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12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you


Bali is a hot pick for any wanderer these days. Whether you are a solo traveller wanting to invigorate your senses or a couple madly in love wanting to celebrate your togetherness or a group of friends looking for a frolicking break, Bali is where everyone is headed to these days.

Well, Bali is scenic and there is no doubt about it but Bali is more than just Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, Nusa or other commercial areas. Bali is blessed with immense scenic beauty and exploring Bali beyond these regions will reveal what a paradise it actually is. From lush green rice fields to pretty coffee plantations, from numerous volcanoes to coral reefs and crater lakes from the rustic charm of village life to hiking up mountains, Bali will never disappoint you. Here’s a list of places where you can go and see the alternative side to Bali for real.

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1. Munduk

12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you-1 Munduk is a small hamlet located in the northern part of Bali and is known for its mountainous landscapes. If you want some respite from the humidity of the coastal areas, then Munduk is where you should be. The lush greenery of the mountains, terraced rice fields, forests, and waterfalls make the perfect setup of an unexplored utopia here in Munduk. You can relax and connect with nature, hike up to the mountains, bask in the greenery and bathe under the waterfalls. What more do you need?

2. Negara City

12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you-2 We all know of the rice plantations of Ubud but there is a small city called Negara on the southwestern reach of Bali which is also blessed with abundant paddy fields. Looking at such greenery can make your day in a jiffy. In the backdrop, you can see the spectacular Bali Barat Mountains. Now imagine exploring this offbeat green paradise on a bicycle, alluring much?

3. Amed

12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you-3 Amed in Bali is located on the northeastern coast and is way less crowded than the beaches down south. The population mainly comprises of farmers that engage in agriculture and pisciculture. Snorkeling in the sea here is a visual delight due to the richness of coral reefs in this region. If you want to experience true Balinese country life then Amed is where you must head to.

4. Penglipuran Village

12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you-4 Penglipuran is one of the most picturesque villages in East Bali and is a must visit. Adorned with uniformly designed traditional Balinese houses, lush green coffee plantations and bamboo forests this village is clean and a perfect pick if you want a sneak peek into authentic Balinese way of living.

5. Lovina

12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you-5 The northern coast of Bali is home to Lovina Beach. The splendid sunsets and sunrises from this beach are worth an experience. The waves are tranquil here and the coastlines less crowded. An ideal place to unwind, experience dolphin tours or sip on a cocktail while getting a nice suntan, Lovina will not disappoint you for sure.

6. Banjar

12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you-6 Banjar is a small village nestled among dense forests and located at a proximal distance of 10km from the Lovina beach. Banjar is primarily known for its hot springs mostly found within the jungle. Stone pools surrounded by lush greenery and absolute solitude characterize these hot springs which are accessible to both tourists and locals. Private pools, spa, and massage treatments are also available if you are looking for a calmer and seclude experience.

7. Padangbai

12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you-7

Padangbai is a small port that connects the ferry rides to Lombok. Since, it's a transition point for many tourists travelling to Lombok, this place most of the times gets ignored. However, if you take the time to explore this little coastal town you may be bowled by its beauty. A perfect place for a backpacking experience, Padangbai is surrounded by the sea, has pretty virgin beaches and amazing spots to dive in or snorkel.

8. Nusa Lembogan

12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you-8

Want to stay away from the hustle bustle of city life in Bali, into a more quiet, slow and hushed place? Well, Nusa Lembongan will be the perfect getaway you are looking for! Bali is known as the ideal potion of romance, and there's no denying it, but Nusa Lembongan is even better. Rent a bike, wander the island amidst the seaweed farms, mangrove forests, serene beaches and fall in love more deeply with your loved ones and this romantic island in Bali.

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9. Nusa Penida

12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you-9 Within the Nusa Penida island rest some of the oldest and mighty mountains of Indonesia which makes it a perfect destination for an excursion. The various bird-species, the crystal clear water and expansive white sand around the beaches only add to the charm of the island.,From hiking to sunbathing on the beaches, you can do it all at Nusa Penida. If you are someone who is looking to explore Bali, missing out on Nusa Penida is not an option.

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10. Gili Islands

12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you-10

Giving credit to the local people for maintaining the perfect balance between the authentic culture and uprising modernity, Gili Island is attracting tourist from around the world. It is a combination of three Islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. In the trio, Gili Air and Gili T are becoming hubs for culture explorers and party-goers respectively. Coming to Gili Meno, it has risen as the perfect place for escapism and tranquillity.

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11. Komodo Islands

12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you-11 Getting its name from Komodo dragons, Komodo island is home to world's largest lizard. Komodo island flaunts its local habitats and wildlife which it earnestly preserves. Well, it is true that the island draws tourists from around the globe because of Komodo dragons, but this is also famous for scuba diving.

12. Canggu

12 Less famous places in Bali that will surprise you-12

Fast growing as one of the best place to stay in Bali, Canggu is situated to the north of busy Seminyak. It is unofficially known as 'Ubud by the Sea', well thanks to the yoga enthusiasts, surfers and digital nomads who have found their home here.

What makes Canggu so amazing? Well, the right question should be what doesn't make it! One can stay at grand villas at cheap rates, gaze at paddy fields and get lost in its beauty. Or if you’re keen for some surfing adventure action, then Canggu’s the best spot in Bali to be.

Bali is much more than its popular spots. It is well endowed with natural beauty, cultural richness, and history. Next time you are planning to visit Bali do not forget to include these little offbeat locations to your Bali itinerary and make the best out of your Bali trip.
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