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7 Indian Travel Web Series That Will Ignite The Traveler In You!


What inspires you to travel? A great movie you saw the other day? Or the book you picked just randomly and fell in love with? The story of a friend of a friend you made some crazy trips? I may not have your answer to this question, but, there is one thing I can promise you that after you are done reading this blog, you will definitely realize what all you have been missing spending time gazing at your mobile and laptop screens. Here is the list of the most amazing travel series that would definitely give you tons of reasons to travel and of places to travel to!

1. Way Back Home

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I just can’t emphasize enough on this one! Way Back Home is a Himalayan travelogue that takes you to the prettiest places of Himachal, Leh and Ladakh that you would definitely miss if you don’t travel right. If you think love gives you butterflies in your stomach then you definitely haven’t seen or been to the places that are beyond the definition of beauty. This series does exactly that. Rohan Thakur, the traveler, to whom this marvelous piece of art belong to, will make you feel just there at the place with him and will make you travel there so desperately at the same time. And, at the end of the series, you will have a different perceptive about your way to traveling. He has explored some of the hidden treasures of Himalayan villages that you will easily miss with that tourist vision of yours. That is why you must watch this series, so next time when you are amidst the Himalayas you earn more than just pretty photographs.

2. The Trip

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A new set of episodes by Bindass featuring Lisa Hayden, is a story of an adventurous trip of four best friends who decide to drive all the way to Bangkok in their cars for a bachelorette of one of her friends. Can any bachelorette be any more exciting that this one? I guess not.

The series is also a clear message that traveling is much more than visiting fancy places. Somehow, the beautiful landscapes, the skylines of the city, the serenity of nature gives you a clarity of how you want your life to be! This series is giving this message just right!

3. Away From Home

7 Indian Travel Web Series That Will Ignite The Traveler In You!-3

This one is a short series of eight episodes that takes you deep into the islets of Andaman and Nicobar. This series is a story about a girl who fell in love with the Andaman islands who decides to settle with the sea and beaches instead of perfect married life. And that truly is an inspiration. Her explorations into the hidden corners of the Andaman islands, the beauty of islands above the Port Blair and her life by the beach is truly an inspiration for the travelers who don’t have guts to do something out of the box.

4. TVF Tripling

7 Indian Travel Web Series That Will Ignite The Traveler In You!-4

How do you think a road trip with your siblings would turn out? Disastrous? I thought so, before I stumbled onto this amazing story of three siblings to decides to go for a road trip just out of the blue. Aren’t the random plans best? The heartwarming story of three lovable and lively siblings whose life is up and down, despite they have a great lesson to with their story.

The funny jokes, the humorous incidents and the super-awesome characters just come in handy! The story will not only inspire you to travel but will also teach you a life lesson of how to live each moments to the fullest.

5. Under The Rupee

7 Indian Travel Web Series That Will Ignite The Traveler In You!-5

An answer for those who thinks traveling to Europe requires huge bucks. This series is again by the Indian traveler Rohan Thakur, who is traveling all the way to Hungary to explore the beauty of Budapest and hamlets around. The currency value of Hungary is less than that of Indian rupee, and hence the luxuries of places doesn’t really hurt your budget. But, this is not just about money. The series can teach you how to travel right, how to hit the right places and how to explore the hidden even in the foreign land. No less than a traveling lesson you have been waiting to learn for long!

6. Mumbiker Nikhil

7 Indian Travel Web Series That Will Ignite The Traveler In You!-6

This one is for all the adventure buffs out there! This is not a series but a youtube channel by a biker Nikhil who travels to the different terrains on his beloved bike. His road trips from Mumbai to Ladakh. Rameshwaram, Kolkata and to the different parts of India is the perfect guide for the bikers who have been planning a road trip for long but can’t put the pieces of puzzle together. With the adventure, comes the risk. The series of high and low events along with the speechless beauty of Indian land will definitely induce you to start your bikes for the crazy adventure rides on your bikes!

7. GottadoIndia

7 Indian Travel Web Series That Will Ignite The Traveler In You!-7

GottadoIndia is again a youtube channel by Scherezade Shroff, who is exploring the beautiful places of India and capturing in her frames for you to enjoy back at home. From her tales of adventure sports, wildlife excursion, cultural rendezvous, everything will make you get up from your bed and follow your bucket list!

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