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7 Famous Restaurants in Leh You Just Can't Afford To Miss


Perfect vacations additionally mean great food and drink, setting aside the opportunity to back off and appreciate mouth watering Tibetan food and a cake when you're planning to visit Leh Ladakh. These cafes and restaurants in Ladakh with a blend of local Tibetan food, chopstick noodles, and traditional Tibetan kitchen style simply make you fall in love with the Ladakhi lifestyle and the families who run it. There are numerous eateries and bistros in Leh amid summer, where you can meet individuals from everywhere throughout the world and appreciate okay nourishment. That is the reason we advise you instead of only eating at the hotels to go out and encounter Leh's Tibetan kitchen food.

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Places To Eat In Leh Ladakh

LehChen Bar & Restaurant:

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LehChen Bar & Restaurant is the only Bar in leh town that has the facility of Live music and European fusion food. It is considered as one of the best place in Leh to drink, dine and meeting new traveler friends.

If you are not looking for a company rather just want to enjoy your own space, then head out to the open area under the stars with your drink & into your own world.

Address: Fort Road, Leh.

Coffee Culture:

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Are you a coffee lover?? Coffee Culture serves as one of the best coffees in Leh town. One of the best things that makes this place as the best coffee shop is its location in the Leh Market, which is perfect to sip a hot cup of coffee & watch the town in motion. The food is amazing, lovely and way too pocket-friendly even for budget travelers and backpackers.

Address: Zangsti, Near SBI Bank,Leh

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World Garden Cafe:

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The World Garden Cafe is that one place that has established its own unique identity. It is not just a place to eat; it is a restaurant with giggles, laughter, and happy faces. And why not, wouldn’t you be pleased to dine at an open-air cafe where you can enjoy the surreal beauty of Leh while gorging on the delicious food?

In addition to the open-air arrangement, there are also tents; so in case of showers, you can snugly sit under one of those and enjoy your food while watching the sky pour. World Garden Cafe offers a wide selection of dishes in Chinese, Indian, Italian and European cuisines. There is also a great variety of desserts on offer, the best among which are the Mars chapati and Sweet Jesus.

Address: Changspa Road, Leh

Chopsticks Noodle Bar:

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Another prominent and fancy establishment in Leh is Chopsticks Noodle Bar, which is renowned for its Ladakhi food. The place with its minimalistic interiors will win your heart with its range of mouth-watering Thai, Indonesian and Chinese food. Do not miss out on sampling their Thai tuna pasta salad, Chinese noodle soup, tandoori chicken and other Thai curries, which are absolutely delicious. Another interesting fact about this lovely food joint is that because of irregular supply of electricity, there is no fridge in here. So at least we are sure about the freshness of the food served here.

Address: Fort Road, Leh

La Piazzetta:

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La piazzetta serves authentic Italian cuisine and the only wood fired pizzas in Leh town.Though wood fire pizza is the thing happend to them but they also serve continental, Indian, Tibetan and Ladakhi cuisine also.

Address: Changspa road,Leh

Bon Appetit:

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Bon Appetit is apparently one of the best places to eat in Ladakh. Owned by two women who also happen to be cousins, this lovely food joint oozes charm and you will simply fall in love with the splendid interiors. Located in Lower Karzoo, the place serves a range of delicious delicacies to hungry travellers, including pasta, pizza, prepared fried aubergine-stacks, tandoori chicken and barbequed options too. In fact, their tandoori and barbeque chicken are quite famous and cooked to perfection. You will also be impressed with its classy interiors and decor. So, whenever you plan a road trip to Leh-Ladakh, make sure to stopover at Bon Apetit!

Address: Karzu Road,Leh

Chansa Restaurant:

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Chansa is at the best location in Leh town to rejuvenate yourself after a long hectic day. It is located at the Changspa road that can be spotted easily from all parts of the town. Spend a good evening with your family and friends here with some laughter & memories. The ambiance of the restaurant is simple yet enchanting and one that will make you feel relaxed and gather thoughts. Taste Tibetan dishes to get the best experience of food. With the staff taking care of your orders, you’ll be left with the memorable experience. The peaceful Ladakh nights will be colorful when you’ll spend it here with your friends.

Address: Changspa Road, Leh

Gesmo Restaurant a.k.a. German Bakery

7 Famous Restaurants in Leh You Just Can't Afford To Miss-8 Located in Old Fort road German Bakery attracts people by its name. The place is also known as Gesmo Restaurant, for a proper feel of this restaurant it is very much recommended to visit this place in the evening when dim lights fill the ambiance with slow music which will take you high. Yak Cheese Pizza is a must try for hardcore foodies, not even 4 people can finish this. Other than local and fusion Tibetan food one can also go along with different kind of Burgers, Salads, and pastries.

Address: Fort Road, Leh.

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