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5 Wonders From The Land Of Karnataka

 A trip to Karnataka means you get to see the best of nature and the best of history. A land where you can enjoy the serene landscapes of Western-Ghats and the pristine beaches on the shore of the Arabian Sea. A land where you can find the rich heritage and the architectural beauty. Every place of the state is unique and wonderful in its own way and when you come back you know that you have pleased yourself with everything that this world has to offer. Here are 5 places of Karnataka that you must visit for an enthralling experience.

1. Coorg

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The quaint hill station of Karnataka definitely remains the unmatched beauty of the state. The serene landscapes of this hill station mesmerized the Britishers to such an extent that they decided to call it 'The Scotland of India'. True it is, the unspoiled sceneries of Coorg has every element to be known so. But, it isn't just the alluring nature's vistas that Coorg has to offer. Coorg is home to a number of fascinating waterfalls set amidst the thick woods, the wilderness of wildlife that can be experienced at the National parks, the unique cultural heritage, number of trekking trails and the massive plantations of the cardamom, coffee and spice that leaves a soothing aroma in the air. Every traveler soul is satiated at Coorg.

Main attractions of the hill station are Raja's seat- which offers the breath-taking scenes of mountains draped in the green carpet and mist of clouds playing hide and seek with the hilltops. Mandalpatti is another viewpoint which offers the best of Nature. The views will give you a reason as to why they call it 'Scotland of India. Iruppu falls, Abbey Falls , Mallalli falls are some of the must- visit cascades of Coorg. Nagarhole National Park is a delight for wildlife lovers. Unknown to many, Coorg is the second biggest Tibetan settlement in India, and hence it offers a chance to experience the Tibetan culture. Bylakuppe and Namdroling Monastery are the important Tibetan monasteries to visit in Coorg.

2. Mysore

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Mysore- 'The city of Palaces' is definitely the pride of Karnataka. Known for its beautiful artifacts shown through the buildings that are spread all over, Mysore reflects the rich heritage and royalty of Karnataka. Apart from majestic monuments, Mysore also offers some of the nature spots where you can seek the pleasure of stunning landscapes of nature.

Mysore Palace is definitely the show stopper of the city. The official residence of the Wodeyars who ruled Mysore from 1399 to 1950, is a huge architectural wonder that is a must- visit the palace of Mysore. Its beauty is not to be missed at special occasions at night when the whole palace is beautifully lit by in numerous lights. Chamundi hills are the yet another tourist spot that which hosts the beautiful Chamundeshwari temple on its hilltop. At the foothills of Chamundi, you will be wished by Karanji lake sprawled over an area of 90 acres. At Karanji you can enjoy the sights of over 90 species of birds. Mysore Zoo and Brindavan Gardens are among the other important attractions of the city. You can extend you trip to the marvelous Shivsamundram falls which house Asia’s first Hydroelectric Power Station.

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3. Chikmagalur

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Just so you know, Coffee was first cultivated in India in the Chikmagular region of Karnataka. Set an elevation of 3400 ft Chikmagular offers various trekking trails taking you through the rich land of flora and fauna to the spectacular view at the top. The best thing about Chikmagular is its climate that remains pleasant throughout the year. This place is never a no, no matter what time of year you choose to visit. Being the origin of coffee plantations in India Chikmagalur stills houses massive coffee fields that are massively spread over the hills. The aroma of coffee adding the freshness to the air makes the ambiance even more soothing to the soul.

An important place to visit in Chikmagalur is Mullayanagiri hill, the highest peak that rests at an elevation of 2,000 meters is a trekker' paradise. Baba Budangiri ranges that are scenic spot resting at an elevation of 1900 meters. Sringeri Mutt and Annapurneshwari temples are among the important temple here. Hebbe falls located at a favorable distance of 10 km from Chikmagalur is yet another picturesque spot that you cannot miss.

4. Hampi

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Hampi is one of the popular destinations that attracts a good number of foreign tourists every year. It may not be on your bucket list but every foreigner that visits India is attracted towards the ruins of Hampi. A small village of Karnataka holds the prestigious position in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Hampi is considered to be the largest open monument and lost the city of Asia. There are tons of historic sites spread over an area of 25 sqkm that can be dated back to 1336-1565.

The main attractions of Hampi are- The Monkey temple which is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. Vijaya Vittala Temple ,built in 15th century AD the is a rich architectural temple. Underground temple- dedicated to Lord Shiva. Gagan Mahal, Hemakuta Hilla temple, Sasivekalu Ganesha, Queen's Bath are among the other ruins of Hampi which also holds the important mythological value.


5. Mangalore

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Mangalore is perfect do-nothing getaway that is situated on the shores of Arabain sea. The uncommercialised beaches laden with the palm trees offers the tranquil holiday away from the crowd of cities. Apart from the unspoiled beaches Mangalore also offers various historical sites, temples, and churches. One being a Portuguese colony you can feel the hint of Portugal inspired architecture in the city.

Places not be missed in Mangalore are- Panambur beach and Surathkal beach which are among the cleanest beaches in India. St. Aloysius Church ,built in 1880 decorated with the paintings by the Italian artist Antonio Moscheni that covers most of the walls inside the chapel.The Mangaladevi Temple and Gokarnanatheshwara Temple dedicated to the deity of Lord Shiva attracts a number of pilgrimages all around the year.

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