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6 Best places in India to eat Momos


Young, old, vegan or non-vegetarian, Momos are everyone's favourite as they are the perfect fast food. Served with red chilli garlic sauce, mayonnaise and ven oregano's, the varities of momo has evolved from chicken momos, veg momos, paneer momos to afghani momoms, tandoori momos.

Momos are the best food ever, there I said it. When hunger strikes, these mouth-watering, soft juicy delicious fillings of meat, pork or vegetables are simply hard to resist.

If you are momo lover looking for best places to eat momos in India, here are the best 6 places where you can find the best momos:

1. Darjeeling


The gateway to the North East is also the place where you can find super authentic momos. What makes them different is the red hot chutney that they are served with. This chutney is so hot and spicy that it can set your tastebuds on fire. Also most of the eateries serve free and unlimited veg or chicken soup with them, so they are the best way to fill your appetite.

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2. Mcleodganj


How can one forget Mcleodganj when one is talking about momos. One can find the most authentic Tibetan momos in this small town. Served with Rice Soup these momos taste delicious. Also right next to the Dalai Lama temple and square, one can find some vendors selling potato momos that are a must try.

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3. Nainital


With time Nainital and Momos have become synonymous to each other. Tibetan Market area of this town is known for the steamed and fried momos that they prepare in huge utensils and the eateries are crowded with people waiting in line for their momos to be served. Spending an evening in Tibetan Market while gorging on the yummy momos, maggi and thupka is the best feeling ever.

4. Kodaikanal

6 Best places in India to eat Momos-4

Surprised? So were we when we stumbled across this quaint little hill station in Tamil Nadu where small Tibetan eateries were busy serving momos. They say that your trip to Kodai is incomplete without tasting the momos of that place. And the best part is that they make the momos right when you place your order and will serve them hot and juicy with the red and green chutney. Easy on the pocket and heartening for the stomach.

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5. Spiti


Spiti is one fun place to go on a backpacking spree and live in homestays that are run by lovely friendly families. Momos are the staple food there, these are served to the guests and you can even help them or learn how to make momos too. While meat momos are common here, people of Spiti also prefer Yak Momos that is made juicy by adding a lot of oil and water. When you visit Spiti this season you can bring home a new skill.

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6. Shillong

6 Best places in India to eat Momos-6

Last in this list is the home of the smiling people, the Capital of Meghalaya, Shillong. Momos here are exactly like the ones in Darjeeling, except they are larger in size and the chutney is not as hot. The cold weather with the pleasant breeze makes these hot momos even better to feast upon.

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