country being surrounded by scenic ocean and palm-fringed islands but you have to respect their customs and traditions.

5. Stay away from Drugs

7 Things Not To Do In The Maldives-7 While carrying alcohol in public may put you in jail or cause you to pay hefty fines, Drugs or narcotics, on the other hand, can lead to even serious punishments. Possessing, carrying, consuming or being involved in the trafficking of drugs is a serious crime in the Maldives and can lead to life imprisonment. You may consume alcohol freely in your resort but drugs are prohibited even in the resorts as well. So avoid it by all means.

6. Do not litter the sea or streets

7 Things Not To Do In The Maldives-8 Not just in the Maldives, litter should be avoided in any place you visit. The plastic waste and garbage destroy the marine ecosystem. It is hazardous for the coral reefs and aquatic life and vegetation. We are facing challenges of climate change in recent years and we should avoid contributing to it as much as we can. Besides this, the Maldives is a beautiful place and to keep it as such, throw the waster in dustbins and do not litter the water, streets or the beaches.

7. Don’t purchase or sell black coral shells

7 Things Not To Do In The Maldives-9 Don’t indulge in selling or purchasing black coral shells or turtle shells as it is banned in the Maldives. Balck corals and turtles are endangered species in the Maldives and are protected by the government order. Hence, being caught in the act of selling or purchasing these shells will lead to harsh punishments or hefty fines. For a smooth sailing Maldives trip, don’t do it. In fact, catching or killing of sea turtles and the sale of turtle products are prohibited in the Maldives since 1995.

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