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7 Sunset Spots in Bali Whose Beauty Is Too Good To Be Real


Sunset and Sunrise are more than just an everyday phenomenon

Of course they are. They are a palette full of colours spread across the vast canvas of sky. Sun starts the day with bright light and ends with calm colours. Sunset and Sunrise reminds us everyday of hope. That there will always be a new beginning and a good end.

Beaches always offer great sunsets. There is nothing more aesthetic than watching the sunset into the horizon and spreading thousands of unnamed colors in the sky.

When you are in Bali watch out for the unbelievable sunsets adorning the sky. We are giving you some of the most beautiful spots to see the sunset in Bali. Here is your guide to Bali sunsets.

Mount Agung

7 Sunset Spots in Bali Whose Beauty Is Too Good To Be Real-1 The sunsets from Mount Agung are pure gold. The sun sets into the lap of the surrounding mountains filling the sky with the indescribable hues of yellow and orange. Depending on the time of your visit, you can see the sun set between the mountains, at times behind the mountains or at times into the sea. The shades are reflected in the sea creating a mirror effect of the sky in the sea.

You need to make a hike of 4-5 hours to reach the top of the peak located at 1,700 m to behold the sight of an amazing sunset.

There are also some sunset point bars and cafes offering the view of Mount Agung from different spots. Warung Sunset Point Amed is one of the best spots to catch a sunset.

Pura Lempuyang Luhur

7 Sunset Spots in Bali Whose Beauty Is Too Good To Be Real-2 Pura Lempuyang is that picture that you will always keep as a memory of Bali. The temple complex is located at a height of 603 m from the sea level and is completely surrounded by a bunch of lush green mountains and clouds floating around. The sunsets from the temple are spellbinding as you see them going from the mountains and crashing between the gates of the temple. You can get some amazing pictures here almost looking unreal.

Bali is also a perfect destination for solo female travellers.

Infinity Pool, Banyan Tree Ungasan

7 Sunset Spots in Bali Whose Beauty Is Too Good To Be Real-3 Who would not like a sunset from an infinity pool? As you swim with a majestic view before you to watch the sun set into the horizon, you will realise there is nothing more aesthetic in the world right now. Watching the sunset from infinity pool that ends at the top of the cliff with nothing but a vast view of sky and sea ahead of you and sun leaving its marks in the clouds.

Banyan tree also offers great hospitality and stay, so you can choose this beach resort for great experiences.

Tanah Lot Temple

7 Sunset Spots in Bali Whose Beauty Is Too Good To Be Real-4 I guess it’s just about time to say that sunsets and temples are the pride of Bali. Tanah Lot Temple is located on a small cliff between the sea. And you should wait for the right time for the sun to fill the sky with numerous colours. So many that if you put an artist to work to draw the scenery, he would fall short of the colours in his palette. Tanah Lot Temple is one of the best sunset spots in Bali to marvel at some astonishing sunsets. Temple also holds a great significance in the local culture. You will not only get to see some authentic and religious culture here but you could also end your day on a perfect note with a magical sunset.

Another temple you can go to is Uluwatu Temple. The Uluwatu Sunset Point is yet another epic site to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Potato Beach Head Club

7 Sunset Spots in Bali Whose Beauty Is Too Good To Be Real-5 Running for sunsets is cool, but once in awhile a chill sunset with music in the background and beer bottle in hands would be a great treat. You can go to Potato Beach Head Club which has a huge garden with an outdoor pool with the view of the clear blue sea. This would be the time of your trip when you are about to leave Bali so you just want to sit, absorb as much as you can, enjoy the scenery before you say goodbye to such pretty landscapes. The club is famous among the travellers and hip crowd, so you will surely find a good company to enjoy your sunset with. As the sun sets and moon rises, the club begins a party with tipsy music and dark sites of the sea and stars.

Gili Trawangan Hill, Gili Islands

7 Sunset Spots in Bali Whose Beauty Is Too Good To Be Real-6 Go to the island, find your way to the top of the hill and then you will be amazed by what you will see. Gili islands are a group of three islands, almost like an oasis amidst the clear blue sea. To reach the top of the Trawangan Hill you need to hike for 15-20 minutes. The number of colours that you will see in the sky at one time would be something beyond your imagination. Gili island is so beautiful, the bird’s eye view of the island topped with the melody of sunset will leave you breathless and still. Like you want to take all of nature’s beauty in you.

Jimbaran Bay

7 Sunset Spots in Bali Whose Beauty Is Too Good To Be Real-7 The best way to enjoy a sunset at Jimbaran Bay is to find a good spot at the beach and wait for the sky show to begin. Jimbaran Bay is a group of close to 17 beaches where you can find some of the best Bali spots for sunset. Most of them are filled with beach shacks and raw bars on the beaches. The beach is filled with travellers and backpackers. You are likely to witness some group singing, some people dancing, some people playing instruments and everyone in their own vibe making it a perfect place to enjoy the end of the day.

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