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7 places in South- India that are worth a visit

Where can you expect a perfect blend of hills that offers an eye-pleasing view and the beaches that overlook the serenity of sea? Where can you expect a peace in the environment and chills in the weather? Where can you expect an exotic ride in the backwaters with the delectable seafood? South India it is, which offers the quaint beaches, the serene sea, the architectural beauty, the peace in the environment, the pristine hills with a mesmerizing view. Everything comes together to distinguish South India from rest of the country and hence making South India an important tourist attraction.  Here are just a few places of South India that you cannot give a miss.


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Beaches! Beaches! Beaches! this is what Kovalam has to offer you. If you are a beach person then this place is your haven.Kovalam is a coastal town on the shores of the Arabian sea which offers the most developed beach resorts. Laden with palm trees that move slowly with the breeze, pristine beaches, the luxurious beach resorts, and celestial South Indian cuisines, this could be your perfect hideout where you wouldn't mind visiting more than once.



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Alleppey is precisely known for its houseboats that float calmly in the backwaters. Due to its large network of waterways and houseboats, it is also known as the "Venice of the East". What possibly could you want more than a feeling of Venice right here in our own land? Alleppey is graced with scenic beauty with the waterways that replace the roads, lush green vegetation that dots the surroundings and for obvious, the houseboats that will replace your hotel.



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Thekkady will welcome you with a lot of surprises that is hard to find in any other part of the country. Apart from being exceptionally beautiful in its sceneries, the rich wildlife of the Periyar wildlife sancuary distinguishes this place from the rest of the destinations in Kerala. Elephants giving you blessings, or taking a bath in their own jacuzzi, the chirping of birds in the environment, meeting a variety of wildlife in the morning, and the sight of animals more than the humans. Everything will give you a unique experience.




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The sceneries of Munnar looks like they have just stepped out from the fairytale books. The beautiful shades of green that drape the hills looks like marvelous. Munnar will give you answers as to why Kerala is known as the God's own country and why it is one of the best places to visit in South India. The massive tea plantations and the aroma of tea leaves in the air, the sound of waterfall gushing down from a height, the vivid flora and fauna, the mist, the romantic weather everything will revive the love between you and your partner. 




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If there is one thing that defines Kodaikanal best then it has to be the rich flora. Kodaikanal is rightfully known as the "gift of forests", the sole reason would be the exquisite vegetation, vibrant flowers, lush mountains smoked up with the mist of clouds. The perfect romantic weather and a little bit of drizzling that will accompany you throughout will further spice up your honeymoon. Kodaikanal is richly funded with the nature spots. The beautiful lakes, the serene mountain peaks, and the green fields are enough to make your trip simply the best! It could be your perfect getaway where you could find your peace and love. It is one of the best tourist places to visit in South India.


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We all know Kanyakumari as the southernmost tip of India. But, what lies hidden about this beauty of South is the tranquility of beaches that will take you away from the buzz of the cities. "Inner Peace" that you find missing in most parts of the country, can be experienced in Kanyakumari. The gushing sound of the waves, the islands that lie amid the sea, the sunset, and sunrise that look extremely beautiful, to top it all the confluence of three seas that is the hidden wonder of India.



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A picturesque hill station settled in the hills of Western Ghats, Wayanad offers nature, culture, history, and adventure at its best. Known for its affinity of forests which caters a number of rare and endangered species, the hills followed by the mist of clouds, the pleasant weather and the tranquility of the lakes, Wayanad will fill you up with nature's vistas. Apart from nature, Wayanad also holds a historical importance and hosts various architectural ruins of pre-historic periods in its land.


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