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5 Spots in Delhi for the Young Guzzler

What has 6 years in Delhi NCR, all through college and now while working, introduced me to? Only the best places to get hammered beyond your wits!


1. Route 04, Khan Market – I first hit this place surprisingly late, in November 2010. By end December, everyone in our group had managed to spend more than they earned. Epic drunkenness had ensued including this one time where we had to head home to get cash while keeping Rahul girwi.

Head straight for the 2nd floor and order before happy hours end at 10 pm. They’ll extend the hours for regulars. It’s the music and the people who randomly starting singing along that get to you. And before you know it, you’re in a situation where you don’t know whether to cry at the mess or laugh at its absurdity.


2. TC Adchini – The first time I went there, I ended up  looking at these beautiful posters and an etching on the wood which says ‘Woods, Hills, Trees’ or something similar (will look it up again next time..) and listening to one beautiful track after another. Unlike Route 04, I tend to retain my capacity to be sociable and not lose my wits here. Finding the place maybe a hassle and also getting an entry if you’re not with the fairer sex but it’s all worth the trouble.

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3. My Bar, Paharganj – Now this place really qualifies as a hidden gem. Locked up in the backpacker area of Paharganj, this is one haunt that has eluded most of the localites while becoming a darling of travelers from abroad.

They’ve opened a new bar in CP but I suggest you really go to the original one. It’s really old school Indian style. The liquor is cheap, the tables are small and the people are alcoholics. The music is a mix of desi and western. Nowhere else can you find Kajra Re blaring back to back with Rain Over Me. The overall setting reminds me of the dark feel of Dev D.


4. Parthasarathy Rocks, JNU – I’ve been here a few times and every time it gets harder to get here than the last. One shouldn’t possibly try this one unless you have a friend in JNU with a talent for getting out of trouble, should you get into some.

It’s a hillock in the JNU Campus with a treacherous way through a teeny tiny forest. Only one rule stands – whatever you do, don’t get caught! Loved the way I could look at the clear sky and how it felt nice to get a break from the city.

5 Spots in Delhi for the Young Guzzler-2

5. TLR, Hauz Khas Village – The most laidback (and expensive!) of the lot. Very popular amongst youngsters with money and expatriates, it has made quite a name for itself. What sets this place apart are the live music performances, decor and the nonchalant manner in which people roll joints in public.

5 Spots in Delhi for the Young Guzzler-3

An honorary mention to Rhythm – a bar near AIIMS – where the music is okay, beer cheap and food excellent. Spent a lot many college times here, for  I lacked the money for a posh place. Looking back I’ve kind of grown fond of it.

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