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Here is why you and your best friend must go on a trip together!


Two best friends, India’s prettiest hamlet ‘Kasol’ and adventure of a lifetime! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in life to plan a trip with my childhood friend to a village which isn’t unexplored anymore though its beauty is still incomparable. So I did not have any second thoughts about our solo trip except the security perspective but I am glad it did not lead to any change of plans. Our trip was indeed a hell of an experience that surely has a special place in both of our hearts. But what really made it amazing was the company of my best friend from 13 years now. I am sure we all have this person in our lives and below given are the reasons you should go on a trip with them soon!

Here is why you and your best friend must go on a trip together!-1

The ‘Comfort’ zone.

Here is why you and your best friend must go on a trip together!-2

Your childhood friend is probably the only person in front of whom you can be your own self without even trying. They know it all or know it more than you know about yourself! So it’s so easy and natural that you feel no pressure about being yourself.

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No ‘Awkward’ silence!

You are on the local bus in a beautiful valley and lost in complete awe and admiration of the nature that surrounds you and hey! You don’t have to worry about breaking the silence or starting a conversation cause well your best friend is in the same zone and a silent  understanding flows. You can be quiet and enjoy solace, have a moment of your own. It is not like going on trips with your acquaintances where you have to worry about breaking the silence.

You can do whatever you like. No people to please!

Here is why you and your best friend must go on a trip together!-3

Unlike the group trips where you have to come on a common page and decide about the to-do list as everybody’s preferences, with your best friend you are free and you can do anything that you like! And he/she will get it. Explore some eatouts, adventure activities or anything that excites you  and the chances are you’d stumble upon the same things. You are bff for a reason!

You can enjoy to the core and your inner self can do the happy dance.

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Achieving new heights together!

Here is why you and your best friend must go on a trip together!-4

Well say, there is  an exhilarating yet challenging trek on your way. You two will not only motivate each other but once you are done and have reached your destination, having passed all the difficulties that came across your path you will feel sheer sense of happiness running through your heart and you have your best person to share that feeling with you! The feeling will be embarked upon your heart for a lifetime!

Deep conversations!

Since you are on a trip in a beautiful land you won’t have the hustle bustle of the city to bother you or any office deadlines. You’ll have enough time to have the much-needed conversations about life which otherwise are lost in the busy schedules!


Here is why you and your best friend must go on a trip together!-5

Yes! You are accompanied by the person who probably is the definition of fun and doing crazy things with her will just bring more joy and happiness to you. From checking out hot firangis to scoring your first ‘Cannabis’, unlimited joints to the crazy laughter rides. You will make memories that will last for an era! All with the favorite person besides!


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