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8 Reasons Why Valley Of Flowers Trek Is The Best Idea Ever

While most of the treks ask you to give all your strengths to the hilly terrains, rugged mountains and the snow-covered valleys. Nah! not this one. Valley of flowers gives the apt definition to what we call "off-beat". The carpet of vibrant flowers that drape the meadows is something that you do not get to see everywhere, hence making it extremely special. If you are still making plans for an adventure of a lifetime then here are 6 reasons why Valley of flowers trek is a must-do everyone on this planet.

Warning: There are rumors about trekkers falling unconscious here because of the beauty and heavy scent of the flowers so prepare yourself for a different kind of risk.

1. Best Offbeat Travel Destination

8 Reasons Why Valley Of Flowers Trek Is The Best Idea Ever-1


"By Air:" The nearest airport to the Valley of Flowers is Jolly Grant, Dehradun which is 295 km away. The roads from there are very well connected, riding up to the Govindghat accessible by a motor vehicle, from where you'll have to pump yourself for a cardio session trek till 16 km to reach the beautiful Valley of flowers.

"By Train:" The nearest railway station to the Valley of flowers is located in Rishikesh which is 276 km away. From there, you'll again have to take the road transport, which connects to Govindghat.

"By Road:" The distance of this valley from Delhi is 508 kms (by road) plus extra 13 kms for Trek from Pulna Village via Ghangaria. If travelling from Delhi, you can take a bus till Haridwar from I.S.B.T Kashmiri Gate. Haridwar is well connected with major destinations of the country so you'll have to take the NH72 route which terminates at Dehradun.

Why Is Valley Of Flowers So Special

The Valley of Flowers is known for its trek, flora & fauna and vegetation. The place is such a scenic beauty with the amazing aroma that you’ll fall forever endlessly when you see the ground beneath your feet. Don’t blame us, we didn’t tell you.

If you are a lover of offbeat destinations and are not keen on spending your holiday in a crowded tourist destination then Valley of Flowers is a must for you. Valley of Flowers is inaccessible to the general touristy crowd because it's located at a great height and to reach there, you have to do a two-day trek. The valley covers an area of 87.50 sq kms with myriad alpine flowers.

2. Easy High Altitude Trek

8 Reasons Why Valley Of Flowers Trek Is The Best Idea Ever-2 Comparatively to other High Altitude Treks, Valley of Flowers Trek is one of the best and finest treks in terms of difficulty. Situated at a height of 15,200 feet, this trek is suitable for every type of trekker. While other high altitude treks usually take, a minimum 4 to 5 days, you can reach Valley of flowers within three days. You'll have to take a 14 km trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria. After reaching Ghangaria, it's a 3 km climb to reach the valley. Couldn't be better right, a cardio session to cleanse your body before you get to cleanse your soul with a divine beauty of the valley.

3. Best Time and Date to Visit

8 Reasons Why Valley Of Flowers Trek Is The Best Idea Ever-3 The Valley opens on 1st June every year as the snow starts to melt and small plants starts to grow with blossoming flowers .From June, this place starts reaching towards its optimum beauty resulting from white to green with colourful flowers between the green landscape. The valley opens at 7:00 AM every day and the last entry takes place at 2:00 PM. The Valley closes down at 5:00 PM so in order to reach back on time, you should start your way back by 1:30 PM. From July to the end of August, the valley is blooming in its full form like a youth with all the potential being embraced. If you want to spot Glaciers, go in the earlier weeks of July. Avoid going to the valley in end of September/start of October as by then all the flowers might get dry or even be dead as the Winter is coming.

4. A literal paradise for Photographers

8 Reasons Why Valley Of Flowers Trek Is The Best Idea Ever-4

If you are a photography enthusiast, then how can you not plan a trip for Valley of Flowers? This valley is a dream come true for every photographer out there as the entire valley is embedded in colours. Don't miss on the much talked about ghangaria valley of flowers. You get to see the mighty Himalayan peaks surrounding the valley.

Moreover, Pushpawati River can been seen rushing out of the wood alongside which you trek to reach the final destination. Luxuries like these makes this place a perfect location for photographers, the only problem is that you might not wish to return from here (this may cause a delay in the editing of pictures!)But Surely, you won't mind that. Right? Ofcourse, you won't. We know!!

5. Experience the mighty Himalayas at the best

8 Reasons Why Valley Of Flowers Trek Is The Best Idea Ever-5 Valley of Flowers is surrounded by Mighty Himalayan Peaks. These mountains border China and Nepal on two sides. This valley is also surrounded by mighty Zanskar and Greater Himalayan ranges in North and South that stand tall guarding this beautiful valley. Imagine standing in the colorful Valley of flowers with a snow covered peaks of Himalayas surrounding. Doesn't it sound fascinating? If the overview of the place can make you start dreaming about it, how would it feel like living the dream? Living our dreams is something far from the expectations. Shoes On Loose is one fine solution which can help you live this dream. We guarantee you that no other experience of Himalayas will be better than this one.

6. Calling Out to All Animal Lovers

8 Reasons Why Valley Of Flowers Trek Is The Best Idea Ever-6 In the Year 1982, it was declared as the National Park of India and moreover, now it is a UNESCO world heritage spot. Something mentioned as a world heritage spot is not like any other place claimed as beautiful, It's Amazing, where you might lose your heart. This Valley of Flowers is a splendid national park with an abundance of rich fauna. It is home to exotic animals like musk deer, red fox, brown bear, Asiatic black deer etc.There are claims of Snow leopard also seen in the valley. Even many species of birds can also be found in the park which includes Himalayan monal pheasant, Scaly-bellied and yellow-nape woodpeckers Picus squamates and other high altitude birds. Flowers carpet the entire valley where these animals can be seen nonchalantly walking and birds chirping. If you're admirer for seeing these exotic birds and animals, pack your bags and get down to traveling to the Valley of Flowers. Another plus point for the photographers!

7. Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara

8 Reasons Why Valley Of Flowers Trek Is The Best Idea Ever-7 The Trek route to Valley of Flowers is also the route for Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara. All you need is to spare a day for this place that is otherwise closed for 6 months in a year. Ofcourse you will be greeted with Kara Parshad or Guru Parshad which is a sweet vegetarian pudding, offered to all visitors to the Darbar Sahib in a Gurdwara. According to the Sikhs, It is termed as a blessing and should not be refused. Moreover, it is very tasty, so the question of rejecting is eliminated. The Valley of Flowers trek is incomplete, if you leave without visiting the Hemkunt Sahib Gurudwara and experiencing the divinity in the surroundings.

8. Best destination for Solo and Budget travellers

8 Reasons Why Valley Of Flowers Trek Is The Best Idea Ever-8 Valley of Flowers may require great effort to reach in terms of pain and endurance. But money wise, this is one of the cheapest destinations for every kind of traveller. There is public transport to the point from where your start the trek and there are cheap stays all over the stopovers during the trip. All you need to carry is your zeal to travel and to never give up attitude of a traveller. This destination should definitely be on the bucket list of solo travellers. This is one trek made for people belonging to all age groups. No matter how old you are, you can do this trek and enjoy it. Life is to short if not lived fully.

Planning for Valley of Flowers trek this summer? 


"Basic Gear:" Carry gears like backpacks, rain covers, walking stick, water bottle, energy bars and a medical kit.

"Head Gear:" Keep your head covered at all times. Carry a woolen or sun cap along with sunglasses to protect yourself from the cold.

"Hand Gear:" For the hands, carry woolen and waterproof gloves to not let the snow seep in your hands.

"For the Feet:" As you'll be trekking, keeping gumboots or trekking shoes is a must. Keep extra woolen socks to keep your feets warm at all times.


The entry fees to this hidden paradise is very reasonable when compared to the scenic beauty, you get to see in return.

"Indians-" INR 150

"Foreigners-" INR 600
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